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Prematch Thread: CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers Final Match Day Trinidad & Tobago vs United States, Panama vs Costa Rica, and Honduras vs Mexico

2017.10.10 13:58 deception42 Prematch Thread: CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers Final Match Day Trinidad & Tobago vs United States, Panama vs Costa Rica, and Honduras vs Mexico

Judgment Day is here for the Americans, Hondurans, and Panamanians. One qualifies for Russia, one faces Australia in the intercontinental playoff, and one gets next summer off.


All times shown in GMT
Wed 11/10/17 Trinidad and Tobago 00 : 00 United States
Honduras 00 : 00 Mexico
Panama 00 : 00 Costa Rica

Television information for all games

Trinidad & Tobago vs United States
Honduras vs Mexico
Panama vs Costa Rica

Table entering the final matchday

# Team P W D L F A GD Pts Form
1 Mexico 9 6 3 0 14 4 +10 21 WDWDW
2 Costa Rica 9 4 4 1 13 6 +7 16 DWWDD
3 United States 9 3 3 3 16 11 +5 12 WDLDW
4 Panama 9 2 4 3 7 9 -2 10 DDLWL
5 Honduras 9 2 4 3 10 17 -7 10 LDWDD
6 Trinidad and Tobago 9 1 0 8 5 18 -13 3 LLLLL
World Cup Intercontinental Play-off
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2017.03.29 02:04 soccerbot League Roundup: WC Qualification CONCACAF [2017-03-29]

WC Qualification CONCACAF

5th Round


All times shown in GMT.
Sat 12/11/16 United States 1 - 2 Mexico
Tue 15/11/16 Honduras 3 - 1 Trinidad and Tobago
Wed 16/11/16 Panama 0 - 0 Mexico
Costa Rica 4 - 0 United States
Fri 24/03/17 Trinidad and Tobago 1 - 0 Panama
Sat 25/03/17 Mexico 2 - 0 Costa Rica
United States 6 - 0 Honduras
Tue 28/03/17 Honduras 1 - 1 Costa Rica
Tue 28/03/17 Trinidad and Tobago 0 - 1 Mexico
Panama 1 - 1 United States


# Team P W D L F A GD Pts Form
1 Mexico 4 3 1 0 5 1 +4 10 WDWW
2 Costa Rica 4 2 1 1 7 3 +4 7 WWLD
3 Panama 4 1 2 1 2 2 +0 5 WDLD
4 United States 4 1 1 2 8 7 +1 4 LLWD
5 Honduras 4 1 1 2 4 9 -5 4 LWLD
6 Trinidad and Tobago 4 1 0 3 2 6 -4 3 LLWL
World Cup Intercontinental Play-off

Top Scorers

Player Team Goals
C. Dempsey United States 3
C. Bolaños Costa Rica 2
J. Campbell Costa Rica 2
N. Araújo Mexico 1
M. Bradley United States 1
F. Escobar Panama 1
J. Hernández Mexico 1
E. Hernández Honduras 1
E. Izaguirre Honduras 1
M. Layún Mexico 1
S. Lletget United States 1
R. Márquez Mexico 1
R. Matarrita Costa Rica 1
C. Mitchell Trinidad and Tobago 1
K. Molino Trinidad and Tobago 1
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2016.12.02 20:08 LemonStealer Current Signings and Hypothetical Formations

As we continue to sign more talent, I think its appropriate to restart this discussion. Use this thread to discuss our players and their abilities and try and predict how we could fill the gaps.

If you are feeling ambitious, feel free to use this Lineup Generator to play around with what our formation could look like. Make sure to post a link to your formation so others can comment on them.

Last updated: 2/2/2017
Position Player Nationality Age DP Stats Twitter
D Michael Parkhurst, 2 Providence, RI 32 1 1
D Mark Bloom Marietta, GA 29 1
D Zach Loyd
D Mikey Ambrose
D Greg Garza Grapevine, TX 25
D Miles Robinson
D Tyrone Mears Seattle Sounders
D Anton Walkes Tottenham
GK Alexander Tambakis, 1, 2 Greece 23 1
GK Alec Kann
GK Brad Guzan (in summer)
MF Andrew Carleton, 1, 2 Powder Springs, GA 16 1 1
MF Chris Goslin, 1, 2 Locust Groove, GA 16 1
MF Chris McCann, 1, 2 Ireland 29 1 1
MF Harrison Heath UK 20 1
MF Kevin Kratz Germany 29 1
MF Jeff Larentowicz Pasadena, CA 33
MF Yamil Asad Club Belez Sarsfield 22
MF Julian Gressel Adidas 23
MF/FW Jeffrey Otoo, 1, 2 Ghana 18 1
MF/FW Miguel Almiron Paraguay 23 1 1
FW Kenwyne Jones, 1, 2 Trinidad and Tobago 32 1 1
FW Brandon Vazquez, 1 Chula Vista, CA 18 1
FW Hector Villalba, 1, 2 Argentina 22 1 1
FW Romario Williams Jamaica 22 1
FW Jacob Peterson Portage, MI 30 1
FW new Josef Martinez Torino, FC 23

Average Age of Roster: 24.2 years

Expansion Draft Results

Hesitant to add these to our roster because of the trades and changes that are likely to come.
Round # Position Player Nationality Age Previous Club Status
1 D Donny Toia Tucson, AZ 24 Montreal Impact TRADED
2 D Zach Loyd Tulso, OK 29 FC Dallas
3 GK Clint Irwin Charlotte, NC 27 Toronto FC TRADED
4 D Mikey Ambrose El Paso, TX 23 Orlando City SC
5 GK Alec Kann Decatur, GA 26 Sporting Kansas City
Rumor Mill: - Greg Garza 12/21 - Oscar Romero 12/13 (to China league? - Brad Guzan 12/9 - The entire Newell's Old Boys 12/5 - Andres Guardado, 12/6 hype train still alive - Fabian Johnson - Robbie Keane - Schweinsteiger - Sean Johnson - Darlington Nagbe - Zlatan
Atlanta United News/Rumors: - Official AUFC News - Dirty South Soccer - AJC, Doug's Twitter
Want a shoutout to your site/blog? Link it below
Irrelevant comments that will be deleted: - Complaints about Bobby Dodd
link to previous roster discussion thread
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2016.11.12 13:35 Honka_Honka [OC] This week Neymar scored his 50th international goal for Brazil. At 24 years and 278 days, it took him just 74 games to reach the milestone. Was it as early as it sounds? Here's a comparison between Neymar and every other player who've reached 50 international goals in recent years

With his goal in the 3-0 win against Argentina, Neymar has now 50 goals in 74 matches for the Brazilian national team. He's only the 4th Brazilian in history to score at least 50 times for the Seleção: the others being Pelé (77), fat Ronaldo (62), and Romário (55). Neymar is one of the youngest ever to score 50 goals, but he has an unusual high amount of international caps for someone his age. A better comparison is the total amount of games until the 50th goal. So, how does Neymar compare to other guys in his generation?
I took the time to research the total amount of games and the age of every other player who've reached 50 international goals in recent years.
Please note: I only considered players with 50+ goals (obviously) and who were still active internationally after Neymar's debut for the Brazilian national team (mid-2010).

Here's the full table, starting from the least amount of games needed to score 50 times

Player Date Game (Competition) Cap # Age at the time
Stern John (Trinidad & Tobago)* 13-06-2004 T&T 2-0 Dominican Rep. (WC Qualif.) 65 27 Y, 227 D
Ali Ashfaq (Maldives) 06-09-2016 Maldives 4-0 Laos (Asian Cup Qualif.) 73 31 Y, 0 D
Neymar (Brazil) 10-11-2016 Brazil 3-0 Argentina (WC Qualif.) 74 24 Y, 278 D
Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast) 13-01-2012 Ivory Coast 2-0 Tunisia (Friendly) 77 33 Y, 308 D
David Villa (Spain) 11-10-2011 Spain 3-1 Scotland (Euro Qualif.) 80 29 Y, 342 D
Sunil Chhetri (India) 31-12-2015 India 3-2 Maldives (SAFF Cup) 87 31 Y, 150 D
Miroslav Klose (Germany) 27-06-2010 Germany 4-1 England (World Cup) 99 32 Y, 18 D
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden) 04-09-2014 Sweden 2-0 Estonia (Friendly) 99 33 Y, 336 D
Carlos Ruiz (Guatemala) 15-08-2012 Guatemala 3-3 Paraguay (Friendly) 100 32 Y, 335 D
Robin van Persie (Netherlands) 13-10-2015 Netherlands 2-3 Czech Rep. (EC Qualif.) 101 32 Y, 68 D
Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon) 03-09-2011 Cameroon 5-0 Mauritius (African Cup Qualif.) 106 30 Y, 177 D
Lionel Messi (Argentina) 29-03-2016 Argentina 2-0 Bolivia (WC Qualif.) 107 28 Y, 249 D
Wayne Rooney (England) 08-09-2015 England 2-0 Switzerland (EC Qualif.) 107 29 Y, 319 D
Robbie Keane (Ireland) 04-06-2011 Ireland 2-0 Macedonia (EC Qualif.) 108 30 Y, 331 D
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) 26-06-2014 Portugal 2-1 Ghana (World Cup) 114 29 Y, 142 D
Younis Mahmoud (Iraq) 05-03-2014 Iraq 3-1 China (Asian Cup Qualif.) 125 31 Y, 30 D
Clint Dempsey (USA) 07-06-2016 USA 4-0 Costa Rica (Copa América) 126 33 Y, 90 D
Landon Donovan (USA) 05-07-2013 USA 6-0 Guatemala (Friendly) 145 31 Y, 123 D


The same kind of list, but comparing Neymar with the other 3 Brazilians who scored 50+ goals.
Player Date Game (Competition) Cap # Age at the time
Pelé 04-07-1965 Brazil 3-0 Soviet Union (Friendly) 49 24 Y, 254 D
Romário 08-10-2000 Brazil 6-0 Venezuela (WC Qualif.) 64 34 Y, 253 D
Ronaldo 19-11-2003 Brazil 3-3 Uruguay (WC Qualif.) 74 27 Y, 58 D
Neymar 10-11-2016 Brazil 3-0 Argentina (WC Qualif.) 74 24 Y, 278 D
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2016.10.12 04:27 soccerbot League Roundup: Caribbean Cup [2016-10-12]

Caribbean Cup


All times shown in GMT.
Thu 06/10/16 Jamaica P - P Suriname
Haiti P - P French Guyana
Sat 08/10/16 Suriname 3 - 2 Guyana
Dominican Republic 1 - 2 Martinique
Sat 08/10/16 French Guyana 1 - 0 Saint Kitts and Nevis
Antigua and Barbuda 2 - 0 Puerto Rico
Tue 11/10/16 Puerto Rico 2 - 4 Curacao
Martinique 2 - 0 Trinidad and Tobago
Saint Kitts and Nevis P - P Haiti
Guyana 2 - 4 Jamaica

Group 1

# Team P W D L F A GD Pts Form
1 Jamaica 1 1 0 0 4 2 +2 3 W
2 Suriname 1 1 0 0 3 2 +1 3 W
3 Guyana 2 0 0 2 4 7 -3 0 LL
Final Series Possible Play-off

Group 2

# Team P W D L F A GD Pts Form
1 French Guyana 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3 W
2 Haiti 0 0 0 0 0 0 +0 0
3 Saint Kitts and Nevis 1 0 0 1 0 1 -1 0 L
Final Series Possible Play-off

Group 3

# Team P W D L F A GD Pts Form
1 Curacao 2 2 0 0 7 2 +5 6 WW
2 Antigua and Barbuda 2 1 0 1 2 3 -1 3 LW
3 Puerto Rico 2 0 0 2 2 6 -4 0 LL
Final Series Possible Play-off

Group 4

# Team P W D L F A GD Pts Form
1 Martinique 2 2 0 0 4 1 +3 6 WW
2 Trinidad and Tobago 2 1 0 1 4 2 +2 3 WL
3 Dominican Republic 2 0 0 2 1 6 -5 0 LL
Final Series Possible Play-off

Top Scorers

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2015.06.02 02:32 Vaciant Women's World Cup Canada 2015: Group C Introduction & Analysis

2015 Women’s World Cup Preview [1 June 2015]
Group C (Champion and debut group)
4 Japan (AFC): 2011 Women’s World Cup Champions
Currently in the greatest form the country has ever seen, defending world champions, Japan, return to the world stage hoping for history to repeat itself. The 2011 World Cup saw Japan defeat New Zealand, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, and the United States in their victorious campaign. Japan lost just 1 match against England in the group stage that year and the team only “drew” against the United States before defeating them in a penalty shootout. Japan’s qualification for this year’s tournament saw the team go undefeated through 5 matches of the AFC Asian Cup ultimately winning it. The team’s only draw fell to Australia who they faced again in the final and defeated them 1-0.
Japan has also shown dominance in the friendly matches played leading up to the World Cup. From September 2013 to the present date, Japan has 8 wins out of 8 matches played. Their opposition included Italy and Ghana as well as this year’s World Cup opponents Canada, Nigeria, and New Zealand. Throughout these friendlies, Japan scored a total of 19 goals and conceded only 3. Japan has not lost a friendly in almost 2 years last losing 4-2 to Germany in June 2013.
The Japanese national team is a very internationally experienced side. More than half of the players have 50+ caps to their names with 6 of them earning 100+ appearances. Compared to the other competitors, Japan’s team is relatively older holding an average age of around 28 years. The oldest player at the age of 36 is midfielder Homare Sawa. Sawa currently has 197 caps for her country where she has scored 82 goals. She is the country’s leading goal scorer and also holds the most caps. The 2015 World Cup marks Sawa’s 6th consecutive World Cup after debuting in the 1995 Cup at just 16 years old. Among this team of stars, one that shines a little brighter than the rest is 27 year-old forward Yūki Ōgimi. Ōgimi currently has 115 caps scoring 52 goals for Japan. She also has won the Bundesliga Top Scorer award in 2013 during her time playing for FFC Turbine Potsdam. With plenty of room for further achievement in the future, Ōgimi is certainly one to watch.
Following up a massive victory in the 2011 Women’s World Cup, Japan is going to be keen on defending their title. Japan will certainly make it out of Group C, but will they manage to stay strong and make it to the finals for the second time in a row?
19 Switzerland (UEFA): Debut appearance in the Women’s World Cup
Switzerland have a history of failing to qualify for competitions. The team played its first match in 1972 and have not qualified for the Olympic Games nor the European Championship which began in 1984. The first major competition they managed to qualify for was this year’s Women’s World Cup after making a strong qualifying run. Switzerland went undefeated in 10 games to take the top slot of their group and gain instant qualification to the World Cup. During the qualifying section the Swiss scored 53 total goals and conceded just 1 single goal against in a 1-1 draw to Denmark. The group was by no means the hardest group with countries such as Israel, Serbia, and Malta, but nevertheless the team performed well and earned their place.
Although they have never been a part of a major tournament, the team has faced a fair share of top quality countries. In recent friendlies, Switzerland has played matches against Portugal, United States, Sweden, and Germany where they won 2 out of 4 matches against Portugal and their match against Sweden losing the other 4 matches. The team also featured in this year’s Algarve Cup that saw the team place 8th out of 12 teams. In their group, Switzerland faced Iceland, Norway, and the United States winning, drawing, and losing respectively. The results pitted Switzerland against Brazil for the 7th place finish that the Swiss lost 4-1.
A majority of the Swiss national team competes at the club level for teams outside of the domestic league. 11 players are a part of German Bundesliga clubs notably FC Bayern Munich, VFL Wolfsburg, and Champion’s League winners FFC Frankfurt. An interesting note about the Swiss team is that it does not feature a player over the age of 29. Conversely, the youngest player is 17 year-old Cinzia Zehnder who has featured for the team 6 times. The most capped players in the current squad both have 105 caps belonging to 29 year-old midfielder Martina Moser and 27 year-old defender Caroline Abbé. The current top goalscorer for the team is 29 year-old forward Lara Dickenmann with 40 goals. Two of the main up-and-coming players to watch for are 24 year-old forwards Ana-Maria Crnogorčević and Ramona Bachmann who have 35 and 33 goals respectively. The duo will surely feature in Switzerland’s matches this year and they will both be looking to make names for themselves.
Switzerland is a team that has the ability to defeat a team such as 5th ranked Sweden but fall to a team like 38th ranked Portugal. Can Switzerland overcome their inconsistency and take the 2nd place spot in the group or maybe even hold Japan to a draw for the 1st place spot?
53 Cameroon (CAF): Debut appearance in the Women’s World Cup
Although Cameroon does consistently well in the CAF Women’s Championship, the team has failed to make an appearance in the World Cup until this year. Cameroon placed 2nd in this years CAF Women’s Championship to qualify for the World Cup after finishing 3rd once and 4th three times in the previous four tournaments leading up to 2014. Through their qualifying campaign, Cameroon suffered 2 defeats but their 3 wins were enough to see them to the final. The team lost to Nigeria who has won the competition 9 times in the final.
Outside of Africa, Cameroon is inexperienced. Even in their recent friendlies the squad has faced only African teams. In the last 6 friendlies since April 2014 Cameroon has won 3 matches, drawn 2, and lost 1. Their most recent victory was against fellow World Cup opponents Ivory Coast where Cameroon won 3-2. The team also had positive results against Ethiopia, Algeria, and South Africa in recent matches.
The Cameroon team has a good mix of domestic league players as well as international players. 10 of the 23 play within Cameroon’s league while the other 13 play in various country’s leagues such as France, Russia, and the United States. The team also seems to favor attacking players over midfielders as they are bringing 7 forwards compared to 5 midfielders. The highest capped player and the top scorer of the current squad is 31 year-old Madeleine Ngono (72 caps, 38 goals). The squad also hosts a young talent in 19 year-old Raissa Feudijo who has already received 40 appearances.
Cameroon will look to impress during their debut on the world stage. Is it possible for a team like Cameroon who has such little international experience as a whole to get results in their group?
48 Ecuador (CONMEBOL): Debut appearance in the Women’s World Cup
Ecuador has made an interesting run for this year’s qualification. The team lost 4 of 7 matches during their run leaving them to play in the intercontinental play-off against CONCACAF team Trinidad & Tobago. The team drew 0-0 in the first leg and won 1-0 in the second leg securing their spot in the World Cup. Their losses included fellow World Cup competitors Columbia and Brazil with victories coming from Peru, Venezuela, and Argentina.
Ecuador have never made appearances in Copa América, the Gold Cup, or the Olympic Games. Their 4 friendlies this year (all losses) were against just 2 teams, Mexico and Columbia. The team does however have experience in Sudamericano Femenino where they were runners-up 3 times since 1995.
Every single player on the Ecuador squad plays in the country’s domestic league with Atlético de Febrero the most represented with 6 players. None of the players have more than 50 caps with the highest being 46 from 29 year-old defender Nancy Aguilar. The squad does seem to be planning for future success as the team has just 1 player over the age 30. The youngest player is 16 year-old midfielder Kerly Real. Real has already made 24 appearances scoring 2 goals at such a young age. Another young player, 20 year-old Ámbar Torres, is the squads current top scorer with just 10 goals in 23 appearances.
Ecuador will be encouraged by the experience gained on the world stage but discouraged by the results. The team will need to overcome huge odds to earn points in their group with the game against Cameroon the only real time they will be able to earn anything. Will Ecuador’s younger, inexperienced squad be able to overcome the odds stacked against them?
My Predictions
Place Team
1st Japan
2nd Switzerland
3rd Cameroon
4th Ecuador
Thanks for reading! With the Women's World Cup coming up on June 6th I decided to start doing some short write ups of the groups/teams. Groups D-F will come out this week leading up to the opening match Canada v China PR. Any questions, comments, and criticisms are welcome. I am by no means an expert on Women's football. Also, if there is anything you would like me to include in the future, be sure to let me know!
Group A Introduction & Analysis
Group B Introduction & Analysis
Sources include FIFA,, ESPNFC
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