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James Morrison is a celebrated American singer with a huge fan base. Let’s discover his Biography, Net Worth, Age, wife/partner, Family, Affairs, Measurements, Achievements & Much More! Biography American star James Morrison is the most outstanding singer in music history, and that success has made the superstar a wealthy singer. He was born on 13th […] View James Morrison’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. James has 6 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover James’ connections and jobs at similar companies. James is a partner in the New York office of Morrison Mahoney. He has more than 15 years of experience litigating complex commercial and civil matters, including healthcare and insurance coverage issues, regulatory violations, Medicaid fraud claims, contract disputes, and civil RICO actions in federal, state, and appellate courts. James Morrison Partner - Commercial - DWF LLP (Belfast) Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom 500+ connections. Join to Connect. DWF. Company Website. Report this profile; About. Partner with DWF (NI) LLP Commercial partner with expertise in corporate, banking, insolvency and real estate matters Trevor L James. Partner London . [email protected] +44 (0)20 7920 4087. [email protected] +44 (0)20 7920 4087. Overview. ... One Minute With Trevor James. 17 Jun 2020. Client Alert Coronavirus (COVID-19): “Future Fund” Launched to Support UK High Growth Companies ... If you are not already a client of Morrison & Foerster, do not include any ... James Morrison. Partner at BakerHostetler. company placeholder image. Partner at BakerHostetler. Seattle University School of Law. View profile View profile badges View similar profiles. James R. Morrison Partner. Seattle. T +1.206.332.1108. F +1.206.624.7317. [email protected] Download Vcard LinkedIn. Overview. James Morrison represents companies and individuals in commercial litigation, employment matters, data privacy, class actions and internal investigations. Placing client needs at the forefront of his practice ... James Morrison reveals his life is back on track after family turmoil as he prepares to release You’re Stronger Than You Know ... The album refers to the heartache that he and his partner Gill ... James Morrison Biography The name “James Morrison” is known throughout the world for his sheer brilliance as a jazz musician and an all round entertainer. He is constantly on the move, touring everywhere and anywhere fine music has an audience. His recordings are best sellers and James works with the cream of the world’s best performers. [&hellip View James Morrison’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. James has 3 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover James’ connections and jobs at similar companies.

Rebooking every WWE PPV part 48

2020.09.03 20:01 Glum-Fortune1342 Rebooking every WWE PPV part 48

Judgement day 2008
MVP def Matt Hardy (16:10)- hardys return match
JBL def John cena (15:03)
Open challenge for intercontinental championship Jeff Hardy def Umaga (c) (9:42)
World tag team championships Cody Rhodes & hardcore holly (c) def Carlito & santino marella (8:25)
Triple threat match Shawn Michaels def Batista vs Chris Jericho (19:58)- after backlash Batista says while he developed respect for Michaels he still wants revenge on behalf of his mentor. Jericho, who is slowly turning heel, has been trying to talk Shawn out of accepting because he knows what Batista is capable of. Michaels accepts anyway and Batista asks for Jericho to be inserted into the match for trying to cover Shawn’s hide
Women’s championship Mickie James def Beth Phoenix (c) (9:42)
Extreme rules match for ECW championship John Morrison (c) def Chavo Guerrero (17:45)- Chavo beats the miz in a #1 contender match on ECW. He says winning world titles is his family legacy. His uncle did it, his father did it and now it’s his turn. Morrison thinks Chavo is just some cocky punk trying to ride his family name to the top of the brand.
Last chance match for world heavyweight championship Undertaker (c) vs edge (16:15)- double countout. Edge wants one more match against taker. Vickie grants him it but warns this is his last chance. Taker wants to send edge to the back of the queue.
Steel cage match for WWE championship Triple H (c) def Randy orton (21:11)- orton wants his belt back and says he’s gonna punish trips for holding him down in evolution. Trips says orton is just an ungrateful punk who he’s gonna teach a lesson.
One night stand 2008
Falls count anywhere for intercontinental championship Jeff Hardy (c) def Umaga (9:27)
Ladder match for United States championship Shelton Benjamin def mr Kennedy (c) (16:12)
First blood match John cena def JBL (14:30)- these two have been at each other’s throats since backlash. JBL thinks cena is just some street punk who shouldn’t be in the same company as him. Cena says JBL is just an arrogant bully whom he already shut up once and now apparently he has to do it again.
Stretcher match Batista def Shawn Michaels (17:03)- Batista says if he can’t beat Michaels to avenge flair, he’s gonna humiliate him instead. Michaels says He’s already beaten Batista twice now and he has nothing more to prove to him but he accepts this match to put the matter to bed. Jericho costs Michaels the match just like irl
Triple threat elimination match for women’s championship Mickie James (c) def Melina vs Beth phoenix (9:14)- Beth pons Melina, Mickie pins Beth.
Fatal 5 way for ECW championship Kane def The miz vs John Morrison (c) vs Chavo Guerrero vs Tommy dreamer (8:35)- this match is made after a fatal 4 way #1 contender match ends in chaos. Kane wants to destroy everyone, Chavo wants to fulfill his family legacy, dreamer wants to finally be ECW champion, miz wants to win his first championship and Morrison just wants to remain champ.
Last man standing match for WWE championship Triple H (c) def Randy orton (13:15)- orton says he wants one more rematch for the title and this time trips won’t be able to escape from his vicious assaults because it’ll be a last man standing match. Trips accepts.
TLC match for world heavyweight championship Edge def undertaker (c) (23:50)- after the double countout at judgement day both guys want one more match with eachother. Edge wants it to be TLC because he doesn’t think anyone, let alone taker can beat him in that stipulation. Taker accepts and warns edge he can beat him in any match.
Vengeance 2008
Note: it’s never called night of champions, it stays as vengeance
Intercontinental championship Kofi Kingston def Jeff Hardy (c) (18:50)- Kingston was drafted to raw from ECW and rose up the ranks quickly
Handicap match for world tag team championships Cody Rhodes & ted dibiase jnr def hardcore holly (c) (1:28)- dibiase turns up on raw and challenges Cody & holly saying he’ll reveal his partner at vengeance and it’s Cody Rhodes.
Triple threat for United States championship Shelton Benjamin (c) def mr Kennedy vs MVP (16:17)
WWE tag team championships John Morrison & the miz def William regal & Finlay (c) (10:32)
Women’s championship Mickie James (c) def Katie Lee Burchill (0:35)
3-way dance for ECW championship Kane (c) def mark henry vs big show (8:18)- Kane & Mark Henry both say they came to ECW to wreak havoc & rehabilitate their careers. Big show accuses them of trying to copy his success from 2 years ago. They both say that was in the past and he’s done nothing of note since he came back. This feud is about who is the most dominant. Henry pins show, then Kane pins Henry
World heavyweight championship Edge (c) def Batista (17:11)- after the Michaels feud Batista says he wants to be champ again and wants to punish edge for escaping with his belt back at Armageddon. Edge says he won that match fair & square and Batista cannot beat him in a one-on-one match. Edge wins via handful of tights
WWE championship Triple H (c) def John cena (24:38)- after beating JBL Cena says he wants to be champ again and although he respects triple H a lot, he feels it’s his time again. Trips says he’s enjoying this Indian summer of his career to much to lose the belt now.
Great American Bash 2008
WWE tag team championships John Morrison & the miz (c) def Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder (14:35)
CM punk def Santino marella (6:25)
United States Championship Shelton Benjamin (c) def Matt Hardy (9:33)
Shawn Michaels def Chris Jericho (18:18)- by disqualification. Jericho has Michaels as a guest on the highlight reel where he reveals he turned on Shawn because he’s sick of pleasing the fans with his old Y2J antics. The segment ends with Jericho putting Shawn through the titantron. Same irl with Michaels winning after a low blow from Jericho.
Tournament final to crown first ever divas champion Natalya def Michelle mccool (4:41)
Parking lot brawl JBL def John cena (14:36)- JBL says he isn’t done with cena yet and taunts him about losing to triple H at vengeance. Cena challenges him to this final match which Cena thinks plays to his strengths but JBL arrogantly reminds him that he used to be a member of the APA and is no stranger to these kind of fights.
Women’s championship Mickie James (c) def Beth Phoenix (9:10)
ECW championship Kane (c) def Chavo Guerrero (11:25)- Chavo still wants to live up to his family legacy. Kane wants to squash Chavo like a bug, saying he’s had too many chances already.
World heavyweight championship Batista (c) def Jeff Hardy (19:11)- after the draft edge shows up on raw to gloat about smackdown having both world championships. Then Batista, who has been drafted to raw, challenges edge to an impromptu rematch which mike Adamle says he has to accept since he’s a guest. Batista squashes him. Jeff wins a #1 contender match against JBL on raw after interference from cena. Jeff says while he has no beef with Batista, he wants to finally climb the mountain top. Batista says that while he can appreciate Jeffs struggle he just won the belt and is not losing it any time soon.
WWE championship Triple H (c) def edge (23:48)- edge says he should be automatic #1 contender to WWE championship after losing the WHC. Vickie Guerrero agrees. Triple H, who has been drafted to smackdown, thinks edge is just a lucky bastard who gets in the right place at the right time and it’s gonna take more than that to beat him.
Summerslam 2008
Intercontinental championship CM punk def Kofi Kingston (c) (16:28)
Triple threat match MVP def Jeff Hardy vs John cena (9:35)- Jeff & cena say they both should be #1 contender and a match is made between them for summerslam. Despite being a smackdown wrestler MVP comes out and says while their fighting over a chance to be champ he could cash-in his money in the bank contract any time he wants like that and it doesn’t have to be on his brand either. He gets added to the match after this but he demands the #1 contender stipulation be taken away since he doesn’t need it and he’s so confident of victory
Divas championship Natalya (c) def Michelle mccool (4:30)
ECW championship Kane (c) def Matt Hardy (14:22)- Kane turns heel after great American bash. He says he came to the land of the extreme to give him more tools to inflict pain on his opponents. Matt hardy beats Chavo in a #1 contender match. He says he’s been overlooked for too long and won’t alllow Kane to destroy the brand.
WWE championship Triple H (c) def big show (14:16)- show wins a battle royal on smackdown to become #1 contender. He says it’s been too long since he was last champ and will crush trips like a bug at summerslam. Trips thinks big show is just a blowhard who’s past his prime
World heavyweight championship Batista (c) def JBL (14:10)- JBL says Batista has no right being world champ and he’ll bring the belt around the waste of the wrestling god where it belongs. Batista says JBL is just trying the same crap he did with him three years and it didn’t work then and it’s not going to work now.
Hell in a cell Undertaker def edge (26:44)-undertaker returns on an episode of Smackdown. He says he’s gonna gold edge accountable for all the bullshit he’s caused him over the past 9 months. It started in hell in a cell and now it’s going to end in hell in a cell. Edge says he isn’t scared of taker and knows how to beat him but he looks frightened in the buildup.
And that’s it for part 48. Come back tomorrow for part 49 which will cover unforgiven 2008-Armageddon 2008, including the blowoff to the Jericho/Michaels feud. Thanks for reading.
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2020.09.01 06:17 Revolutionary_Voice5 How I Would Have Booked: Wrestlemania 36

First off, Hello, this will be my first post in general. I am a huge fan of professional wrestling, my most common is WWE which i grew up watching. With that out of the way, I will be taking a look back at WM36 which took place in the performance center due to the initial worldwide outbreak of covid-19 in March. Despite some critics crapping on the show prior to the date, they delivered a great show and made the most of the situation.
However, despite it's goodness, some storylines fell flat and I know it should have been booked way better in the prior months leading up to it. Therefore, I believe I can make it a way better story driven card and better booked. Please hold back harsh criticism as this is my first booking. Ill explain each match and build up all the story lines going all the way back to the night after Mania last year.
Note: Covid-19 doesn't occur in this booking. With that let's get to it! Also, in this universe, the wild card rule doesn't exist either because it was dumb and took away from the draft logic.brand locations after the shakeup account for here too and the draft remains the same except with a few starts not switching brands such as Andrade and Lars Sullivan.
2nd Note: The IC tittle does not get a new design because i personally hated the new one compared to the original white belt.
3rd Note: Teams such as SaNiTy (Moves to Raw), The Riott Squad (Stays on Raw), and Chad Gable and Bobby Roode (Moves to Smackdown), and The Bar (Stays on Smackdown) don't get split apart. Other teams such as The Usos and Lucha House Party stay on Raw. The War Raiders are not called up either and remain on NXT for the long run with the tag belts.

Raw's Storylines

WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Drew McIntyre
I refuse to change the booking as this was the perfect match to set up for the show and the buildup was done excellent. Lesnar still wins the WWE tittle from Kingston but in a actual match that lasts around seven minutes until Kingston can't fight off Lesnar to avoid making him look week. McIntyre still turns face in January and wins the rumble just like he had. Lesnar still enters and dominates the other 13 guys except for Keith Lee who manages to give a fighting effort, and a few stars that didn't deserve to get buried like John Morrison and Cesaro do not enter early on. McIntyre still eliminates Lesnar without help from Ricochet and sets up the start of their feud. In the following months, Paul Heyman attempts to sway McIntyre away from facing Lesnar as he has no idea what Lesnar can do to anyone who steps up to him but McIntyre ignores and continues to build himself as a threat defeating superstars such as Lashley, Baron Corbin, Erick Rowan, MVP, and Seth Rollins.
McIntyre's past failures and shortcomings are mentioned by Heyman as he seemingly starts to get into his head. McIntyre, however, reverses this and says that he has come along way since his original run mentioning his run in NXT and his change of character and physique and that he never had to resort to Lesnar's weaknesses. All of this over the course of February and March shows Lesnar becoming more and more alarmed and feeling more and more threatened with each week passing and McIntyre building momentum with his in ring work and with the fans. On the final Raw prior to Mania, McIntyre corners Heyman but Lesnar appears and beats McIntyre down using a steel chair repeating this over and over again. To mock McIntyre for his past in 3MB, he F5's him on the barricade just like he had done 7 years prior when he attacked him, Mahal, and Slater on a episode of Raw in 2013. Lesnar does the 3MB pose over his body as McIntyre sits there in severe pain from the beating.
United States Championship Match: Ricochet (c) vs. Aleister Black (Falls Count Anywhere)
Samoe Joe should have had a more legitimate reign, Joe never drops the belt to Mysterio at MITB 2019 and doesn't enter a feud with Ricochet until later in the summer. Black and Ricochet get split up in the shakeup and Ricochet builds himself up in the months following as Black is relegated to nothing as management seemingly forgets about him Ricochet picks up serious momentum defeating AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio, and EC3 en route to challenge Joe for the title at Summerslam. At the event, Ricochet defeats Joe in a underdog like style with two 630 sentons and wins the tittle. Meanwhile, Black fails to find his spot on the card after his feud with Andrade is cut before it can even get started. As Ricochet grows with popularity and mic work with the fans and Black falls to nothing, when the draft rolls around, Black is drafted back to Raw but in the last round of the second night. Black is seen to be cast a afterthought.
In November, Ricochet finds Black sitting alone backstage where Black acts more distant as he stares at the wall until Ricochet snaps him out of it. Seeing that Black has lost himself, he tells Black to ask for a qualifier to fight for team Raw at Survivor Series and show his worth. Black enters the match after defeating Baron Corbin after Corbin attempts to cheat several times and Ricochet arrives and stops him from doing so allowing Black to hit the Black Mass. At Survivor Series, Black is on team Raw and is one of the final two members alongside Rollins. During the match, Black eliminates several superstars such as Damien Priest (NXT) and Mustafa Ali (Smackdown. In the closing moments, Black eliminates Ciampa and Strowman but is eliminated by Reigns. Smackdown still wins the match. Despite failing to win, Black impresses and is congratulated from Ricochet and the duo tags together from there and wins several matches and eventually earns a shot at the Raw tag tittles held by Gallows and Anderson the night after the Royal Rumble.
After Ricochet hits a superkick and prepares 630 to Anderson as Black hits the black mass to Gallows, it appears Black and Ricochet will finally win the gold together when suddenly Blacks hits the black mass on Ricochet as he is on the top rope. Ricochet falls to the ground and Black lays Anderson over top of him as the ref counts the three. After the match, Anderson and Gallows flee as they escape with the belts as Ricochet appears shocked at his friend's betrayal. Black appears emotionless as he proceeds to brutalize Ricochet in the ring.
In the following weeks, Black is seen to have hit a meltdown or sorts as he appears darker. Ricochet is bent on finding out what caused Black's turn but is interrupted by Lashley who has unfinished business with Ricochet following his elimination from the rumble by Black and Ricochet. Ricochet successfully defeats Lashley with a surprise roll up at the Elimination Chamber. After the match, Lashley attempts to attack Ricochet but Black appears and black masses Lashley knocking him out of the ring as he grabs a microphone and finally breaks his silence. Black goes off on Ricochet citing how in NXT, he was the champion that Ricochet wishes he could have been and how Ricochet dragged him down, he tells Ricochet that it should have been him that went over with the fans. Frustrated at his lack of success, Black snapped as he hits three black masses to Ricochet as he holds the United States Championship and points at the WrestleMania sign before leaving.
Black continuously taunts Ricochet and puts him down siting his inability to do anything but do flips and appeal to the fans that will cheer for anything stupid and not what deserves it like himself. On the last raw before Mania, Black brutally attacks superstars such as Sin Cara, Rey Myserio, Humberto Carillo, and others to capture Ricochet's attention. He attacks the superstars in different areas in the arena and challenges Ricochet to take their match all over the arena where everything can be used to destroy each other. Ricochet accepts Black's challenge.
Raw Tag Team Championship: The Club (AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson) (c) vs. SaNiTy (Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe) in a 6 man elimination match.
Following Mania 35, The Usos defeat Ryder and Hawkins at Stomping Grounds to win the belts. Afterwards The Usos are attacked The Club fully reunited as Styles had caved in much earlier and joins his boys to attack the champs. Gallows and Anderson won the tag tittles at Clash of Champions and have carried them in the freebird rule alongside Styles. They proceed to defeat the teams of Ryder & Hawkins, LHP, The Ascension, and The Street Profits. After winning against the Profits at the rumble and attacking them afterwards, the lights go out and when they come back on, Gallows and Anderson are out at ringside. Styles finds himself alone in the ring when he turns around to reveal a hooded figure standing on the apron as suddenly two others approach on the opposite sides of Styles as the first figure removes his mask revealing ERIC YOUNG! Dain and Wolfe reveal themselves and storm the ring as the three attack Styles as the crowd pops for their return and this officially turns them face. Eric Young is jumped backstage on the show before EC 2020 and is injured.
At the elimination chamber, SaNity fights the other 5 teams for a shot to face The Club at Mania for the belts and entering the chamber at number one, Wolfe and Dain fight through all the teams and last eliminate The Usos to win. After the match, The Club attacks Dain & Wolfe. During the next few weeks, they taunt Dain & Wolfe during their matches and use their number game to their advantage. Eventually Styles defeats Dain in a highly acclaimed match on Raw to allow all members of the club will battle Dain and Wolfe in a 2 on 3 handicap match unless Young returns in time for the event.
On the final Raw, The Club attacks Wolfe and Dain alone backstage as they proceed to taunt them prior to their final showdown. Styles prepares to fight The Uso's with Gallows and Anderson. It cuts away to reveal Gallows and Anderson attacked backstage as Styles watches. The crazed figure is revealed to be Eric Young with a steel pipe as he attacks. Styles attempts to flee the arena but The Uso's prevent him for escaping as he turns around in the ring to reveal Eric Young with a crazed look in his eyes. Young pummels Styles several times with the pipe as Styles flees throughout the crowd. Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain rise from different areas in the crowd to reveal themselves as Styles flees and sets up the 6 man tittle match officially for the show.
Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Shayna Baszler (Submission Match)
Shayna enters at 30 and clears house but the only difference is she actually wins the match and eliminates Charlotte to win the match. In the build up, Baszler doesn't bite Lynch's ear and instead taunts the champion the same way she did in the real feud, she also calls Lynch weak after working her ass off to get where she was last year around this time and tells her she lost her edge after she ran out of credible opponents ranting on the weakness of the women's division and says that the main cause of this is because someone like Lynch is champion instead of a real fighter.
Lynch puts away her less serious side and prepares as she retains her Raw Women's tittle in the Elimination Chamber after barely eliminating Asuka. Baszler appears after the match and circles the ring as Lynch watches her. In the coming weeks, Baszler mentions Rhonda Rousey and how she was the perfect example of a fighter and how Becky has used the easy way out and that she would knock her ass out at Mania. Lynch challenges her to a submission match and Baszler accepts as she beats several female raw stars in the weeks to come.
Non Title Raw Feuds

Smackdown Storylines

Universal Championship: The Fiend "Bray Wyatt" (c) vs. Roman Reigns
To fix the awful SSD ending with Goldberg, Goldberg gets murdered by the Fiend and he is defeated in less than a minute. Therefore this sets up the Fiend to face Reigns like it was planned from the start, Wyatt is still booked strong and in this version, he won the title at Hell in a Cell like he should have to start off with. Wyatt holds the title and defeats the same people except his feud with Bryan is scrapped and he defeats Sami Zayn after he mocks the Fiend at Royal Rumble. At Elimination Chamber, Reigns defeats John Morrison in the finals of a tournament to challenge the Fiend at Mania once and for all and try to end his reign of terror.
Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Sami Zayn
In the buildup, Nakamura still wins the IC tittle from Balor at Extreme Rules and gets into a partnership with Zayn, but in this case, Zayn still is a active competitor most of the time and eventually is able to get a one on one shot for the Universal title against The Fiend after he insulted him and mocked his character. Wyatt destroys Zayn but something happens afterwards that had affected The Miz and Rollins the same way. Zayn slowly reverts to his face character as he prevents himself from cheating and often Nakamura. Zayn slowly begins to praise more towards the fans and all of this combined with Nakamura's slow tension building with Zayn, he attacks Zayn and Zayn officially turns face for the first time since 2017. He embraces the fans and does his entrance he use to as he apologizes for his actions and challenges Nakamura to put his tittle on the line at Mania and have a official rematch four years since their encounter at NXT Takeover Dallas. Nakamura is booked strong and doesn't lose to Strowman as him and Zayn are set to clash the same way they did, with Zayn back to his face lovable character and Nakamura to his old style.
Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Authors of Pain (c) vs. The Revival
AOP returns and defeats Bryan and Rowan to win the Smackdown Tag Titles. The other teams of Bobby Roode and Chad Gable, Daniel Bryan and EC3, The New Day, and John Morrison and The Miz crumble to them. Eventually, The Revival turn face and step up to take out the Authors of Pain who have redeemed themselves without any manger as The Revival prepare to show the Authors of Pain who the Revival are. The Revival return in November andrevert to pure wrestling and show respect after their matches signaling the turn as AOP runs through the others. Finally in February, The Revival defeat the other teams in a gauntlet and win the chance to fight for the tittles
Smackdown Woman's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks
Sasha will attack Bayley at Elimination Chamber possibly after they lose to the Kabuki Warriors in a match for the Tag Team Championships and Bayley blames the loss on Banks turning face. This sets up Bayley berating Banks and everyone else in the division with Banks calling Bayley out for what she became referencing her downfalls and that Banks would lead another one. Bayley mocks Banks and calls her out on all her failed reigns. In this version, Charlotte never beat Bayley so she has held the title for nearly 9 plus months. Banks attempts to bring Bayley back by showing her the old clips with her and her fans who adored her and fear her now for what she became. Bayley disregards her fans and reminds Banks that she was a bitch. This leads to Banks and Bayley brawling and Bayley escaping setting up the final match.
Not Tittle Feuds

Other Title Matches and Matches

Due to no outbreak, the event isn't cut into two nights but this is perfectly fine. With all of this, let's get into the official card and book this event the way it deserved. Winners will be marked in bold.

WrestleMania 36

Kickoff Show
The Kickoff show is met with four matches for the hour and a half pre-show.
  1. Women's Tag Championships: Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kari Sane) (c) vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. The Divas of Doom (Beth Phoenix and Natalya) (12:32) - to kickoff for the live crowd entering the arena, the female tag teams brawl it out in a close contest with several near falls. The match concludes after Asuka reverses a glam slam into the asuka lock and submits Phoenix as Kari Sane takes out Natalya who attempts to break up the submission. Asuka and Sane continue their reign like they should have and continue to rebuild credibility for the tag belts.
  2. Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Chad Gable wins by last eliminating Bobby Roode (11:54) - One of the many arcs for the match during its buildup is the tension growing between Roode and Gable due to Gable growing more and more popular with the fans due to his strength, moveset, and look. This is further backed up when Gable nearly wins the king of the ring tournament but falls short to Baron Corbin but still earns the crowds support. Roode knows Gable is growing more popular and that he will be outshines so he consistently reminds Gable he wouldn't be able to flourish on his own due to his past career spent only in tag teams. Gable goes with Roode and the two survive together throughout the entire match eventually coming down to them and Andrade, Baron Corbin, and Jeff Hardy. Andrade eliminates Hardy and Gable eliminates Andrade and Corbin with a double suplex that sends them both over the top rope and receives a huge reaction from the crowd. Roode and Gable stand together as Roode tells Gable to eliminate himself and let the glorious one bask in his victory. As it looks like Gable will surrender to his partner, he super kicks Roode and finally breaks away as he screams it took him 4 years to get his own WrestleMania moment and his night would be tonight. He delivers two more super kicks before he close lines Roode over the top rope to win the match as the crowd embraces Gable as he celebrates his Mania moment as Roode is still shocked. Gable wins this match and wins a short feud against Roode and begins his run as a strong mid-carder on Smackdown.
  3. The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan (16:02) - This match is highly action packed. The Bar fail to gain chemistry against the sheer power from Rowan and Harper but they come more and more together as the match goes along and save each other from getting double team several times. Eventually after a miscommunication causes Harper to superkick Rowan, Sheamus bro kicks Harper out of the ring allowing them to have the advantage. The Bar hits the Irish curse elbow drop to finish off Rowan and the duo win their last match together as they embrace after the match and part ways.
  4. Women's Battle Royal: Bianca Belair wins by last eliminating Nia Jax - Not much goes into this match but Nia Jax returns before Mania and announces herself as the winner of the match already and Belair appears a surpise entrant. In the match, Jax eliminates a good amount of the competition as does Belair, Ruby Riott, and Tamina. It appears Jax and Tamina will team up but Jax turns on Tamina and eliminates her as Belair eliminates Riott who is shown to be very desperate to win. It appears as if Jax will overpower Belair but she she uses her K.O.D hair whip to incapacitate Jax to the ground, with a last ditch of fight, Jax charges at Belair and knocks her over the rope but Belair remains on the apron. Jax realizes this and goes to yank Belair off the rope but Belair dodges her grapple and uses one last K.O.D to stun Jax. Belair holds the rope low and lifts Jax over and eliminates her as she wins the match to a decent pop.
Main Show
The actual show starts off with the performance of the national anthem and the fireworks set off within Raymond James Stadium to officially start the event. Christian serves as the host of WrestleMania as he welcomes the crowd to a pop considering he resides in Florida and of his past fame. He takes the position mainly to monitor Edge and embrace the crowd once again.
  1. Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Shayna Baszler (Submission Match) (12:03) - The match picks off intense with Lynch firing back against Baszler and showing she had prepared for her intense style, initially Baszler looks to be in trouble but after a while, Lynch slowly over exasperates herself as Baszler picks up her intensity and attempts to drop Lynch with a armbar of her own but Lynch hits the bexploder suplex and regains control. In the closing few moments, Baszler delivers a jumping knee and four Yokosuka Cutters as Lynch crawls to the rope, Baszler steps on her hand to prevent her from escaping. Lynch spins on the ground and knocks Baszler to the ground and pounces on her and puts her in the dis-arm-her as Baszler attempts to fight out of it. However, Lynch fails to put Baszler away and she rolls out of it after playing dead and locks her in the ace of spades. Lynch makes it back to her feet but with all her energy gone, she collapses and succumbs to the submission as she passes out and Baszler keeps the hold applied even after the bell. The ref separates Baszler and checks on her as Baszler is crowned the new champion as she smiles sadistically and laughs at Lynch who is out. Baszler holds the belt over Lynch. Baszler goes over strong and Lynch announces her pregnancy soon after and leaves leaving Baszler as the new bad ass of the division and to start her own great run.
  2. The Miz vs. John Morrison (9:43) - Miz attacks Morrison before the bell and takes Morrison down to one knee as he tells the ref to start the match. During the early part, Miz blocks off Morrison's attempts to use the ropes to his advantage and targets his legs and midsection. Miz throws Morrison into the turnbuckle and grabs a mic to mock Morrison and state how far he has fallen. Morrison rallies behind this built up anger from Miz ruining his initial run and when Miz fails to notice him returning to his feet, Morrison springboards onto Miz and knocks him down and hits several signature moves onto the Miz who attempts to battle the new fire in Morrison. Eventually, Miz attempts the skull crushing finale but Morrison superkicks Miz after doing a handstand flip to move away. Morrison uses the rope to gain momentum and hits the running dive knee as he then hits starship pain to put away Miz.
  3. Raw Tag Team Championship: The Club (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows) (c) vs. SaNiTy (Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe) (10:04) (6 man elimination match) - After The Club targets Dain first and keeps Young or Wolfe from stopping their assault, it appears it will be a quick match for the Club, however, Dain fights back and Young and Wolfe get their game on. Eventually, the three members of SaNiTy take Styles out and throw him through the announce table. Alone without the numbers game, Gallows and Anderson are mauled by SaNity and are eliminated first with a dive from Dain to Anderson and then Gallows with a devastation double team from Wolfe and Dain. Styles notices he is alone as the trio swarm him. Styles attempts to throw in the towel and award the match to them but the three ignore and attack Styles. In the ring, the group takes their turns hitting Styles with their finishers before they finally finish him with a stairway to chaos and Young pins Styles as Dain and Wolfe stand and embrace the crowd on the nearby middle ropes and are awarded the championships as Styles in taken from the ring by Gallows and Anderson.
  4. Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler (4:01) - Once again, nothing is changed. The only difference is the match is shorter and Otis kicks Ziggler's ass and him and Mandy embrace to a pop and kiss in the ring with Tucker after Ziggler and Deville are taken out.
  5. Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy vs. Kevin Owens and Cedric Alexander (14:37) - This match is all action as Murphy and Alexander start things off fast paced, the match picks up for the advantage to Rollins and Murphy after Owens is taken out. Cedric hits a few big moves to Rollins for some near falls and receives the pop from the crowd. Eventually, the numbers catch up to Alexander as Seth hits a blackout and it about to win when Owen storms a comeback from the outside and does a splash from the top rope to avoid the count. Owens hits offense against Murphy and Rollins both and eventually a double team move from the pair is stopped when Owens and Alexander double superkick Murphy off the top turnbuckle leaving Rollins. Rollins attempts to hit a high knee to Owens but Alexander superkicks him as Owens catches him with a stunner as he drops him. Owens signals to Alexander to climb to the top rope as the crowd cheers. Alexander hits a moonsault to Rollins and then a middle rope dive onto Murphy outside as Owens covers Rollins for the win. The duo celebrate with the fans after the match as Rollins looks on with anger.
  6. Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Sami Zayn (20:03) - These two clash in a absolute classic with Zayn going back to his face like offense using his middle apron ddt and his springboard over the top rope. Shinsuke goes back to his original strong style that was taken away on the main roster and the two give a rematch that blows the house down. Near fall after near fall brings the crowd to their feet. The match comes to a end when Mura taunts a downed Zayn preparing for the Kinshasa. All of a sudden, Zayn springs to life and delivers a helluva kick that surprises Nakamura. He proceeds to throw Nakamura into the three other corners and hits three more helluva kicks and pins Nakamura to the crowds delight and embraces the crowd with a crowd dive as he holds his first main roster title as Nakamura is left in shambles.
  7. NXT Women's Championship: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair (16:15) - The match they originally had was excellent so the match stays the same, only difference is the ending. Charlotte attempts a top rope moonsault but Ripley catches her mid jump and delivers a sudden and quick riptide and pins her to a pop from the crowd. Ripley deserved to hold the title longer and Charlotte never needed this to begin with but it was a great match and this time, the right person won.
  8. Lars Sullivan vs. John Cena (3:21) - Cena enters the ring and right away lunges at Sullivan firing hard to knock the giant to his feet. Cena hits a AA and applies the stfu but Sullivan quickly shows his strength and throws Cena off once he gets back to his feet. Cena does everything possible to take out Sullivan but in order to show Sullivan's dominance and future status, he hits several bodyslams before hitting Cena with a freak accident as he lays his foot on top of Cena and wins the match quickly and clean.
  9. Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Authors of Pain (c) vs. The Revival (22:12) - Once again, these guys dominate the art of tag wrestling and the duos battle it out in a very NXT style match. The match looks to be a close one for AOP but the Revival rally together and reverse the last chapter causing Akam and Rezar to stumble into each other, Wilder and Dawson take Rezar out as Akam rallies to fight both of them but after a double knee shot, the pair hits a shatter machine from the rope as both cover Akam and win the titles ending AOP's dominant reign.
  10. Daniel Bryan vs. EC3 (15:27) - A evenly matched fight between the former pro and rookie is excellent and EC3 and Bryan hit move after move attempting to out perform the other. EC3 pans to the crowd a lot as Bryan makes him pay for it. Bryan attempts to hit a running knee and then applies the lebell lock but EC3 fights out. Bryan attempts to hit a running knee again to floor EC3 but he dodges and performs a high knee to stun Bryan. EC3 drops Bryan with the one percenter and pins his former teacher. Following the match, it appears EC3 will attack Bryan but instead he offers a hand to him and when Bryan accepts, the two embrace together as Bryan admits defeat. EC3 holds up Bryan's hand as Bryan leaves the ring to let the winner enjoy his first Mania moment.
  11. United States Championship: Ricohet (c) vs. Aleister Black (Falls Count Anywhere) (18:05) - This match is nothing short of brutal and intense. Black and Ricochet fight through the crowd and through the back in a fast paced encounter. Ricochet fires his aggressive side to evenly match the new dark side of Black and delivers a 630 to Black from the top of the production truck. Black shows no will to quit and breaks out at 2. The battle travels through the backstage area. The two battle it back out through the crowd as they approach the upper level of the arena with a railing between them and the ground, Ricochet prepares to superkick Black over the top but Black rises and hits a strong knee to stun Ricochet who was close to victory. Black hits a black mass which knocks Ricochet over the rail and to the ground below. Black climbs over and hops down as he covers his former friend to win the US title and prove he was superior as he smiles as the ref awards him the victory as the crowd cheers him despite being a heel since he would be over.
  12. Edge vs. Randy Orton (Last Man Standing) (25:40) - The match is about the same with the same spots mostly but is cut short by quite a bit. Eventually the fight ends up on the stage where Orton prepares to punt kick Edge and re-injure his neck. However, Randy Orton attacks Christian as he prepares give a rko to him off the stage through a table he had set up earlier. Orton is about to finish Christian off when he smiles when Orton realizes he was tricked into losing focus. Edge appears behind the pair as Orton tries to react quickly but Edge screams and spears Orton off the stage through the table and the production crates as Christian watches from the stage. At 8, a hand emerges and it's revealed to be Edge as he rises to his feet, however, Orton is seen attempting to crawl to his feet as well but Orton collapses and Edge returns just in time to make the count as him and Christian embrace on the stage together once again.
  13. Universal Championship: The Fiend "Bray Wyatt" (c) vs. Roman Reigns (7:07) - Reigns enters to a course of boos expecting him to dethrone Wyatt and take the title and Wyatt enters to a ring of cheers. Reigns brings quick offense to the Fiend and surprises the crowd with three spears but Wyatt rises to his feet. Roman quickly wears himself out within the six minutes as Wyatt looks to be at his strongest point. Reigns is obliterated by The Fiend who mauls him as he makes Reigns pass out to the mandible claw. Instead of being booed, the Fiend is applaud as the crowd cheers him on as he crawls over Reigns and stares over him.
  14. Undertaker vs. Elias (0:54) - Before the match, Elias appears in the crowd singing a song mocking Undertaker about his age and recent failures his match against Goldberg in Saudi, the lights in the arena fade to black as Elias yells for being cut off, suddenly Elias is shown with a spotlight on himself. He appears horrified as a druid appears to be coming towards him as he rushes to escape through the stage but finds another druid blocking his escape as he rushes with his guitar towards the stairs out of the area when he sees another pair of druids coming down towards him. Elias who is now scared rushes towards the ring and in the middle as the ring is surrounded with druids, 24 to be exact. Elias prepares to swing his guitar at one who enters the ring. He stops after the figure removes their mask revealing it to be himself but with no emotion across his face. Elias freezes in his place when suddenly the lights go out completely and come back on revealing Elias to be alone with no sign of the druids as he appears shocked and blurry eyed. Unaware that Undertaker is behind him, the referee rings the bell and Undertaker attacks Elias with two choke slams and then finally a tombstone piledriver to win. Elias is left in the ring scared to death as Undertaker rises victorious. The lights go out once more as Elias screams out but can't be seen. When the lights come back on, both he and Taker are gone and all that remains in the ring is Elias's guitar which has now been destroyed.
  15. Smackdown Woman's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks (18:00) - In the final moments, Banks delivers a double knee drop and Bayley hits a bayley to belly. The match appears to be on Sasha's side when Bayley indirectly knocks out the referee. Bayley attacks Banks with several dive attacks and goes to grab her title which she prepares to use to finish her off. Bayley attempts to smash Banks with the belt but Banks dodges the attack and applies the banks statement. Bayley attempts everything to escape the hold but Banks uses all of her might to submit Bayley as she eventually taps out. After the match, Bayley is furious and berates the crowd and Banks but is hit in the face with the belt and knocks her off the apron by who embraces the universe as Bayley in a rage is left on the ramp furious.
  16. WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Drew McIntyre (4:37) - Despite the injuries sustained, McIntyre ready's himself for the fight. As soon as the bell rings, Lesnar hops right away to attack McIntyre's middle with gut attacks in the corner and several suplexes. He hits three F5's and is believed to have ended McIntyre's run to the top but he kicks out. Lesnar attempts another F5 but McIntyre rallies back feeding off the crowds energy as he throws Lesnar off him, Lesnar is shocked at the change of pace and is hit with four consecutive claymores and a future shock DDT as McIntyre crawls to the cover and is crowned the new WWE champion to a humongous pop. McIntyre appears very emotional as he handed the championship with tears in his eyes showing his transformation and strong work. He receives a standing ovation from the crowd as confetti rains down as McIntyre poses on the top rope holding the title in one hand and raising it high as Lesnar and Heyman walk away in shame.
With that, that is how I would have booked WrestleMania 36 with a crowd and with a ton of buildup. Please comment what you thought and any future ideas you might have for me to book.
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2020.08.09 05:59 heels_r_us Monday Night Raw- Week 2: Champions vs Challengers

Live from
Show opens with RAW Women's Champion Asuka making her way to the ring. She has an air of confidence about her, and begins with footage of her match last week with Becky Lynch. She shows respect to her adversary, but reminds her that this was no fluke and Asuka is indeed better than The Man. Since last week went so well, she is going to up the ante and offer an open challenge to any woman in the locker room for a shot at her championship. Tegan Nox makes her way to the ring, accompanied by a referee, and our opening contest is set.
After the match concludes, The IIconics make their way out on stage and begin to taunt Tegan Nox, as Asuka helps her to her feet and out of the ring as a sign of respect. As Asuka holds the ring, Lacey Evans sneaks in and cheap shots her. Lacey stands tall with the Women's Championship in hand as RAW rolls on.
We come back to commercial to WWE Champion Drew McIntyre making his way to the ring. Now that he knows his challenger at SummerSlam, he can now begin to formulate a gameplan. He promises that this latest matchup will end the same as all of his previous defenses: with him standing tall. Buddy Murphy's music interrupts the champion, as the Best Kept Secret makes his way down to the ring. Murphy states that he defeated one champion last week, and he won't hesitate to defeat another one tonight. Before Drew can retort, Apollo Crews makes his way to the ring. Crews agrees that Murphy did beat him last week, but he won't be doing it again. The music of McIntyre's top contender hits, and Daniel Bryan emerges from the backstage area. As he makes his way to the ring, he dissects each of the three men in the ring, before stating that he is in fact the greatest professional wrestler the company has ever seen. Mick Foley interrupts them all before a brawl can ensue, and makes our main event of the evening: a Champions vs Challengers tag team match.
Baron Corbin comes out for commentary before the bell can ring. After the match ends, Riddle begins to celebrate in the ring after a quick and decisive victory over Shane Thorne. Corbin grabs a mic from ringside and says that Riddle has gotten lucky two weeks in a row. He challenges him to a match next week where Corbin can choose his challenger, and Riddle accepts.
Backstage, Charly Caruso alerts us that she had an interview with Lucha House Party planned, but during the commercial break, they were assaulted by 3 mysterious men. Cut back to ringside, and Michael Cole informs us that more details on the attack will come later on in the evening.
During the match, Miz and Morrison make their way to the stage with director's chairs and mics. As the match goes on, they begin to berate Ali, first on his looks, then on his in-ring skill. As Ali is about to put the match away, Morrison feigns a rush to ringside. Ali takes the bait and comes out of the ring to meet him. As Morrison cowers away and Ali comes back to the ring, he is met with a killer superkick into a Zig-Zag that seals the deal.
Miz and Morrison come to the ring to congratulate Ziggler, and Ziggler cuts a promo on Ali, stating that he is a much better wrestler than Ali will ever be. Miz, Morrison, and Ziggler make their alliance official, and walk off together.
Backstage, Charly Caruso is with Becky Lynch. Becky states that her return to RAW did not go as planned, but one loss does not define someone. She is going to bounce back strong. A snicker is heard off-screen, which catches Becky's attention. Becky looks towards the general direction of the laugh, and tells the person to meet her in the ring. Becky grabs her jacket, and puts it on as she walks to gorilla. Her music hits and The Man storms the ring with a purpose. She grabs a mic and starts screaming for her opponent to come on out.
As Becky throws the mic down, Nia Jax's theme hits. Nia makes her way to the ring accompanied by her tag team partner and mentor, Tamina.
After the match ends, and before we go to commercials, Cole states that the Grizzled Young Championship Celebration will be next.
Before the celebration begins, Cole gives us an update on Lucha House Party. All three members are hospitalized but in stable condition, and the staff backstage are working on seeing if they can identify any of the men in the footage of the attack.
Zack Gibson and James Drake make their way to the ring, their newly won RAW Tag Team Championships on their waists and huge smiles on their faces. Zack Gibson recites his trademark promo, stating that GYV are Liverpool's #1, and are now RAW's #1. The New Day interrupts, trailed by a somber Xavier Woods. Woods starts by apologizing to E and Kofi, who held it down while he was injured but he came back and cost them everything. GYV laugh and agree that Woods is a failure. Before E can retort, Woods gets in the face of Drake and challenges him to a match right this second. The champions decline, but Mick Foley catches them before they can leave and lets them know that the match is in fact on, and will be happening immediately.
After the match, Daniel Bryan looks visibly pleased with how Murphy performed, and the camera mic picks up Bryan telling Murphy to talk to him backstage.
Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring. Heyman calls for the footage of Lesnar returning last week and laying out Lashley with a pair of brutal F5's. Heyman says that they both know that the people have been begging for Lesnar vs Lashley, and now they oblige. On behalf of his client, Heyman challenges Lashley to a match at SummerSlam. Heyman then states that the match is going to be nowhere near as good as people hope, as Lesnar is taking Lashley to Suplex City. Before Heyman can finish the last part though, Bobby Lashley's music hits. As Lesnar and Heyman are both eyeing the entrance ramp, Lashley makes his way through the crowd and levels Lesnar with a vicious spear. He corners Heyman, then lets him leave. As Heyman goes to exit the ring, Lashley pulls him back in and pushes him down. As Heyman slowly gets up, Lashley backs up into a corner, then destroys Heyman with a spear. Lashley accepts their challenge, then stands tall as his music plays.
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2020.08.05 03:42 ImThatWrestlingGuy Weekly Report: Week 2 - 17/01/2020

Welcome back to the second instalment of the official FNW weekly report! Apex, Infinity, Pride, and REVOLT all delivered with some amazing matches and even championship clashes, as well as eerie vignettes, hard-hitting wars on the mic, and some defining promos, the intentions of many stars made clear, foreshadowing their next move. To start things off, let's take a look back at Apex Wrestling's second episode of Flashpoint, held at the Ralph Engelstad Arena.

Friday, January 17th, 2020

Apex Flashpoint II
Inaugural Apex Tag Team Champions Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa opened the show, dedicating their win at The Big Bang to their fans and declaring themselves as fighting champions, however, they were interrupted by the team of John Morrison and The Miz, and the champs challenged the pair to a match in the main event, their tag titles on the line.

Timothy Thatcher def. The OJMO to retain the Apex International Championship
After the match, Fabian Aichner and Axel Dieter Jr. made their way into the ring to attack The OJMO, and they stood tall alongside Thatcher, this new trio looking dominant over The OJMO's defeated self.

Scarlett Bordeaux is once again being filmed by a mysterious figure as she enters a supermarket. Is Bordeaux's safety at risk?

Becky Lynch def. Shotzi Blackheart to advance in the Apex Women's Championship Tournament
Pre-match, Becky Lynch cut a determined promo on her opponent and her notable absence on the card of The Big Bang, getting one step closer to the Women's Title she wasn't given a shot at.

We get an insight into the hard upbringing of Priscilla Kelly, and she sets her sights on the Women's Title at No Time To Die.

The Grizzled Young Veterans cut a scathing promo on their opponents for Flashpoint III, Heavy Machinery and The Anti Fun Police, however after the crowd made their hatred for the pair audible, Zack Gibson stormed backstage, a furious James Drake reiterating that they will be victorious over their competitors.

Chris Hero def. Royce Isaacs
Royce Isaacs original opponent, the Velveteen Dream, had been taken out backstage and was being treated to by medics, so Apex GM was forced to find someone to go one on one with Royce in Dream's place. That man was none other than Chris Hero, and he pinned Isaacs after a Gotch Style Piledriver. However, Hero wouldn't get the chance to celebrate his impromptu victory, being viciously submitted in the GuLock from behind by Drew Gulak, a sinister smile on the face of Hero's attacker.

DIY (c) def. The Miz and John Morrison to retain the Apex Tag Team Championship

Apex proved why they are considered the 'apex' of FNW once again here tonight with an exceptional episode of Flashpoint. We saw two fantastic championship matches in the form of Thatcher vs OJMO and DIY vs Miz and Morrison, as well as more intrigue leading into No Time To Die, with Becky Lynch defeating Shotzi Blackheart to advance in the Women's Championship Tournament. Chris Hero got to show off his incredible wrestling prowess, only to be attacked by Drew Gulak afterwards, and concern around Scarlett Bordeaux's safety continue to arise as eerie footage of her continues to be seen each week. Tune into Flashpoint next week for more exciting action!

PRIDE Wrestling #002
Daniel Bryan announces he will be holding an Open Challenge for his World Title next week, however, after unseen footage of the aftermath of PRIDE #001's Fatal 5-Way main event was shown, revealing KENTA and The Guerrillas of Destiny attacking Samoa Joe post-match, Daniel informed the crowd, and The Bullet Club, that no members of BC would be allowed to answer the challenge.

Hikaru Shida def. Tenille Dashwood to advance in the Pride Women's Championship Tournament

Mansoor is awkward as fuck, stating his intention to face Chris Jericho again following his embarrassing loss to The G.O.A.T, simultaneously creeping Kayla Braxton out and displaying his social ineptitude.

Roman Reigns reminds the crowd of his impressive win over Enzo Amore last week, before telling the crowd that he's got his eyes on Daniel Bryan's World Title.

The Street Profits def. SoCal Uncensored

Shelton Benjamin stakes his claim to the Intercontinental Title belt, the inaugural champion being crowned in a gauntlet at Pride's upcoming PPV Survival Of The Fittest.

Chad Gable def. TJ Perkins

KENTA and Jay White def. PAC and Minoru Suzuki
Bullet Club members Jay White and KENTA put away their Suzuki-gun adversaries in Pride's epic main event, fellow SG members Samoa Joe and Lance Archer standing across from Bullet Club's G.O.D, the 8 men having an intense staredown to end the show.

This was another thrilling show from Pride Wrestling as we find out more about what makes Pride thrive and outshine its competitors. Its extensive roster full of talent was displayed here tonight as we saw two of Pride's most dangerous factions go head to head in the main event. Bullet Club was represented by Jay White and KENTA, and opposite them were Suzuki-gun members PAC and Minoru Suzuki, who unfortunately fell victim to the vicious duo of White and KENTA. The show started off with a bang as Pride World Champion Daniel Bryan announced he would be holding an Open Challenge for his title next week, and that momentum was carried into the next match where we saw Hikaru Shida beat Tenille Dashwood to continue on in the Women's Championship Tournament. We also watched The Street Profits take down SCU in an electric tag bout, and Chad Gable defeated TJ Perkins before the main event. Once again, a super episode from Pride, and we can't wait for Episode 3!

Infinity Blackout II
Cody Rhodes def. Elias
Before the bout, Elias sang a lovely song for Cody, degrading his physical appearance as well as insulting the other 3 promotions' first shows, but he was silenced by Cody following a Bloody Sunday. Post-match, however, Rhodes bumped into Finn Balor on his way backstage, Finn pointing a finger gun to the chest of Cody as Rhodes made his way backstage, The Prince leaving soon after a confused Cody and Brandi left.

Oblivion Champion Darby Allin cut a promo next about his title win and his intention to hold onto the belt, but he was viciously attacked from behind by The Dead Rose Clique's Damian Priest, a baton shot to Darby and following Nightmare Arrow seeing Damian stand tall with Allin's belt.

Jeff Hardy and Hiromu Takahashi def. Finn Balor and Lio Rush

Bandido def. El Phantasmo via DQ
Taiji Ishimorii attacked Bandido with a chair after Bandido had the match won, and he and ELP beat down their foe, only for Bandido to be saved by none other than Juice Robinson! Juice, alongside the victor of the bout, stood tall, staring down The Ghost Soldiers from the ring.

Sonya Deville cut a fiery promo following his loss at the hands of Shayna Baszler last week, but she was interrupted and left laying by Alexa Bliss who nailed her with a DDT after a hard-hitting promo.

The War Raiders def. Private Party
After the match, the rest of Rogue Glory entered the ring, their leader Adam Cole preparing to cut a promo, but he was interrupted by The Limitless Keith Lee, who was soon joined by Bulletproof members AJ Styles, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Joey Janela, and the Infinity Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks, and the two factions met at ringside, brawling up onto the stage with Killian Dain wiping out everyone following a Cannonball. Left in the ring were Adam Cole and Keith Lee who were scheduled to have a match this week, and the same ref from The War Raiders vs Private Party quickly started the match.

Adam Cole def. Keith Lee

Riho def. Kay Lee Ray, Kris Statlander, and Sarah Logan to become the #1 Contender to the Infinity Women's Championship
Shayna Baszler joined Riho in the ring for a staredown ahead of their Women's Championship match next week.

Infinity Wrestling attempted to follow a critically acclaimed first show last week with Blackout II, and they delivered, giving their fanbase something to tune in for. After their encounter the previous episode, Cody Rhodes and Elias battled it out in a hot opener to start the show which saw Cody pick up the win over his guitar-strumming song-humming adversary. This seemed to be Rogue Glory's night, as Adam Cole handed Keith Lee a loss, only just before The War Raiders obliterated Private Party. The new Oblivion Champion Darby Allin was devastatingly attacked by The Archer of Infamy Damian Priest during his promo, but that DRC momentum wasn't carried into the next bout, with Hiromu Takahashi and Jeff Hardy defeating Lio Rush and Finn Balor in a fantastic Match of the Night. And in the main event, we saw Riho put away Sarah Logan, Kris Statlander, and Kay Lee Ray to secure her #1 Contendership for the Women's Title, sharing an intense staredown with champion Shayna Baszler in the ring to end the show, capping off another brilliant episode of Blackout!

Week 3 Preview

Apex Wrestling
This week on Flashpoint, the Apex Women's Champions Tournament continues, as the quarter-finals match of Dakota Kai vs Deonna Purrazzo is set to decide who will face the winner of Scarlett Bordeaux vs Priscilla Kelly on Episode 4, as well as the highly anticipated Triple Threat of Heavy Machinery vs Grizzled Young Veterans vs Anti Fun Police! Not to mention the epic clash of Jonah Rock vs Dominic Dijakovic, and in the main event, Mustafa Ali will take on a mystery opponent following Velveteen Dream's removal from the bout. And finally, Ember Moon will make her first appearance since The Big Bang; what will she have to say?

Infinity Wrestling
Blackout returns with a bang, as in the opening bout, the team of Juice Robinson and Bandido fight The Ghost Soldiers for the #1 Contendership to the Tag Titles! The Dead Rose Clique have 3 major matches tonight: Damian Priest takes on Jungle Boy, Lio Rush goes head to head with BUSHI, and we get the insane tag match of The Authors of Pain vs Moustache Mountain! Keith Lee continues his Open Challenge, and in the main event, Shayna Baszler defends her Infinity Women's Championship against Riho! All that and more this Friday!

Pride Wrestling
Pride will be continuing their momentum following a great Episode 2 as Daniel Bryan is set to hold an Open Challenge for his Pride Championship! With all members of Bullet Club banned from answering, who could we see go head to head with Bryan? Also on the show: Suzuki-Gun member Lance Archer takes on Bullet Club representative KENTA in what is going to be a stellar bout I can assure you, and The Sky Pirate Kairi Sane will step in the ring with Ruby Riott, both women looking for to get a win here in this high-profile bout. Make sure to tune in this week!

The Dirt Sheets

Pride Wrestling
  1. Rumours have come about that a high ranking stable member will answer Daniel Bryan's Open Challenge this week; could Bullet Club weave their way back into contention? Or will a member of Suzuki-Gun step up to the challenge? Or, is this all a ploy to direct our attention elsewhere on the roster...
  2. After days upon days of medical attention and suffering following his brutal one-sided affair versus Roman Reigns, Enzo Amore has come off life support. We wish him all the very best in his return to Pride (if he survives).

Infinity Wrestling
  1. Many names in Infinity are apparently on the way out of the company, with trades being made between other promotions; some names coming up frequently in reports being: Hiromu Takahashi, Jurassic Express, El Phantasmo, and most surprisingly, Keith Lee. Another detail to note is the lack of Taiji Ishimorii, his tag partner, unfortunately, leaving Infinity if these reports are correct.
  2. WALTER suffered an injury on Night 2 of New Dawn when he battled Keith Lee, it is unknown the specifications and severity of the damage but we are to believe it came when he was hit with a Supernova on the apron, his shoulder significantly bruised afterwards.
  3. A potential new show for Infinity Wrestling has been talked about backstage: it would be the home of a major 3-tournament event coming up, but it is uncertain whether the show will continue after the 3 tournaments end.

Apex Wrestling
  1. Apex has expressed interest in a few free agents for signing later in the year, among those names are Kenny King, Tam Nakano, Laredo Kid, and many more.
  2. No Time To Die’s card is practically set in stone, and the Women’s Championship match is likely to main event the show.
  3. Management was impressed by Royce Isaacs’ performance in Flashpoint II, and he reportedly might be in line for a push, with many believing he was there as enhancement talent. This has definitely come as a surprise, however, time will only tell. Tune in to Flashpoint weekly to see what Isaacs does next!

And that's it! Another amazing and close week of the Friday Night Wars; make sure to tune in next week for more action as we're set for some more great shows!
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2020.08.03 00:54 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010's. Part 26/1

Chapter 26
Wrestlemania 28
Raw is on the night after Elimination Chamber, and we hear some unfamiliar music, we hear a song called the Cult of Personality, and we see CM Punk come out with the WWE Championship, he grabs a mic and he says that months ago at Money in the Bank he put Sting to sleep and he walked out with the WWE Championship. Punk says he did this, because he nor some of the other talent was getting the respect that they deserved. Punk says that walking out with the Championship was a message not only from him, but the talent that was being held down for the likes of Triple H, Sting, and Kevin Nash. Punk then says that he is the Voice of the Voiceless. And then he looks around at the crowd and he asks them all if they are wondering why he is back in WWE, Punk says two reasons, the first one is simple, Punk tells the audience that WWE has started to do better with their talent, they have started to actually use their talent, Punk says that it is a far cry from when he left, it is a far cry from Vince McMahon, Punk then says that quite frankly if Vince was still in charge, then he likely would just quit. Punk says that the fact that Rock is still in the main event of Wrestlemania instead of him still makes him sick of course, but Punk says that this one year, he will let that slide, because he feels like all the talent that needs a push is getting a push. Punk says to the audience to look at people like Cody Rhodes, Tyler Reks, Wade Barrett. Punk says that if Vince were in charge those men would have been released, because Vince was out of touch. Punk says that a few more guys to get cut would have likely been super talented guys like Justin Gabriel, John Morrison, and Drew McIntyre. Punk pauses for a minute and he smiles, he says that brings him to his second reason, the Royal Rumble winner himself, Drew McIntyre. Punk says that he has watched McIntyre and he has grown respect for him, he heard what he said, Punk says that he saw Drew not only speak out against Nash and Triple H, but Punk watched him put those men down. Punk says that Drew took control of Raw in his absence, and a lot of what he said stuck with Punk, Punk said that Drew reminded him of himself. And then Drew won the Rumble, and Punk was content staying in TNA and New Japan for a bit longer, but Drew called him out, and with the respect that Punk had gained for Drew, how could he not answer that challenge, so here he is. Punk says that at Wrestlemania 28, it will be CM Punk vs Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. Drew comes out and he grabs a mic, he tells Punk that he is glad that he is back in WWE finally, Drew says that he hopes Punk enjoyed defending his title in the minor leagues, Drew says that now Punk is going to have to deal with the biggest challenge of his career. Drew says that he is going to kick Punk's head off, and he is going to take that WWE Championship from him. Punk says that he sure believes McIntyre, Punk says that Drew is good, for sure, but for Punk he treats every match like the biggest challenge of his career, he says to Drew that maybe he will kick his head off, but he will not take this WWE championship. Drew then tells Punk that we will see about that and he leaves. Punk tells him that we will see, and Punk says that he hopes Drew doesn’t bitch too much after he wakes up from his nap in the ring. Punk then leaves the ring. We see a graphic that the Rock will be appearing on Raw tonight. Next up we see Sting come out, he grabs a mic and he says that last night, he went bell to bell in the Elimination Chamber match, and he lost. Sting then says that at the Royal Rumble, he competed in the Rumble match, he broke the record for longest time in the Rumble, and he went bell to bell, but he lost. Sting says that he worked hard at those matches, and last night at Elimination Chamber Sting noticed someone else with the same tenacity as him. Sting watched Cody Rhodes successfully defend the Intercontenital Championship against one of the most brutal and animalistic competitors Sting has ever seen, Tyler Reks, in a brutal Falls Count Anywhere Iron Man match. Sting says that he has never held the Intercontenintal Championship before, and he has never faced the grandson of a plumber before, but with the tenacity that Cody has shown, and the tenacity that Sting has shown, Sting believes that the two men can burn the house down in a match. Sting says that Cody is not here tonight, but he wants to throw down the challenge before anyone else does. Sting says that at Wrestlemania 28, he wants Cody Rhodes in a match for the Intercontenintal Championship. Sting then leaves the ring. Next up we have AJ Lee come out, she says that last night the Chamber was almost too much for her, she says that she can’t believe how tough it was, but still she eliminated not one, but two women in that match, and she went on to win the whole thing. It’s just that after the match, she was attacked, and by not just anyone, but by Michelle McCool, the woman who dominated 2010. AJ says that if she wants a shot at the title then that is just fine, but she demands to know why she attacked her. AJ leaves the ring. Tyler Reks comes out next, he is enraged, he is yelling into the mic, he says that it should be Sting vs him at Wrestlemania, and he demands that Kevin Nash come out here and grant him the Intercontenintal Championship, since last night, he should have won, if it went into sudden death, he would have won the title. Kevin Nash is not coming out, and Reks keeps yelling at the top of his lungs. Then we hear a gong, and the lights go out, we hear another gong, and the lights come back on to reveal Tyler Reks laying in the ring, unconscious. Finally we see the Rock come out to the ring. Rock grabs a mic and asks everyone how they are doing tonight. Rock says that he wants to clear a few things up. One is that he was getting tired of hearing his name come from John Cena’s mouth every single week, he just wanted to shut Cena up, that is the real reason he came to Survivor Series, Rock says he didn’t care about Randy Orton, they had their issues eight years ago. But he did get the chance to send a message to John Cena. Rock says that the Royal Rumble was different, he just wanted to screw with Cena and give him a taste of his own medicine, Rock says that he remembered seeing Cena do something similar on Smackdown that cost Wade Barrett a few months of his career. Rock then goes onto Elimination Chamber, he says that he did what he did last night simpily because he wanted Cena one on one, Rock says that sure, it would be an honor to be in the same ring as Justin Gabriel, but it just isn’t about that, Rock says for years he has wanted to get his hands on Cena, and now he finally has the chance. Rock says that a third person would only get in the way, he doesn’t want that, he wants his full attention on John Cena, and he wants Cena to have his full attention on the Rock. John Cena then comes out, he tells the Rock that Rock has his full attention, but he tells the Rock to be careful what he wishes for, because now Cena plans on making sure the Rock never comes back to WWE or Hollywood, Cena says that now he plans on putting Rock in a wheelchair. The Rock grabs his mic, and he says that Cena finally understands how the Rock feels about him. Rock says that years ago Cena took shots at the Rock for leaving WWE for Hollywood, Rock says that Cena said he didn’t care about the fans. Rock says that couldn’t be farther from the truth, he loves these people, he says that if it wasn’t for them, he would have nothing, the Rock says he would be nothing. Rock says that he owes these people everything. Rock then says that Cena tried to turn these people on the Rock, and that made the Rock want to do more than just put Cena in a wheelchair, Rock says that he wanted to snap Cenas neck and put him in the ground for that. Rock says that Cena has called this the biggest match of his life at Wrestlemania, Rock says that he is damn right about that. Rock then says that it is not only his biggest match as well, but it is his only match, he has fought Austin and Hogan before, but right now, all he can see is John Cena, and at Wrestlemania, he is going to put Cena down for good. Rock then leaves Cena in the ring, and Raw goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and the first person we see is Jusin Gabriel he grabs a mic, he says that at Elimination Chamber he won the right to become number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania, he finally did it. Gabriel says that he has never felt a bigger moment of joy in his life, he says that he celebrated for hours, and he called Teddy Long to thank him, he then called a few other people to thank them for helping him as well, he called Heath Slater, he called Ryback, he called David Otunga, and then he went to call his former leader, Wade Barrett, and that is when it hit him, Justin Gabriel says that at Wrestlemania it will be him vs Wade Barrett for the World Heavyweight Championship. Gabriel says that he still wants to thank Wade for helping him out and getting him to where he needs to go, he says that Wade got him a shot at the US title, and look how far that got Justin. Gabriel says thank you, and then he says that at Wrestlemania, even though Barrett is almost like a father figure to him, he will give it his all. Gabriel says that he did not come this far just to lose the biggest fight of his life. Wade Barrett comes out, and he looks at Justin Gabriel, he says to Justin that he is happy for him, and he says that Justin right behind him was always the most talented member of the Nexus, but that is the thing, he may have been talented, but he was always behind Wade Barrett, he was always led by Wade Barrett. Barrett says that there's a reason for this and that reason is because Wade was always meant to be World Champion, Justin would be US Champion at best, and Wade says that he was, he was one of the best, but the fact of the matter is, is that, Gabriel is not ready for what is coming to him at Wrestlemania, Wade says that last year, he almost beat the Undertaker, this year, Gabriel will be no problem. Wade then walks away, but Gabriel says to him that he better stop thinkting that way, or Wrestlemania will be too easy. Barrett turns to look at Gabriel. Justin says that Wade just does not understand. Gabriel says that he doesn’t want his friend in that ring, he doesn’t want his leader in that ring, and he certainly does not want some overly pompous asshole in that ring. Gabriel says that he wants the Wade Barrett in that ring. Wade looks confused. Gabriel says that he wants the Wade Barrett that nearly took Randy Ortons head off, he wants the Wade Barrett that led Nexus until they dethroned John Cena and took their place on top with Barrett at the helm. Justin says that he wants the ame Wade Barrett that the Undertaker got. Barrett tells Gabriel to be careful what he wishes for. Next up we see Teddy Long come out and he says that over the next couple weeks, Smackdown will hold a tournament to decide who faces off against Chris Masters at Wrestlemania for the US Championship, he says that tonight we will have Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio, next week we will have Kaval vs Rey Mysterio, and in two weeks the winners of those matches will meet up to decide who challenges Chris Masters. Next up we see Miz and Riley come out, and they brag about how they defeated that fat slob, the Big Show. Miz continues to make fun of Big Show and call him worthless until he comes out, Big Show says that he has a proposition for Miz, Miz asks what it is, and Big Show says that he has to admit, Miz and Riley are really good in the ring together, they deserve to be Tag Team Champions, but Big Show wants to kick their asses and take their titles still, so he proposes that if he finds a partner, they face off against the Miz and Alex Riley for the Tag Team titles at Wrestlemania. Miz laughs at Big Show and so does Riley. Miz says that if Big Show can find a partner, which he doubts, then they can face them at Wrestlemania. Big Show thanks the both of them and he walks to the back. Next up we see Randy Orton come out, he says that it is outrageous that he does not have a spot at Wrestlemania, he says that thi year, he was Mr Money in the Bank, he won the World Heavyweight Championship, and he put three different men on the shelf this year, Randy says that he guesses that he is far to dangerous in this ring, and no one wants to be around him. Randy says that normally that would be fine, but this is Wrestlemania and he demands a challenge to come forward. Randy then leaves the ring. Next up is our main event of the evening and it is Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio. These two men go at it for a bit, before Del Rio gets the CrossArmbreaker locked in. Jericho however is able to get to the ropes, Jericho then hits the Codebreaker, but Del Rio kicks out. Jericho wastes no time and he immediately goes for the LionTamer, he locks it in and Del Rio taps out. Jericho moves on to the finals in two weeks. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next and we start out with John Cena coming out, he grabs a mic and he says that what the Rock said last week was more than powerful, but it was all a lie. Cena looks at the crowd and he tells them that it was, he says that the Rock calls himself the most electrifying man in all of entertainment, Cena says that he can manipulate the crowd with ease, and that is what he did last week. Cena says that if no one believes him, then look at it this way, he went to Hollywood because he was able to make more money, the only reason he came back last year, is because he was going to make huge money at Wrestlemania, and he did. Cena says that the Rock made far more last year than anyone else, and this year it will be the same, the Rock will not only be making more than John Cena, but he will be making more than CM Punk, Drew McIntyre, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, and all the rest. Cena looks at the crowd, and he says that the Rock is a liar, Cena then says that he cares very much about the crowd, that is why he is here constantly, busting his ass for the WWE Universe. Cena says that at Wrestlemania he will bust his ass harder than ever before, and he will leave the Rock a broken mess in the ring. Cena looks at the camera and he says at Wrestlemania all the Rock needs to do is to just bring it. Cena throws down his mic and he leaves the ring. Next up we see Sheamus come out, and he says that this whole year he has failed, he says that he is th Celtic Warrior, and he should be World Champion, but he isn’t. Sheamus says that he lost the Royal Rumble, he says that he lost to Sting, John Cena, and a lot of other people. Sheamus says that he wants to change all of that, and he wants to start out at Wrestlemania, so Sheamus says if anyone wants to feel the might of the Brogue Kick then come out and answer his challenge. Daniel Bryan comes out and he goes to the ring, he grabs a mic, and he says that he feels the same way Sheamus does. Daniel says that he has lost a lot of big matches this year as well, and he too wants to turn it around at Wrestlemania. Daniel says that he accepts Sheamus’ challenge. Daniel extends his hand to Sheamus, and Sheamus laughs at Daniel, and he thanks Daniel for making it easy on him, he then says that he will see the little fella at Wrestlemania. Sheamus then leaves the ring laughing. Next up we have AJ Lee come out againa nd she grabs her mic and she says that she is still waiting on an answer from Michelle McCool, and this week, she is not leaving until she gets one. Kevin Nash then comes out, and he says to AJ that Michelle is not here this week, but she has heard AJ pleas, and next week on Raw, Michelle McCool will be in the building to speak about her actions against AJ Lee. Kevin then walks to the back and AJ looks happy with this answer. Next up we have Cody Rhodes come out, and he says that he was too badly hurt to appear on Raw last week, he says that he is still hurt, but he can at least move, and as for tonight he wanted to be here live, because he has a challenge to answer, and that challenge is Sting’s challenge for the Intercontenintal Championship at Wrestlemania. Cody says that Sting is an absolute Icon of the business, he says that Sting was the best to ever come from WCW, and on top of that, he is a multi time World Champion. Cody says that facing Sting would be an absolute honor, and to face Sting at Wrestlemania would be a dream come true, Cody says that it is no question, he accepts Sting's challenge, and he looks forward to defeating one of the best to ever step inside of the ring. Cody then leaves the ring. Next up we see Tyler Reks come out, and he grabs a mic, and he is laughing, he says that last week was a shock, he wasn’t expecting what he got, he wasn’t expecting the Undertaker, but that is what he got. Reks says that now Wrestlemania is just around the corner, and he feels like he has been chosen to be Undertaker's Wrestlemania opponent. Reks says that if the Undertaker wants to put his streak on the line against Tyler Reks, then fine, Reks says that he will take pleasure in destroying the Undertaker and breaking the streak. Reks then says that hopefully Undertaker shows his face soon and makes it official. Reks drops the mic and he leaves the Ring. Finally we see Drew McIntyre come to the ring and he grabs his mic, he says that finally CM Punk showed back up, and finally he accepted his challenge to a match for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. Drew says that no matter how good and how determined CM Punk thinks he is, he does not stand a chance at Wrestlemania. Drew says that Punk has wasted months in the minor leagues, and he has really lowered himself, now to go from that to facing off against one of the most dominant superstars in the World, Drew says that Punk will not stand a chance. CM Punk then comes out and goes down to the ring. Punk says that what Drew calls the Minor Leagues, Punk calls a gold mine. Punk says that those are the superstars of the future, and they are also some of the best superstars in the World, just like in WWE, Punk says that WWE also has some of the best superstars in the world, and those stars are who CM Punk has been fighting for. Punk then says that Drew is one of the best superstars in the world, but he has to learn his place, because he is just one of the best in the world, at Wrestlemania, Punk says that Drew will be going head to head with the absolute best in the world, and he is going to be put in his place by the best in the world. Punk looks at Drew, who is getting upset. Punk asks Drew if he wants to kick him in the head, Drew says that he would. Punk tells him to go ahead and try it. Drew says that he will save it for Wrestlemania, and he starts to walk away, but he quickly turns and goes for a Claymore Kick, but Punk ducks it, and Drew hits the ground, he gets up, and Punk picks him up for the GTS, but Drew escapes, and he rolls out of the ring. Punk tells Drew that he was this close to getting him. Drew looks furious as he storms off. Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown then comes up next and we see a graphic for our main event between Kaval and Rey Mysterio, but first we see Randy Orton come out, he says that he has waited long enough, he demands that his Wrestlemania opponent show his face right now. We then hear the music of the returning Christian. Christian walks down to the ring and Orton asks him if he is still supposed to be on the shelf. Christian says that yes he is, but he came back tonight because he just wants to say one thing, and that is that a couple months back Orton punted him in the head, and took him out, for no other reason than to send a message. Christian said if it was anyone else, then maybe Randy would have gotten away with it, but seeing as how Randy is out here demanding a Wrestlemania match, that just simply is not going to happen, Christian says that by Wrestlemania he will be one hundred percent, and he says that he wants Orton one on one in a no DQ match. Orton says that is okay, as long as he gets a match at Wrestlemania. But Orton says that he will not be held accountable for what he does to Christian at Wrestlemania. Christian says that neither will he. Next up we have Big Show in the backstage area talking to Alberto Del Rio, and he says that he doesn’t like Del Rio that much, but he needs a partner for Wrestlemania. Del Rio says that Wrestlemania sounds great, but he doesn’t want to go there just to lose because of the Big Show. Del Rio tells Show to face it, Miz is right and he is worthless. Del Rio then walks away. Big Show seems a little flustered. Next we see Big Show again and he is talking to Khali, the only thing is, Khali doesn’t understand what Big Show is saying, and no one is able to translate, so Khali walks away. Big Show is getting more and more upset. Next up we see Wade Barrett walk out to the ring, and he grabs a microphone, he speaks into it and he says that he is kind of looking forward to Wrestlemania, not because he gets to face off against Justin Gabriel, but because ever since he got kicked in the head by Orton he feels like no one has kept their respect for him. Barrett says that everyone needs to remember that no one has ever been able to take the World Championship from him, clean, not Cena, not Orton, not Big Show, not Christian, not anyone. The only person able to beat Wade clean was the Undertaker at last year's Wrestlemania and even then, he did not take the title from Barrett, but even that helps Wades case, because Undertaker is the greatest Wrestlemania performer ever in WWE history, and after the match, he needed to be carted out, and what happened the next month? Wade put him on the shelf and took the World Heavyweight Championship anyway. Wade says that Justin is very talented, but compare their two resumes, and whose truly looks better? Barrett says come Wrestlemania he will knock the head off of Justin Gabriel and he will retain his World Heavyweight Championship, and he will gain back any sort of respect that he has lost. Wade drops the mic and he walks to the back. Next up we see Big Show again and he is talking to Finlay, he says that he has tlaked to just about everyone and no one wants to join him at Wrestlemania, Big Show then asks Finlay if he would join him. Finlay laughs and he says to take on Miz and Riley? Finlay asks Big Show what the point is, Finlay says that it will be a slaughter at Wrestlemania, and he refuses to work with that idea, the answer is a no. Big Show looks disheartened, until he looks off in the distance, he says to this person that he thought he would have no chance of partnering with him at Wrestlemania. Big Show then walks off. Finally we have our main event of Kaval vs Rey Mysterio. This is a very fast paced match, and these two men fight it out for a very long time, eventually Rey hits the 619, but Kaval rolls out of the way of the splash, he then gets on the top rope and he hits the Warriors Way for the win. After the match we see a graphic that says that next week we will see Chris Jericho vs Kaval in the finals. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next and we start it out by seeing Michelle McCool come to the ring, she says that she is willing to explain her actions from Elimination Chamber, tonight. Michelle says that from 2009 to 2011, she ruled the Women’s division, she said that no one could take her title from her, except for the Woman she had by her side for a long time, Layla. Michelle says that she was too naive to realize that keeping Lalya so close for so long would be her downfall, but it was, and she learned something from that, but what she never learned, was why after she said I Quit, way back at Over the Limit did everyone forget about her? Michelle says that yes Kaitlyn came in, sure and everyone likes a shiny new toy, so Michelle was able to get past that, then AJ came in, and once again, everyone likes a shiny new toy, so she was able to forgive that, but then the year went on, and she saw AJ fight Trish Stratus. Michelle said that made her a bit jealous, because from the time she ruled over the division, she never once got an opportunity like that, and then it seemed like everyone wanted to fight AJ, such as Mickie James and Gail Kim. Michelle says that yes people did want to face her, but only for her title, she says that everyone wanted to face AJ because it seemed like they all wanted to see how they stacked up to AJ. Michelle says that she never once got such treatment, and to her that was unfair. And on top of all that Michelle says that she cannot believe AJ is taking credit for changing the Womens division, she says it is sick, Michelle says that she is truly the one to change the division. Michelle asks anyone if they remember the Divas Championship. Michelle says that she tossed it away like the garbage it was, she asks if anyone remembers her battles with Layla and Eve, she says that she was the first Woman to main event a Pay Per View, and she led Women inside Hell in a Cell. Michelle says that something caused her to snap, and it was a combination of all these things, that is why she attacked AJ Lee at Elimination Chamber. AJ comes out next and she grabs a mic, she looks at Michelle and she asks her if she is serious, she tells Michelle that she knows what she did for the Women in WWE, but the thing is, is that, yes Michelle did all of those things, but the fact of the matter is, is that AJ treats her opponents like actual people, AJ asks Michelle if she remembers piggy James? AJ says that is the reason that Michelle never got as much respect as AJ. AJ then says that unlike Michelle, she would challenge women to fight her for the Women’s title, as to where Michelle would bully the opponents that were either picked for her, or earned a number one contenders spot, and when Michelles opponents were too tough for her, she would cheat to win, because she is a coward. Michelle gets upset with this, and she cannot believe that she was just called a coward, she says to AJ that if she is a coward, how about the two fight each other at Wrestlemania for the Womens Championship. AJ says that she thought Michelle would never ask, AJ then tells Michelle that she is on. Next up we see Daniel Bryan come out and he says that last week was a humiliation, he says that he wanted to fight Sheamus in a friendly competition, but Sheamus had to do what he did last week. Daniel says that it is now personal and at Wrestlemania 28, he will go for nothing less than to make Sheamus tap out, and feel the humiliation that Daniel Bryan did last week. Next up we see John Cena in the back, he is asked how he is feeling about Wrestlemania, Cena says that he is feeling good, he says that at Wrestlemania he has no chance of losing that match, and he wonders how the Rock is doing sitting on his ass at home watching this. Cena is then told that ironically enough, the Rock is going to be onRaw live next week, to talk about what Cena said last week. John Cena then says that he looks forward to it, and he walks off. Next up we see Tyler Reks come out, and he grabs a mic, he asks where the Undertaker is at, he says that he is waiting for the lights to go out and the Deadman to appear in front of him. Tyler waits for a minute, and he says that is exactly what he thought, the Undertaker is a true coward, Reks says that Undertaker thought about fighting him at Wrestlemania, but changed his mind because he saw what Tyler is capable of. Kevin Nash then comes out and he says to Tyler that he has just gotten word that next week live on Raw the Undertaker will be in the building to confront Tyler Reks. Reks laughs at this and he tells Nash that he will be waiting. Next up we see Sting in the back and he says that he heard Cody last week, and he looks forward to Wrestlemania, but he says that he cannot believe that Cody just thinks that he is going to beat him so easily at Wrestlemania, Sting reminds Cody of sixty three minutes. Sting says he on the other hand knows that it will not be so easy, but he will beat Cody and become the new Intercontenintal Champion. Sting then walks away. Finally we get to see CM Punk in his return match to WWE, he is taking on Jack Swagger. Punk looks great in this match, he taught Swagger throughout the match and he continues to outmanevre him, until he gets Swagger in the Anaconda Vice and makes him tap out. After the match Punk is hit hard by a surprise Claymore Kick by Drew McIntyre. Drew stands tall over Punk to close out the show.
Smackdown is up next and we start out by seeing Miz and Riley come out, and they make fun of the Big Show, they say that old slob cannot seem to find a partner. Miz says that is no surprise, who wants Big Show as a partner anymore. Miz says that he made that mistake once, and so did Chris Jericho, and look what happened the Big Shows empty head ended up costing them the Tag Team titles. Miz then looks at Riley, and he says now, he has actually found a good partner, and look, they have dominated the Tag Team scene this year, they even put a whooping on the Big Show. Miz then says that anyone who wants a shot at the titles can come out now and stake their claim. Big Show comes out, and Miz and Riley roll their eyes. Big Show comes out and he tells Miz to calm down for a second and hold up, because Big Show says that he has a partner after all. Miz asks Show who it is. Big Show tells Miz that he will not find that out now, instead, next week, they will have a contract signing for their match at Wrestlemania. Miz says that it is just some ploy to get the Big Show another Handicap match for the Championships, but whatever. Miz says that it is fine, and that he will see the Big Show next week. Big Show says thank you to Miz and he walks to the back. Next up we have Christian in a match with Alberto Del Rio. Both men fight well, but Christian is able to hit the Killswitch on Alberto Del Rio and win the match. Afterwards, Randy Orton tries to RKO Christian but he gets hit with a Killswitch as well, and Christian is able to walk away from the ring. Next up we have Justin Gabriel come out and he grabs a mic, he takes asecond before he speaks, but he ends up saying that he hopes that everyone doesn’t get the feeling that him and Wade Barrett are mortal enemies. Gabriel says that they love each other, they came up together, in fact Gabriel asks the crowd if he can take them back a little bit to NXT season one, he says that him and Barrett both worked hard in that show, and they were both disrespected in that show, but needless to say, they earned that respect later on, when Wade led Gabriel and the Nexus to great success. Gabriel says he respects Wade; he thinks he will one day be a hall of famer for sure. He once again thanks Wade for getting him that US title shot so long ago, because without that, he would be nowhere. Gabriel says to the audience, that both him and Wade are extremely competitive, and though they are friends, maybe even brothers, at Wrestlemania they will fight like they are years long enemies. Gabriel then leaves the ring. Finally our main event is Chris Jericho vs Kaval. This match is a good one, Jericho gets beat up pretty bad, and he gets hit with the Warriors way, but he kicks out and he keeps on coming, soon after he is able to hit Kaval with the Codebreaker and pin him for the win. Jericho is victorious, and after the match Chris Masters stands atop the stage and holds up his US title, while he smirks at Jericho. Smackdown then goes off the air.
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    9. [Lacan and Social Media] Someone posted one of my videos here, and it got a bit of traction. I think yous are the intended audience for this new one. (94 points, 30 comments)
    10. This may be preaching to the choir, but postmodern theory and Marxism are not the same... (a quick video ft. Baudrillard's Mirror of Production) (76 points, 16 comments)
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    1. There is an intentional lack of public, social meeting spots that don't encourage (or require) consumption in modern cities. This is why we need to bring back public forums. (249 points, 24 comments)
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    3. Veganism as colonialism: this is not an attack on Veganism as a response to industrial practices but a response to aspects of popular vegan culture that criticize indigenous peoples. (159 points, 33 comments)
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    1. The University of the West of England (UWE) is dropping their philosophy course. The is where the first conference on speculative realism was held, and the philosophy course is run by Iain Hamilton Grant for those of you who know him. Please sign this petition to save it if you can. (289 points, 24 comments)
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    1. I made a video as an introduction to Felix Guattari's independent analysis of fascism and capitalism. (236 points, 24 comments)
    2. I made a video on Deleuze and Guattari's "Of the Refrain", from A Thousand Plateaus, In it I explain exactly how deterritorialization functions and the relations of milieus, codes, territories, and assemblages. This is an amazing text to look into the heart of D+G's projects. (169 points, 8 comments)
    3. I made a video on preliminary readings for Deleuze and Guattari with particular attention given to Guattarian influences outside of the classical triad (Spinoza, Nietzsche, Bergson) (142 points, 4 comments)
    4. I made this video to elucidate some points of the last chapter of Anti-Oedipus. This is the first of two parts. I hope you all enjoy and I would greatly appreciate feedback. (77 points, 3 comments)
    5. My Guattari Reading Group will be reading Virilio’s Popular Defense & Ecological Struggles starting this weekend. (66 points, 5 comments)
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  1. Martin Scorsese criticizes commodification of modern Marvel movies 'Scorsese boils the films down to assembly-line narratives that are “market-researched, audience-tested, vetted, modified, revetted, and remodified until they're ready for consumption"... by t0p9 (632 points, 73 comments)
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  1. 209 points: VexidVoice58's comment in Highly educated white urbanites tend to perceive more racism against minorities than most minorities report experiencing. Rather than actually meaningfully empowering people of color, efforts often seem to be to consolidate social capital in the hands of the ‘good’ whites.
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2020.07.18 18:16 thomaswayne93 The Snap

I wrote this last year and only found it again now. Not a native speaker of the language and there are some autocorrect mistakes here and there, but it was still a good read. Story involves three franchises: Marvel’s Infinity War movie reference (the snap), Fallout 4 Characters and Overwatch characters.
Sorry about formatting, I’m on phone. Well, enjoy, and let me know if you guys found it interesting.
The Snap
Overwatch (alternate) universe Time: afternoon, during an op Locale: King’s Row
OW Main Snap Story
It was a normal day with another normal op Overwatch was running. Talon’s attempts at stealing government tech had once again been foiled by the good guys. Gabriel “Reaper” Reyes calls for sniper assistance but his call falls on deaf ears. Annoyed, Reyes looks at Widowmaker’s last known location and sees that she’s missing, but her weapon lays there, on the edge of the building.
“Gabriel,” a raspy croaking voice startled Reaper as he find James Morrison, he’s old partner in arms, and now his sworn enemy dropping his weapon and looking at his hands, fading into dust, “what are you-?” Soldier 76 attempts to ask as he falls into a pool of dust.
In another corner of the conflict, D.Va’s mech crashes into a building, prompting a concerned Fareeha Amari to investigate what happened to Hana Song, the pilot of the mech suit; as she investigates the wreckage of the mech suit she found no evidence of Song’s body in the suit itself, proceeding to call out Hana’s name in search of her. As her mother, Ana Amari, had finally reached the wreckage, Fareeha begins to lose feeling in her one good hand, staring in bewilderment at it, then staring at her mother calling out for her as she vanishes in front of her. Ana Amari drops her rifle and stumbles over to the trail of dust that her daughter has left behind, screaming her daughter’s name and shuffling through the dust, her sense of loss brought on to her by previous events in her life resurfacing now as she saw her daughter disappear into thin air.
“Something’s wrong,” a vigilant Reinhardt is heard affirming into the cold King’s Row air, “Torbjörn, something’s wro-“ he stops mid sentence as he finds his friend’s turret operating by itself, dust trailing off its hydraulic powered steel frame, his friend no where in sight.
Bridgette, Torbjörn’s daughter walks into the area, her face gleaming from just tearing open Talon soldiers ranks like they were nothing with her mace and shield, spouts out on top of her longs, “Reinhardt, today’s battle is glorious, is it not?” Bridgette stops her pace, “Reinhardt, where’s Torbjörn?”
Reinhardt couldn’t speak; his friend whom he had known his whole life had suddenly ceased to exist.
“Reinhardt?” Bridgette begged, her body freezing at the sight of the lone turret. Winston watched on in horror as not just his teammates but also civilians were vanishing into thin air; he looked over to Lena Oxton and understood her expression of panic.
“Lena-“ he began, but she raced off into the crowd, making Winston lose track of her easily. He watched his teammates and his foes fall into distress, not knowing of what was going on, Reinhardt and Bridgette stared in silence at the turret, Ana Amari on her knees still screaming her daughter’s name, even Talon’s new cowgirl recruit Ashe had left behind a distressed omnic that tried to pick up her dust. Reyes’ met Winston’s and they both understood, that the time for their squabbles had to be put on hold.
OW Side Stories
Zarya [Russia] (dusted) tracking Sombra’s latest activity, gets distracted by the snap, tries to save people only to ultimately fail.
Olivia “Sombra” Colomar [London] (dusted) was running tactical for Reaper’s team while keeping an eye on other ops throughout the world, when notices that other Talon assets (Doomfist, Moira) were vanishing off street camera surveillance; when she tries to warn Reaper, she ends up vanishing too.
Mei-Ling Zhou aka “Mei” [Artic Circle] (frozen) had joined a new expedition to the Artic Circle - learning from her past mistakes, she knew how to acoid a second disaster. After spending a day brainstorming and working on hardware with the rest of the scientists in the hub, she felt satisfied, but not for long, as the people in the common area started vanishing, starting with the person who she was speaking to; not having enough information and not knowing whether or not she was going to vanish next, she ran into the familiar, hated cryo pod she once was frozen in, and froze herself once more.
Zenyatta meditating at temple, notices a disturbance in the world, vanishes.
Hanzo & Genji are attempting to settle their differences, playing a game of pai sho (Japanese chess, find out later) and drinking tea when Genji vanishes. Hanzo attempts to contact Mercy when she yells that people are screaming then suddenly everything goes silent on her end. Hanzo gets up and understands his new mission; find out who did this.
Emily’s (Tracer’s girlfriend) apartment is shrouded in darkness, the door to the apartment open with the light from the hall invading the apartment. Tracer speeds into the door frame and sees that her girlfriend is gone, looks down biting her lip and speeds off.
Orisa is seen powered off as screams of panic echoe through the window; a little bit of dust flies onto her lifeless frame.
Bastion is seen in a field of grass, enjoying the silence of nature. He relaxes.
Junkrat & Roadhog are seen breaking out of a bank in Sydney, as they ride off laughing at their good fortune, the motorcycle slows down to a halt, and Roadhog stops being a lookout to see that in his partner’s place, there’s only dust left.
News reports big name peace fighters such as Symmetra and Lúcio have been reported missing. McCree is seen drinking his coffee in the background; lights a smoke, gets up, and walks off frame; throws a coin onto the table to pay for his coffee.
Fallout 4 (alternate) universe Time: 2293 (five years after events of Fallout 4) Locale: Sanctuary Hills
Another sunny day in the commonwealth, Nathan looked up at the sky as he waited for Sturges to pick a hand.
“Come on, Sturges, you know I’m gonna win anyways!” Nathan blabbed, confident in his dealt hand.
“It would pay to be a bit more humble, some would say...” Nick Valentine said, smoking his cigarette through his synthetic lips, void from ever getting seriously sick from any kind of cancer.
“Alright, alright, hold it, I think I got this,” Sturges said, annoyed at the pressure, and throwing his card out, hesitantly.
“It’s a good hand,” Preston Garvey said, “might have a chance at winning this-“ Nathan placed his cards down on the table gently and smiled coyly.
“Damn,” Preston remarked.
“Lucky ass,” Valentine smirked, placing his cards down in defeat and tipping his hat over his face, shielding himself from the sun.
“Oh, come on, Nate!” Sturges yelled in defeat.
“Good game, good game,” Nathan said as he pulled in the large pile of caps that were wagered in the middle of the table, “better luck next time, boys.”
“Eeish, h-how much did you lose this t-time, Sturges?” Jun Long asked, his composure still needed improving, but he was slowly getting there.
“Hmph, not as much as last time, buddy; it’s alright.”
“I’ll buy dinner for us, if it helps,” Nathan offered, opening his arms in a gesture of generosity. Sturges nodded, Preston shook his head and grabbed his rifle to go on his usual hourly perimeter patrol.
“Did Sturges lose again?” an Irish voice yelled from one of house’s yard, Cait’s red hair finally grasping Nathan’s gaze after a long distracting game.
“Ah, come on, Cait, don’t do me like that,” Sturges implored, getting up from the table as Valentine popped a new smoke out of his cigarette pack and Nathan pocketed his caps. “Haha, Sturges when will you learn? Nathan’s luck is just off the charts if you ask me,” Cait laughed off as she went back to massaging Mama Murphy’s foot. They both were sitting on sofa chairs, taking in the weather and appreciating the heat.
“That boy will never learn,” Mama Murphy spoke, grabbing Cait’s attention right away. “Maybe; but at least the caps still get shared between us all,” Cait remarked, pressing Mama’s foot a little harder to get the right spot she always liked.
“Mhmm, dear, you got better at this.” “Always trying my best to be better, Mama.” Dogmeat, Duke and Jerry were all snoozing off a few feet away from Mama Murphy and Cait; the summer heat was giving them a dry heated afternoon perfect for napping. Their heads perked up as they heard Sheila and Mange come back from their walk with Gene, quickly they went back to sleep.
“Hmmrph...” Mama Murphy bellowed into the air during a silent moment, taking in the relaxed air the hill was giving off, a rarity that was sought off years ago, “the Sight, Cait.”
“What, Mama?” Cait seemed to have missed what she had said.
“Something’s wrong with the sight.”
Mama Murphy’s face started falling into her body, dissolving into dust, her whole body ceased to exist and left a trail of dust behind in her seat.
“M- Mama Murphy?” Cait stammered at the sight, turning to her husband, and yelling after him, “NATHAN!”
Nathan looked over - he hadn’t realised what had happened, what was happening, and his face turned to one filled with horror and he watched Cait’s limbs turn into dust and her screams echoed into nothingness.
“Cait? CAIT!?” Nathan yelled shoving the table to the side and running to her, stopping halfway as she was gone.
The dogs were now franticly barking, their animal sense seemed to detect that something was really off about the whole situation. “Jun?” Sturges held on to his friend as the father who had suffered enough was staring at his limbs as they dissolved into the black smoke that Cait and Mama Murphy had turned in to. “Sturges, watch over Marc-“ his voiced seized to exist.
“I’ll try, brotha. I’ll try.” Sturges said as he gripped a few of the pieces Jun had turned into. “Jun!?” Marcy’s voice croaked as she had returned from patrol, “where did-“ her face was the first thing to go, stopping her from speaking, her whole body soon was taken by the wind. Sturges just stared at the spot where Marcy was just standing, his face filling in with horror. “Nathan, something’s wrong with Dogmeat,” Valentine said, nudging a frozen Nathan awake from his shock.
“No...” Nathan begged, looking over to the first friend he had found when he was thrown into this wasteland back when he was unfrozen. Dogmeat stumbled over to Nathan, his knees weak, and fell into his arms, Duke, Jerry, Mange and Sheila approached as Dogmeat licked Nathan’s face weakly; his brown fur started turning into a black almost ash like dust, and he let out a little whimper as he turned into dust. All the dogs whimpered, but then Duke and Sheila perked up their heads; Sheila turned to the man who had raised her all her life and nudged his knee.
“Sheila?” Gene asked, then his face turned into one of panic; Sheila’s knees buckled and she fell into a dust of black ash, letting it float all over the place; Duke let out one last bark of defiance before his angry composure turned into a cloud of dust, “no...” Gene fell to his knees, and then began watching as his hands started to disappear, “Nathan, find out who did this. Find out and make them p-“ and he ceased to exist. Nathan just watched on as his body failed to react - what could he do, what was making this happen, was the Institute back, did they make this happen?
“SIR?” Codsworth’s voice buzzed from afar; he was carrying a dustpan of black dust as he floated over to them, “Miss Curie was just speaking, and then- and then-“
“It’s- It’s alright, Codsworth, I know,” Nathan finally mustered, getting up as Jerry and Mange tried to dig for their friends through all the dust.
“What’s going on? Where’s Mama Murphy? Where’s everyone?” Preston Garvey asked as he returned from his patrol.
“I don’t know,” Nathan said, “but we need to find out who did this.”
“Diamond City?” Valentine asked.
“Diamond City. Everyone suit up.”
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2020.06.07 20:38 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010s. Part 9

Chapter 9
Surviving War
On the Raw after Bragging Rights, it is announced by the GM that Raw has lost the war with Smackdown at Bragging Rights, however as Micheal Cole is talking he gets interrupted by the music of the Nexus, they all come out, and Wade Barrett grabs the microphone, he says that Raw should not have lost, they should have and could have swept Smackdown, Barrett says if it wasn’t for the Undertaker getting involved in his match he would have beaten Drew McIntyre, and then he says that if Raw could have cooperated with Nexus during the 10 man tag match they would have destroyed Smackdown, but they let their egos get in the way, and they ended up being put in their place by Nexus, Wade says that brings him to John Cena, he says that Cena dared to attack him last night, and he doesn’t understand why, Wade says that he has beaten Cena multiple times, and even took his WWE Championship, and then beat him inside of Hell in a Cell. Wade then says if Cena ever shows himself around any of the Nexus again, he will feel the consequences of his actions. Then John Cena comes out and stands on the stage as Nexus all stare at him from the ring. John Cena has a mic and he says that he knows how good Wade Barrett is, and he knows he was beaten by Wade multiple times. Cena says that he doesn’t deserve another shot at the title right now, he says that he would need to earn it first. But Cena says his goal is still to destroy Nexus, and he says that since Survivor Series is just around the corner, Cena pauses and smiles. Sheamus music hits, and he comes out and stands besides Cena, who continues to smile, then we hear the music of Rated RKO, they both come out and stand beside Cena as well. Cena then says that yes, they are still one short right now, but they all four want the same thing, a five on five traditional Survivor Series tag match, Nexus vs Team WWE. Wade Barrett looks at the other members of Nexus, who all have approving looks on their face, he then looks back at Cena and says that Nexus accepts. The Raw GM exclaims that in light of that announcement, how about we see a preview tonight, Ryback vs Sheamus in our main event. Next we have John Morrison come out, and he says that he wants a new challenge for Survivor Series, he has beaten the Miz, he has beaten R-Truth, and last night he earned a hard fought victory over Shad Gaspard, he wants something new, he is willing to put his title on the line against anyone. Ted Dibiase comes out, and he says that he accepts, and he wants a shot at the US Title. John smiles at him and he says, well I did say anyone, so your challenge is accepted. Next up we have a match between Michelle McCool and Natalya, and Michelle ends up getting counted out after a blindside attack from Eve. Backstage Eve is asked about her actions, and she says that simply put she just wanted a little bit of revenge on Michelle, even if she can’t fight her for the Womens title. Next up we have our main event, Ryback vs Sheamus, both men try to overpower eachother, and Ryback ends up getting the better of Sheamus, and he hits him with his meathook clothesline, Ryback sets up for Shell Shocked, but then Cena, Orton, and Edge all come out, and Ryback looks at them before he turns into a brogue kick. Ryback is pinned by Sheamus, and this is the first pinfall loss the Nexus have suffered, Cena looks into the camera and shrugs, and we see Nexus in the back and they are upset at this result, Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown is next, and the first thing we see is a new guy, Tyler Reks come out and make his Smackdown debut against a local talent, Tyler Reks is a savage man who beats down and tortures the talent before hitting the burning hammer on him and winning the match. After this we see Drew McIntyre being interviewed backstage, he says that yeah, Smackdown won at Bragging Rights, and yeah, he won his match, but Drew says that it wasn’t right, he was meant to pin Barrett and put him in his place, and bring honor to Smackdown, but the Undertaker ruined that, Drew said that he already beat the Undertaker, and he should just stay away from now on. After this we see Kozlov and Jackson in the ring, they talk about how dominant they were at Bragging Rights, and how not even the Colons could beat them, they talk about how no one can beat them. The Hart Dynasty comes out next, and says that they want another shot at the titles, then they are interrupted by the Colons. Carlito says that firstly the Hart Dynasty have already had enough shots at the tag titles, and secondly he asks if they remember Hell in a Cell where they were beaten by the Colons. Carlito says that it was Primo and Epico who lost to Kozlov and Jackson, and though Carlito says that it was just barely, Carlito says that he himself knows how to beat them, after all he pinned Ezekiel Jackson not too long ago, so why not give them another chance. Tyson Kidd tells them things have changed, since the Colons have been gone, new teams have arrived in WWE, and new champs have risen. Carlito says how about Kozlov, Jackson, and the Hart Dynasty face off against the Colons plus one more in a traditional tag match at Survivor Series, and if the Colons win, they face off against Kozlov and Jackson again for the titles, but if they lose, the Hart Dynasty can have their shot. Hart Dynasty accepts, and then Kozlov says that he too accepts the match. Next up we have Kaval out talking about his win at Bragging Rights, he says that it was such a great feeling to win last night, and he talks about how Smackdown won 2 to 1, and then Kaval brings up that one loss, he says that it was Shad Gaspard, Kaval then calls Shad out, he says to Shad that the two have never faced off before, but he did watch him last night, and Kaval says that he noticed something, he noticed that when faced off against someone with truly great athleticism, Shad cannot seem to catch up, and that is why he lost last night to John Morrison, and Kaval says he knows how good Morrison is, and he says that Shad is no easy challenge, but Kaval won NXT season 2 and that means he has a shot at any title he wants, and he believes after watching Shad at Bragging Rights that he has found his perfect opportunity to challenge for a championship, Shad interrupts with a big boot and then an STO, before leaving the ring. Next up we have Alberto Del Rio talking about how great he did last night, and how he lead his team to victory, he gets interrupted by JTG, who asks him didn’t he get eliminated by Ryback at Bragging Rights, Alberto calls JTG a chihuahua and tells him to get out, JTG leaves and gets ready for his match, it is against Luke Gallows, JTG is able to win this match, but afterwards he is attacked by Del Rio and put in the cross armbreaker. Finally we get a graphic at the end of the night saying that the Undertaker is coming to Smackdown next week to address his actions at Bragging Rights.
Back on Raw we see Team WWE in the ring, and all four men are happy about the victory last week, they finally cost Nexus a match, Cena talks about how that is just a minor victory however, and how at Survivor Series they are going to show Nexus their place in WWE, Cena says that all five men on Team WWE, and yes now there are five, and they are going to destroy the Nexus. Nexus comes out, and Barrett wants to know who the fifth man is. Cena says to Barrett that the fifth man does not want to be revealed until Survivor Series, but Cena says that the fifth man hates Nexus just as much as they do. Wade Barrett tries to call Cenas bluff, and says that there is no fifth man, and that they could not find anyone, however none of this is fasing Cena, and he just continues to let Barrett go on. Cena eventually says to Wade that he needs to talk less and fight more. Wade Barrett then wants to know who is fighting now, he thinks that it is a match between him and Cena, but Cena says no, it is going to be a match between David Otunga and Edge, if David accepts, and he does, he takes the mic, and he tells Edge that he is on. We see the match between David and Edge, and Edge seems to have David beaten, but then Nexus surrounds the ring, and distracts Edge who gets planted by David and loses the match. Next up we have a match between Eve and Maria that is about to get underway, but Michelle McCool comes out and she says to Eve that obviously this rivalry isn’t quite over yet, so Michelle wants one last chapter with Eve, Eve looks at Michelle, and Michelle says that at Survivor Series, since Eve cannot face Michelle for the title, how about they do a little five on five traditional match. Eve looks at Michelle and she says one condition, Michelle tells Eve that there is always a condition with her, but Michelle tells her to go ahead. Eve says that if her team wins, then she is allowed to face Michelle again for the Womens title. Michelle tells Eve, fine if her team wins she is allowed to lose again to Michelle McCool for the title. Next up we have a match between Ted Dibiase and Santino, Ted toys with Santino and he wins quite easily, and then after the match he motions that he will soon have the title around his waist. We then go backstage where we see the Nexus, they are told that next week it will be Heath Slater vs an old rival, Randy Orton.
Back on Smackdown we start out with Shad Gaspard coming out, and explaining how unfair Bragging Rights was for him, and how he should have beaten John Morrison, and if he had another chance, he would be the one coming out victorious over Morrison, and he is tired of hearing that he lost a match everywhere he goes. Then we hear the music of Kaval interrupt, he comes out and says to Shad that he wasn’t able to finish last week when Shad attacked him, he tells Shad that hopefully he is able to get over his loss to Morrison soon, because at Survivor Series it is going to be even worse as he is going to lose his IC title to Kaval, because that is the Pay Per View where Kaval is choosing to use his championship match. Kaval then leaves. Next up we have another Tyler Reks match where he fights another local talent, and once again he destroys the talent. Backstage we see the Colons watching Tyler Reks, they all three seem impressed. Then they are asked about the match tonight between Primo and Tyson Kidd, Primo says that he can’t wait, he says that Tyson Kidd talked way too much last week, and he needed to be shut up, Primo then says that they know things have changed since they have been gone, but they are back now, and just like last time they plan on ruling over this tag division. Next up however, we have JTG call out Alberto Del Rio, he says that Del Rio should come out and face him like a man instead of attacking him from behind. Del Rio comes out, and he says that JTG is not worth his time, and that he has a match tonight anyway, so JTG, should just leave, but JTG does not, Del Rio gets upset about this, and he goes to remove JTG from the ring himself, JTG grabs a pair of brass knuckles from his pocket and when Del Rio approaches him, JTG hits Del Rio in the face with the knuckles. JTG then leaves the ring, and we hear the Great Khali come out, Del Rio however leaves before the match starts. Next up we have Primo vs Tyson Kidd. Tyson Kidd gets the upper hand, and he is able to defeat Primo in the ring, and the Colons come out and collect Primo, and Tyson Kidd grabs the mic and tells the Colons that he alone has no beaten Primo and Carlito, and with the power of Kozlov, Jackson, and his very own David Hart Smith on his side, he says that the Colons better hope their fourth man is one powerful fighter, because right now, they do not stand a chance. After this we finally get to see the Undertaker, he comes out and begins to explain himself, he says that Drew McIntyre was able to beat him inside Hell in a Cell, and he has respect for Drew because of the fight he put up in the Cell, but then Undertaker heard Drew call himself the new Phenom, and the most dominant force in the WWE. Undertaker then recalled Night of Champions where Drew chose to take his title and run. The Undertaker says with the twentieth anniversary of his debut coming up, he asked for one more one on one normal match against Drew McIntyre and at Survivor Series that is what he will get, and this time, if Drew tries to run or get disqualified he will lose the World Heavyweight Championship. We see Drew backstage throwing a fit as the show goes off the air.
Next on Raw we get the picking of the teams for Team Eve vs Team Michelle. Both women are on the stage, and Michelle picks first, she says it should be obvious, she is going to pick her best friend and her partner, Layla. Eve goes next, she says that she looks to pick the strongest woman on the roster, Beth Pheonix. Michelle goes next, she picks an old rival, but one of the greatest women wrestlers of all time, Mickie James. Eve goes next, she picks Natalya. Then Michelle goes next she picks Kelly Kelly, then Eve goes, picking Serena. Michelle goes for her final pick, and she looks to choose, Melina. Eve goes next and she picks former champion, Maryse. Next up we have our Randy Orton vs Heath Slater match, before the match Orton says that this match is not about winning or losing, it is about sending a message to the Nexus, and that is what Randy plans on doing here tonight. The match starts up, and the two go back and forth fighting, it spills out of the ring, and before long Orton grabs a chair and hits Slater with it, getting DQ’d Orton then beats down Heath with the chair, he then throws Heath in the ring, and gives him an RKO, before leaving the ring. Orton walks back and he gets a mic, and he just says that is what I mean by sending a message to the Nexus. Next up John Morrison faces off against Evan Bourne. It is a competitive match, but in the end John Morrison is able to win, he shakes Bournes hand after the match, and then holds up his championship and looks at the hard cam. After this we get the Anonymous Raw GM telling us that next week just six days before Survivor Series we will have one more one on one match and that match will be our main event next week between John Cena and Justin Gabriel. Nexus comes out, and before the show goes off the air, Wade says that he and Nexus will win against Team WWE at Survivor Series, no matter who the fifth man is, if he even exists. Wade then says that Justin Gabriel has a few words real quick. Justin grabs the mic and he talks to John Cena, he says that next week he will show John Cena just how tough the Nexus members are first hand, and then he will do the same at Survivor Series. Wade takes the mic back and he says to Randy Orton, that heis message earlier in the show was loud and clear, but that is not how Randy really wants it to be. Wade drops the mic, and the show ends.
Back on Smackdown we see Drew McIntyre start out the night he does not seem too happy at all, he says that at Survivor Series he is forced to pin or submit the Undertaker, Drew says that he does not believe the Undertaker deserves another shot at the title, but since that is what he is getting, then Drew now is going to have no choice but to beat the Undertaker down so bad that he will be forced to retire, Drew says that is ironic considering he is going to beat the Undertaker into retirement twenty years after he made his initial debut. Drew then says, but that is what is going to have to happen at Survivor Series. Next up we have another Tyler Reks match, he destroys another local competition. After Reks goes backstage he is greeted by the Colons, Carlito says to Reks that they could really use him on their Survivor Series team, and if Reks joins them it could perhaps help him out with future opportunities, Reks walks away, and we see Carlito follow him. The Colons have a match next against the Hart Dynasty, the fight goes back and forth for a while, however Kozlov and Jackson come out and they distract Primo and Epico, who then get attacked by the Hart Dynasty and lose the match. The Hart Dynasty walks away laughing after the match after Tyson Kidd pinned the last of the Colons, Epico. Next up we have Alberto Del Rio drive into the arena and walk to the ring, he grabs a microphone, and he speaks to JTG saying that last week was a cheap shot, and he is a hypocrite for doing what he did last week. Del Rio says if JTG wants to fight like a man, then let’s fight like men. Del Rio says that he will fight JTG like a man at Survivor Series. JTG comes out and he accepts the match for Survivor Series. Our main event comes, and it is a Hell in a Cell rematch between Kaval and Joe Hennig. Both men fight for a while, and just as Kaval gets the upper hand, Shads music hits, but he does not come out, once the music dies down and Kaval turns around he gets hit with the Perfect Plex and loses the match.
It is the final Raw before Survivor Series, and we start out with a match between the number one picks, Layla vs Beth Phoenix. Layla tries to fight, and she does okay, but Beth overpowers Layla and wins the match up. Next up we have a contract signing between Ted Dibiase and John Morrison, both men sign the contract, and then Ted says finally that this Sunday at Survivor Series he will win his first championship in WWE, and who better to win it from than Mr Money in the Bank himself John Morrison. Morrison takes the mic and he says to Ted Dibiase, that yes he will win the US title this Sunday, just like he won against Cody Rhodes at Summerslam, or like how he won the Triple Threat match all the way back at Wrestlemania. Ted Dibiase flips the table, and John Morrison stands up and gets in his face, Ted backs down, and motions that he will have the title, before leaving. Next up we have another womens match, this time it is between old rivals, Mickie James and Maryse, this time it goes in Team Michelles favor because Mickie James ends up winning the match. Our main event comes along and we have John Cena vs Justin Gabriel. Both men fight back and forth for a little while, Cena seems to be surprised with Justin Gabriels amazing ability, and the two fight to a stalemate for a moment, but then as the two men are having a staredown, Cena grabs a mic, and he says to Gabriel, you are real good kid, and I hate to do this, but sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire. Orton, Edge, and Sheamus all come out, and attack Justin Gabriel, then after that the rest of the Nexus come out and they fight Team WWE 5 on 4, and they drive out Team WWE, and the show ends with the two teams having a staredown to end the final Raw before Survivor Series.
It is the final Smackdown before Survivor Series, and we start out with Kozlov, Jackson, and the Hart Dynasty come out, and Tyson Kidd has the mic, he says that he alone has pinned all three of the Colons, and then he says at Bragging Rights, that the Colons lost the match to Kozlov and Jackson, and then last week the Hart Dynasty had beaten the Colons, and not to mention the Colons still have not gotten a fourth man. The Colons come out, and they get in the ring, looking defeated, like they have already lost, and Carlito says that, perhaps they are beaten already and have no shot at Survivor Series, but no matter what they will fight to the end, just like they will right now. Carlito then hits Kozlov, and a huge brawl breaks out. Soon the Colons start to get destroyed in the ring, but then out comes Tyler Reks. Reks gets in the ring, and David Hart Smith charges towards him. Tyler Reks throws David Hart Smith over the top rope to the ground. The attack has stopped, the other three men are looking at Tyler Reks. The Colons take advantage of this and attack again, but Ezekiel Jackson does not break his gaze from Tyler Reks. The Colons drive off Kozlov and Tyson Kidd. Ezekiel Jackson charges at Tyler Reks, but Reks flatens him with a massive clothesline, Jackson rolls from the ring, and the four men retreat from the ring. Next up we have Del Rio talking in his mansion about how he is going to defeat JTG this Sunday at Survivor Series. After this we have a match between Shad and Chris Jericho. Shad looks good in this match he looks like he is beginning to get to Chris Jericho, but then Kaval comes out, and costs Shad the match. Kaval gets in the ring after the match and he beats up and attacks Shad, before leaving the ring. Finally Drew McIntyre beats Yoshi Tatsu in a match. After that he grabs a mic and exclaims how he is going to beat and end the Undertaker once and for all this Sunday at Survivor Series and retain his World Heavyweight Championship. Lights go out, and when they come back on the Undertaker is standing there right in front of Drew, the two have a staredown to finish out the night.
Survivor Series
  1. Team Michelle defeats Team Eve (Beth Phoenix eliminates Michelle McCool, which makes it 2 on 1 against Layla, who rolls up Beth, and then goes one on one with Eve and beats her to win the match.)
  2. John Morrison retains against Ted Dibiase
  3. Shad retains against Kaval
  4. Team Colons defeat Team Hart Dynasty (Reks eliminates Jackson and Smith. Carlito eliminates Kidd. Primo eliminates Kozlov)
  5. Undertaker wins the World Heavyweight Championship from Drew Mcintyre
  6. Alberto Del Rio defeats JTG (JTG gets stopped by the ref after grabbing brass knuckles and then kicks locked in the Cross ArmBreaker.)
  7. Nexus defeat Team WWE (Daniel Bryan is the fifth man, he eliminates Slater and Ryback. Wade Barrett eliminates Bryan and Cena. Gabriel eliminates Orton. Otunga eliminates Edge, and Ryback eliminates Sheamus. Final elimination is Barrett over Bryan.)
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2020.05.29 21:27 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010s part 1

Chapter 1
End of the Vince McMahon era
So let us assume that Vince is finally done with WWE, he gives full control to me (for some strange reason) and he wants Wrestlemania 26 to be his last project. In the build to WM 26 I would be changing nothing, because it was a good Mania, well, okay the only thing I would change is that if Vince loses to Bret then he must leave WWE forever, thus letting the audience know that Vince is going to be leaving the company. Now we finally get to WM 26 and it is my first night in control of the company, I put the card like this.
  1. Yoshi Tatsu wins the battle royal
  2. ShoMiz retain tag titles Morrison and R-Truth
  3. Cody Rhodes defeats Ted Dibiase and Randy Orton
  4. Drew McIntyre wins MITB
  5. Triple H defeats Sheamus
  6. Mysterio defeats CM Punk
  7. Bret Hart defeats Vince McMahon
  8. Edge defeats Chris Jericho to win the World Heavyweight title
  9. Team Mickie James wins
  10. Batista defeats John Cena to retain the WWE championship
  11. Undertaker defeats Shawn Micheals in the “Streak vs Career” match
So Wrestlemania is over, the Raw after is promising to be a really good one. It starts with Vince McMahon coming out and saying goodbye to the WWE universe, he is then interrupted by Bret Hart, who comes down. Vince asks Bret if he got enough chair shots in, Bret chuckles and says to Vince that no matter what has happened in the past, it was Vince who got Bret a job in the WWF I mean E, and for that Bret will be forever grateful, him and Vince then hug it out, and finally after almost 13 years we have closure to this saga. Bret then tells everyone that one more person would like to come out and say goodbye, Shawn Micheals, he comes down, and Bret and Vince stand to the side, and let Shawn have his moment, Undertaker tips his cap to Shawn and Triple H comes down looking emotional after Shawn is done with his speech, the four legends walk up the ramp, and all four of them turn to the crowd before going backstage, this is the last we will see of either Vince or Shawn. When we get back from commercial we see ShoMiz in the ring with each other, Miz begins to brag about the great showing over Morrison and Truth, Miz talks about how no one can beat them, then the Hart Dynasty comes out, Miz makes fun of them and says that he hopes they are proud of themselves for helping beat up an old man last night, then Tyson Kidd tells Miz that they are getting a shot at the title, right now, Miz throws a fit for a minute, before hit with a surprise Hart attack, the bell rings and David Hart Smith, knocks down the Big Show while Tyson pins Miz for a shock victory, we have new tag team champions now, next we see Sheamus come out and challenge Triple H to another match, Triple H does not answer Sheamus tonight. Next we see the Miz in an interview segment, he is humiliated, and he is in the middle of saying that him and Big Show are invoking their rematch clause when he is stopped by Yoshi Tatsu, who proceeds to remind Miz of his battle royal win at Wrestlemania, he then says that his victory at Wrestlemania has earned him a US title shot next week on Raw. Miz storms off as we see Yoshi Tatsu laugh as he does. Next we have a rematch from last night, Orton vs Rhodes vs Dibiase, this time Dibiase wins and he brags about how he was truly the best member of Legacy, then he gets interrupted by Cody who reminds him that last night he was the one who won, he won the big one at Wrestlemania, Ted then lays down a challenge for Cody one on one, and Cody tells Ted that he will think about it. At the end of the night we see Batista brag about beating and destroying John Cena at WM. Cena comes out and he capatilizes on Batistas massive ego, he challenges Batista to a rematch that night, Batista says Cena doesn’t deserve a rematch and he declines.
The Smackdown after also seems a bit promising. Jericho comes out right away, and he cries and whines about losing at Wrestlemania, he tells the world that he is invoking his rematch clause at Extreme Rules, Edge comes out to confront Jericho, he makes fun of him and mocks him for losing at WM, he tells Jericho that at Extreme Rules he will get a… SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR!. Jericho tries to attack Edge, but Edge ducks and hits the spear on Jericho. We cut to the back where we see Drew Mcintyre watching a monitor, he gets interviewed and says that he doesn’t care if Jericho or Edge is the World Heavyweight Champion because soon he plans on cashing in Money in the bank and becoming a double champion. Next we see CM Punk with the SES and his NXT rookie Darren Young in the ring, Punk talks about how WM doesn’t matter and that it is time to move on, and even though Mysterio will not be a member of the SES, they will have a new member, and that man is Darren Young, Young seems reluctant about this, but Punk tells him to sit down, he does and Punk gets his razor ready, but then Rey Mysterio comes out and attacks Punk he takes the razor and tries to shave Punks head, but Punk gets away. Next we have Morrison and Truth vs Cryme Tyme, Morrison makes quick work of JTG and wins the match. Shad gets in the ring and confronts JTG, then he attacks him, which is the break up of Cryme Tyme. Shad is requested for an interview but he ignores it. McIntyre comes out next with his briefcase and his IC title, he talks about how soon Vince McMahons prophecy will come true and he will finally become a World champion, Matt Hardy comes out and confronts Drew saying that he shouldn’t worry about the World title just yet, because he has another title that he is defending now, and it is the IC championship, which Matt Hardy wants, and pretty soon he plans on getting that title shot, Matt drops the mic and then walks away.
Raw comes around next week, we have our main event for the US title between the Miz and Yoshi Tatsu. But first we have John Cena come out, he talks about how he slipped up at Wrestlemania (So remember that AA reversed into a Batista bomb at WM 26? Well that is what happened here, only Cena did not kick out) Cena requests a Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules for the championship against Batista, Batista comes out and asks Cena what his malfunction is, and how he could possibly want a rematch, especially in a Last Man Standing match, Batista reminds Cena about how he broke his neck, and this time he is going to break Cenas leg, he accepts the challenge. We then have an interview with Bret Hart and the new tag champions the Hart Dynasty in the ring, this is when the new tag titles are unveiled, and we then see Big Show interrupt them, he tells them to enjoy those new belts while they can because ShoMiz is going to invoke their rematch clause at Extreme Rules. David Hart Smith grabs a mic and challenges Big Show one on one, Big Show accepts. Smith puts up a great fight but ultimately loses to the Big Show after a chokeslam. We see the Miz getting ready, he hears the news about Extreme Rules and seems happy about it, and he says that soon he will once again be a tag team champion, and as for tonight Yoshi Tatsu is going to be the next victim of the Miz when he loses in the main event tonight. Next Triple H comes out, and he talks about all of the good times he had with Shawn while they were on the road for all of those years, he is attacked from behind by Sheamus who has a steel pipe. After this we get another match it is Dibiase and Rhodes vs Local talent. Rhodes and Dibiase both try to get the pin in the match, it almost costs them, but then Dibiase hits Dream street and then pushes Cody off of the apron and gets the pin and the victory. We then see Yoshi Tatsu getting ready for the match, he is focused and is the most serious we have ever seen him, all he says is, tonight he will gain his first championship in WWE. We get back from commercial as Yoshi Tatsu enters the match, we then see the Miz come down and we get the US title graphic, the match then starts. The fight lasts a while and goes back and forth. Neither man gives an inch to the other. After a while Yoshi hit one of his roundhouse kick finishers, he goes for the pin on the Miz, but Miz slides his arm underneath the ropes and gets the rope break, Yoshi pulls Miz to the center of the ring, and tries to pin him again, only this time the Miz barely kicks out. Yoshi waits for the Miz to get up, and he goes for another kick, but the Miz is able to reverse and hit the Skull Crushing finale in order to win the match and retain his United States championship.
Smackdown starts out with JTG begging Shad to come out, he reminds Shad of all the good times they had, and he wants to forgive Shad, he just wants to know why Shad did what he did. Shad comes out, he says that he was tired of the dead weight, he wants to be his own man, and intends on showing all of WWE what he is capable of on his own, and he is going to use JTG as an example, he attacks JTG again, and brutalizes him, Shad pulls out a strap and beats JTG with it as hard as he can. Shad leaves JTG a broken mess in the ring. Next we have Drew Mcintyre vs Finlay. Mcintyre beats up Finlay and wins the match, he continues his attack to try and make an example, but Matt Hardy comes out and hits the twist of fate on Drew. He then gets a table and puts Drew on it, Matt hits his leg drop on Drew sending him through a table. After this we see that it will be Drew McIntyre vs Matt Hardy in a tables match for the IC title at Extreme Rules. Next we have a match between R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler, Ziggler wins the match, and when Morrison gets in the ring to check on his partner Ziggler taunts him as he walks away, that match will happen next week on Smackdown. Next we have Edge and Chris Jericho in the ring together talking about the steel cage, nothing happens until the end, when Jericho throws his mic at Edge and then hits the Codebreaker on Edge, then he mocks Edge and hits the spear, Jericho then holds up the title before throwing it down on Edge. Finally the main event of the night, CM Punk wants his revenge on Mysterio, he sends Luke Gallows to fight him. Mysterio takes a beating, but he beats Gallows, then he challenges Punk to a rematch at Extreme Rules, and if Punk loses then Mysterio will shave his head, Punk walks away looking perplexed.
Raw next week is in England, we start out with the Miz speaking, he talks all about how good his performance was last week against Yoshi Tatsu, and how it is going to be even better at Extreme Rules when him and Big Show face off with the Hart Dynasty in a tornado tag match, he then tells everyone that he has a match tonight against Tyson Kidd, who then comes out to meet Miz in the ring, the match happens and the Miz wins, things begin to look down for the Hart Dynasty, and the Miz and Big Show celebrate. Triple H is hurt this week due to the attack of Sheamus, who comes down to the ring with his pipe in hand and tells the world that at Extreme Rules it will be him vs Triple H in a no holds barred match, he looks down at his pipe, and he looks at the camera and says Triple H, are you ready? Next we once again have Rhodes and Dibiase vs local talent again, this time Rhodes picks up the pin after knocking Dibiase off of the ring apron. After the match Dibiase gets in the ring, and him and Rhodes have some words for each other, then the new Raw GM, Bret Hart comes out and he tells the men that they will settle their differences at Extreme Rules in a submission match. Next we have the return of Randy Orton, he says that yes, he did lose at Wrestlemania and the Raw after, but he is still at the top of his game, and no matter who it is, Cena or Batista Orton looks to become the next number one contender. Randy Orton then comes out and takes down Chavo in seconds and wins his match, he looks to turn everything around. Finally on Raw we have a contract signing between Batista and John Cena, it devolves into chaos, like you would think, and Cena ends up putting Batista through the table and counting to ten before raising his arms in celebration.
Smackdown. Edge comes out, and tells everyone how hard it hit him that Chris Jericho was going to be a true challenge in the Extreme Rules after Edge got hit with the spear last week, he then says that the only problem for Chris is that he is trapped in a cage with Edge, and when that cage lowers Edge will end this rivalry once and for all when he destroys Chris Jericho and retains his World Heavyweight Championship. Next we see Slam Master J try and talk to Shad, as he was once good friends with Cryme Tyme, Shad tells J that at Extreme Rules, he will get all he needs when he faces JTG in a strap match, J tells Shad that he can’t do that, Shad tells J that he is right, and he needs to warm up first, then he tells J that he is going to ask for a match tonight, Shad Gaspard vs Slam Master J. That match happens Shad delivers a big boot right away, and then plants Slam Master J into the ground, Shad pins him and wins the match, Shad gets the strap and begins to beat down Slam Master J. JTG comes out and runs Shad out of the ring before checking on Slam Master J. CM Punk comes out next, and he begins to talk about Mysterios challenge, he talks about how he thought about it, and he has accepted the challenge of Mysterio, he doesn’t care about the stipulation, after Wrestlemania, he must beat Mysterio in order to restore faith in Straight Edge in the eyes of the WWE universe. Mysterio comes out and tells Punk that nobody will ever have faith in the SES, they will always however have faith in freedom, and the shaving of Punks head will be a massive victory for freedom around the world. Finally we see John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler, and after a good match Morrison wins clean over Ziggler. Then we see Matt Hardy vs Mike Knox. Mike Knox gets some good offense and he nearly beats Hardy, but Hardy continues the fight, and he ultimately hits the twist of fate and beats Mike Knox, after the match Matt Hardy struggles to get up as Drew McIntyre stands on the stage looking at Hardy. Drew holds up his IC title as the show goes off the air.
This is the Monday Night Raw where the Superstars were stuck in England due to a volcanic explosion, so I can’t really change that. Anyway the Smackdown stars are here, and so is Triple H, who comes down and talks about the situation, he gets interrupted by CM Punk, the two go back and forth for a minute before Punk attacks Triple H and Mysterio saves Triple H. We get massages from Batista and Sheamus that night talking about how they are going to win their matches this Sunday at Extreme Rules. The main event comes and it is a six man tag match between Punk, Gallows, and Jericho vs Mysterio, Triple H, and Edge. The end of the match comes and Punk and Triple H are going back and forth, Triple H hits the facebuster, and as Punk is using the ropes to get up, he gets hit with a surprise 619, and then stumbles into a Pedigree from Triple H, who pins Punk to win the match.
The go home Smackdown begins with a tag team match of Morrison and R-Truth vs Dolph Ziggler and Mike Knox, it is a good match, but Morrison pins Knox to win the match. Next we have CM Punk talking about how Mysterio broke the rules last night on Raw, and how he would have been victorious had Mysterio not interfered between him and Triple H while they were the legal men, he calls out Rey, who comes down to the ring, they both talk about their match on Sunday, before Punk hits Mysterio with the mic, and Luke Gallows destroys Mysterio in the ring. Gallows then lifts Mysterio and puts him on Punks shoulders, Punk then nails the Go to Sleep on Rey, and the SES leaves the ring. Next we have Shad in a singles match with JTG, the match never starts, instead JTG attacks Shad from behind with a strap, he beats up Shad for a bit, before Shad escapes the grasp of JTG, he moves away rather quick. Next we have Drew McIntyre in the ring, he starts to talk about Extreme Rules and how he will continue his winning streak, then Matt Hardy interrupts him, he talks about how last week he overcame a monster like Mike Knox, and on Sunday he will put Drew through a table and become the new Intercontinental Champion. Drew attacks Matt, he brutalizes him on the outside of the ring, and clears off the announcers table, he gets Matt on top, and then climbs on himself, only to be nailed with a quick twist of fate and put through the table, Matt walks away all smiles. Finally we have Edge and Jericho face to face, they get into a deep conversation about the Ego Maniacs, about Edges injury, and about Wrestlemania, Jericho says that Edge got a little lucky at Mania, and this Sunday Jericho is going to prove that Edge is nothing more than a weak broken man, who is unfit to hold the World Heavyweight title. This is the last show before Extreme Rules.
Extreme Rules
  1. Drew McIntyre retains against Matt Hardy
  2. Ted Dibiase defeats Cody Rhodes (Cody has no submission, and he ends up passing out to the Million Dollar Dream)
  3. Hart Dynasty retains against ShoMiz
  4. Sheamus defeats Triple H (After an attack from behind Triple H is sidelined)
  5. CM Punk defeats Rey Mysterio
  6. Shad squashes JTG
  7. Batista reatains against John Cena (after ductaping his legs together on the ring post)
  8. Eve Torres wins the Divas title from Maryse
  9. Edge retains against Chris Jericho
  10. Drew McIntyre cashes in and defeats Edge for the World Heavyweight title.
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2020.05.22 12:13 MrKevinRudd Murdoch Mafia at it again

Here’s how the Murdoch Media play it: if you don’t agree with absolutely everything the Liberal Party says and does, you’ll be smeared as a traitor on their latest McCarthyist blacklist. This is the same game they played during the Iraq War when anyone who opposed Howard's invasion was portrayed as siding with “the terrorists”. Also, the same tactics employed during the January mega-fires when Murdoch attacked anyone raising climate change as a causative factor was attacked for “politicising” the crisis when, in Murdoch’s view, the cause was arson.
Sorry Rupert, but in this case criticising Scotty from Marketing isn't the same as having “acted in support of China” - as you now allege in your loyal factotum Ben English’s propaganda bulletin (aka The Daily Telegraph).
On the question of an independent inquiry into the origins of the COVID-19 virus, the public record demonstrates that I signed an open letter together with 100 former US Secretaries of State, National Security Advisors and heads of other institutions on April 3 calling for such an international investigation – more than two weeks before Morrison ventilated his own ideas on this subject.
My main criticism of the Morrison proposal for an international inquiry was that it was advanced publicly without signing up other major co-sponsors from around the world beforehand. That would have put extra muscle behind the initiative. It would also have made it harder for Beijing to single out Australia for individual economic retribution, because there is strength in numbers.
A second criticism is that Morrison had not thought through the machinery for any such inquiry, also explicitly (and rightly) ruling out the WHO conducting an inquiry into Itself because it would be Caesar judging Caesar. Guess what! When Morrison finally figured out that his own “proposal” was not gaining international traction, he decided to save political face and swing in behind a pre-existing and much weaker European Union proposal to have the WHO organise its own inquiry with much softer terms of reference.
This brings us to the third weakness - which is the fact that if you look at the actual operative clauses of the World Health Assembly resolution on COVID-19, they don’t add up to much at all. There are two relevant clauses (9.6 and 9.10). One refers to the continuing work of existing international scientific bodies looking into the “zoonotic origins of the virus and the route of its introduction to the human population” - no reference to China, and no reference to any new investigation. The second refers to a new investigation by the WHO itself “at the earliest appropriate moment” into the “lessons learned” and “experience gained” from WHO‘s handling of the crisis. Indeed, elsewhere in the resolution, the World Health Assembly, supported by Australia, without qualification, commends the WHO for its work.
So this is the end result that Morrison now trumpets as the great success of his efforts in securing the robust, independent global investigation into the Chinese origins of the virus which would, under no circumstances, involve the WHO investigating itself! Give us a break! Another PR ploy from Scotty from Marketing.
As for the deliberate smear that my challenging the truth of Murdoch’s bullshit claims are those of a “cheerleader for China”, Murdoch’s bullyboys might want to review what I’ve actually said during this COVID crisis. In just the last three days, I’ve said:
-- “Whatever is said by various spokesmen and women on behalf of the Chinese government, there are legitimate questions for the international community to know the answer to.” (BBC, 19 May) -- “This is not a bunch of Sunday School teachers. This is a hard, hardened Soviet-style Leninist regime.” (New European, 19 May) -- “We’re a liberal democracy that believes in universal human rights. That’s not going to change much as our Chinese friends may wish that.” (Eureka Report, 20 May)
Sorry none of that fits the script, Rupert. But never let the truth stand in the way of a good story.
I've always backed a hard-line policy on China. It's the Liberals who've changed their tune. When I was in office, they would join Murdoch's columnists in attacking me for being too hard on China. After all, it was my government that: -- Rejected China’s determined efforts to take over Rio Tinto -- Excluded Huawei hardware from being used in the NBN rollout -- Spoke out about human rights abuses in Tibet and provided visas to dissidents from Xinjiang -- Enhanced ASIO’s resources to deal with state-sponsored espionage -- Formally identified China’s rise as a regional military challenge in the 2009 Defence White Paper -- Partnered with Barack Obama to bring US Marines to Darwin, and -- Beefed up the Royal Australian Navy in response to developments in the South China Sea.
Here is what The Australian wrote about my handling of the China relationship in September 2012: "Rudd's leadership was characterised by the worst period in Sino-Australian relations for a decade or longer as he lectured China on Tibet, named the country as a threat in a Defence white paper and gave a visa to exiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer. Canberra was seen as complicit in the failure of Chinalco to gain a bigger stake in Rio Tinto, amid intense friction between the two nations over iron ore prices and the jailing of Australian Rio executive Stern Hu."
Back then, Murdoch was busy praising Tony Abbott for sacrificing Australia’s core values to ingratiate himself with Beijing. Business leaders like James Packer and Kerry Stokes, who viewed Australia’s national interest through the prism of how much money they can make, also attacked my handling of the relationship because we refused to kowtow. And who could forget Turnbull's famous opinion piece for Murdoch's Australian, attacking our defence white paper as that of a Cold War warrior, by claiming China is “not a security threat"?! Of course, Abbott and Turnbull later signed up to be Beijing's "comprehensive strategic partner" and they sacrificed key Australian negotiating positions to secure a trade agreement. They then handed the Port of Darwin to a Chinese company and reviewed the ban on Huawei equipment being used in the NBN rollout. But all this is now swept under the carpet by the giant Liberal Party protection racket that the Murdoch mafia have become.
So why have the Murdoch media launched this smear? It's so predictable. This is all retribution for me calling out the Murdoch media, in Australia and overseas, for claiming a non-existent “Five Eyes” intelligence dossier backed Donald Trump’s conspiracy claims that the virus leaked from a Chinese laboratory. Trump’s claimed evidence has been forcefully refuted by Australian spy agencies - and even by Greg Sheridan over at Murdoch’s Australian, who says: “All the relevant Australian agencies have looked closely at the question and consulted all their counterpart allied agencies, including in the US, and the end of that process is the Australian assessment is there is no evidence that the virus came from the lab.”
The Murdoch media’s overreach runs the real risk of backfiring, gifting a propaganda victory to Beijing if and when it is formally disproven. But Murdoch is so obsessed with backing Trump and his best mate Morrison that they’ll publish whatever weasel words they can get away with.
Take a look at their dodgy attack here: https://kevinrudd.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/The-Daily-Telegraph-Thursday-May-21-2020-pages-from-6-to-7.pdf #MurdochRoyalCommission
submitted by MrKevinRudd to australia [link] [comments]

2020.05.22 12:05 MrKevinRudd Another Murdoch Smear - Attacking people’s patriotism if they dare challenge any aspect of Morrison’s China Policy

Here’s how the Murdoch Media play it: if you don’t agree with absolutely everything the Liberal Party says and does, you’ll be smeared as a traitor on their latest McCarthyist blacklist. This is the same game they played during the Iraq War when anyone who opposed Howard's invasion was portrayed as siding with “the terrorists”. Also, the same tactics employed during the January mega-fires when Murdoch attacked anyone raising climate change as a causative factor was attacked for “politicising” the crisis when, in Murdoch’s view, the cause was arson.
Sorry Rupert, but in this case criticising Scotty from Marketing isn't the same as having “acted in support of China” - as you now allege in your loyal factotum Ben English’s propaganda bulletin (aka The Daily Telegraph).
On the question of an independent inquiry into the origins of the COVID-19 virus, the public record demonstrates that I signed an open letter together with 100 former US Secretaries of State, National Security Advisors and heads of other institutions on April 3 calling for such an international investigation – more than two weeks before Morrison ventilated his own ideas on this subject.
My main criticism of the Morrison proposal for an international inquiry was that it was advanced publicly without signing up other major co-sponsors from around the world beforehand. That would have put extra muscle behind the initiative. It would also have made it harder for Beijing to single out Australia for individual economic retribution, because there is strength in numbers.
A second criticism is that Morrison had not thought through the machinery for any such inquiry, also explicitly (and rightly) ruling out the WHO conducting an inquiry into Itself because it would be Caesar judging Caesar. Guess what! When Morrison finally figured out that his own “proposal” was not gaining international traction, he decided to save political face and swing in behind a pre-existing and much weaker European Union proposal to have the WHO organise its own inquiry with much softer terms of reference.
This brings us to the third weakness - which is the fact that if you look at the actual operative clauses of the World Health Assembly resolution on COVID-19, they don’t add up to much at all. There are two relevant clauses (9.6 and 9.10). One refers to the continuing work of existing international scientific bodies looking into the “zoonotic origins of the virus and the route of its introduction to the human population” - no reference to China, and no reference to any new investigation. The second refers to a new investigation by the WHO itself “at the earliest appropriate moment” into the “lessons learned” and “experience gained” from WHO‘s handling of the crisis. Indeed, elsewhere in the resolution, the World Health Assembly, supported by Australia, without qualification, commends the WHO for its work.
So this is the end result that Morrison now trumpets as the great success of his efforts in securing the robust, independent global investigation into the Chinese origins of the virus which would, under no circumstances, involve the WHO investigating itself! Give us a break! Another PR ploy from Scotty from Marketing.
As for the deliberate smear that my challenging the truth of Murdoch’s bullshit claims are those of a “cheerleader for China”, Murdoch’s bullyboys might want to review what I’ve actually said during this COVID crisis. In just the last three days, I’ve said:
-- “Whatever is said by various spokesmen and women on behalf of the Chinese government, there are legitimate questions for the international community to know the answer to.” (BBC, 19 May) -- “This is not a bunch of Sunday School teachers. This is a hard, hardened Soviet-style Leninist regime.” (New European, 19 May) -- “We’re a liberal democracy that believes in universal human rights. That’s not going to change much as our Chinese friends may wish that.” (Eureka Report, 20 May)
Sorry none of that fits the script, Rupert. But never let the truth stand in the way of a good story.
I've always backed a hard-line policy on China. It's the Liberals who've changed their tune. When I was in office, they would join Murdoch's columnists in attacking me for being too hard on China. After all, it was my government that: -- Rejected China’s determined efforts to take over Rio Tinto -- Excluded Huawei hardware from being used in the NBN rollout -- Spoke out about human rights abuses in Tibet and provided visas to dissidents from Xinjiang -- Enhanced ASIO’s resources to deal with state-sponsored espionage -- Formally identified China’s rise as a regional military challenge in the 2009 Defence White Paper -- Partnered with Barack Obama to bring US Marines to Darwin, and -- Beefed up the Royal Australian Navy in response to developments in the South China Sea.
Here is what The Australian wrote about my handling of the China relationship in September 2012: "Rudd's leadership was characterised by the worst period in Sino-Australian relations for a decade or longer as he lectured China on Tibet, named the country as a threat in a Defence white paper and gave a visa to exiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer. Canberra was seen as complicit in the failure of Chinalco to gain a bigger stake in Rio Tinto, amid intense friction between the two nations over iron ore prices and the jailing of Australian Rio executive Stern Hu."
Back then, Murdoch was busy praising Tony Abbott for sacrificing Australia’s core values to ingratiate himself with Beijing. Business leaders like James Packer and Kerry Stokes, who viewed Australia’s national interest through the prism of how much money they can make, also attacked my handling of the relationship because we refused to kowtow. And who could forget Turnbull's famous opinion piece for Murdoch's Australian, attacking our defence white paper as that of a Cold War warrior, by claiming China is “not a security threat"?! Of course, Abbott and Turnbull later signed up to be Beijing's "comprehensive strategic partner" and they sacrificed key Australian negotiating positions to secure a trade agreement. They then handed the Port of Darwin to a Chinese company and reviewed the ban on Huawei equipment being used in the NBN rollout. But all this is now swept under the carpet by the giant Liberal Party protection racket that the Murdoch mafia have become.
So why have the Murdoch media launched this smear? It's so predictable. This is all retribution for me calling out the Murdoch media, in Australia and overseas, for claiming a non-existent “Five Eyes” intelligence dossier backed Donald Trump’s conspiracy claims that the virus leaked from a Chinese laboratory. Trump’s claimed evidence has been forcefully refuted by Australian spy agencies - and even by Greg Sheridan over at Murdoch’s Australian, who says: “All the relevant Australian agencies have looked closely at the question and consulted all their counterpart allied agencies, including in the US, and the end of that process is the Australian assessment is there is no evidence that the virus came from the lab.”
The Murdoch media’s overreach runs the real risk of backfiring, gifting a propaganda victory to Beijing if and when it is formally disproven. But Murdoch is so obsessed with backing Trump and his best mate Morrison that they’ll publish whatever weasel words they can get away with.
Take a look at their dodgy attack here: https://kevinrudd.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/The-Daily-Telegraph-Thursday-May-21-2020-pages-from-6-to-7.pdf #MurdochRoyalCommission
submitted by MrKevinRudd to AustralianPolitics [link] [comments]

2020.05.21 18:08 Lylyluvda916 Showmance S1 E19 “Dream On!”

submitted by Lylyluvda916 to glee [link] [comments]

2020.05.10 19:31 TheTStain Rewriting Friday Night SmackDown (08/05/2020)

Mandy Rose w/Otis and Sonya Deville w/Dolph Ziggler Promo (Change Segment) No Boys
Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville (Change Match) Mandy Rose Passes Out
New Day and Lucha House Party vs Dirt Sheet and Forgotten Sons (Change Match) Champs Win
King Corbin Promo (Change Segment) Cesaro and Nakamura
Jeff Hardy Promo w/Renee Young and Sheamus (Change Segment) Remove Renee Young
Braun Strowman Promo w/Bray Wyatt (Change Segment) No Black Sheep
Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak and Otis Promo (Change Segment) Elias
Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Lacey Evans and Tamina (Change Match) Naomi and Tamina
Carmella and Dana Brooke Promo (Change Segment) Lacey Evans
The Hacker Promo (Change Segment) We Are Watching
King Corbin, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak and Otis
submitted by TheTStain to fantasybooking [link] [comments]

2020.05.06 22:12 SimonBRUH8217 Booking a 64 Man WWE tournament (Part 1: Format, who’s in, who’s out, and the first round)

Recently I’ve been pining for another tournament in the WWE environment since quarantine screwed everything up, and I’ve also wanted to book an entire sprawling epic of a tournament packed with insane matches and stories. So, I decided to take 64 superstars from across Raw, SmackDown, NXT, NXT UK, and 205 Live, and book them in a tournament! I originally considered referring to this tournament as King of the Ring, or as an even bigger version of Worlds Collide, but in the end I decided upon naming the tournament as The WWE Network Classic to keep it in line with the other named tournaments that WWE has produced.
I would really like this tournament to have a similar style to the Cruiserweight Classic, I would even have it be filmed at Full Sail to give it that same electric crowd but I doubt WWE would put a lot of their biggest stars in Full Sale. This is fantasy booking after all though, so I’m gonna say it’s a two sided bracket, and given it’s insane amount of wrestlers, I would take a page out of the G1 Climax’s book and have 3-4 shows every week in Full Sail to complete the tournament sooner rather than later. As it goes on and more people get eliminated, the amount of shows per week would decrease until we make it to the semi finals which like the CWC, would have an entire 2-3 hour special revolves around it where the whole tournament is concluded. Commentators would rotate from episode to episode as well.
Notable Missing Wrestlers
Alright let us begin. This, is the WWE Network Classic!
Match 1: Finn Balor vs AJ Styles
A huge match to knock out one of the tournament favourites right out of the gate. 20+ minutes of amazing action ends with Finn Balor defeating AJ Styles after two crushing Coup De Grace’s and a 1916 for good measure. The story is starting to be set that after the departure of his Club, and the brutal loss at the hands of the Undertaker, AJ has lost a step. Will he ever get it back?
Match 2: WALTER w/ Alexander Wolfe vs. Chad Gable
Gable cuts a promo before the match stating that Shorty G was a mistake, and that tonight he’ll prove why he shouldn’t be one of the most slept on talents in professional wrestling. WALTER always has his best matches with smaller opponents, he plays a dominating heel so well and Gable would sell like a god for him. Gable lasts longer than anyone can expect, but ends up passing out to the Gojira Clutch, after the match Gable looks dejected, but Alexander Wolfe walks over and drops an Imperium T-Shirt in front of him and then walks away...
After the match, Finn Balor is interviewed in the back and cuts a promo on WALTER, claiming that Giants May be unbeatable... but Demons are eternal.
Match 3: Daniel Bryan vs. Apollo Crews
Just a great match to showcase Crews, which is something I know Bryan will do wonderfully. Crews actually has Bryan on the ropes for a decent portion of the match but just falls short after Bryan Hurricanrana’s his way out of a Spin Out Powerbomb and hits a surprise running knee for a pinfall victory!
Afterwards, Bryan is greeted at the top of the ramp by Drew Gulak Who congratulates him on a hard fought victory. Bryan is interviewed on stage by Cathy Kelly and when asked what his motivation is for winning this tournament, Bryan says that he needs to reaffirm that he is indeed one of the best in the world, if not the best. He gives major props to Apollo Crews, who brought his A game tonight, but he says he has lost his step over the last year, despite forming great friendships and reconnecting with the WWE universe, he hasn’t been all too successful in the ring, and that has to change. He will not be denied as the best when he wins this tournament.
He is then interrupted by Johnny Gargano, who comes out with Candace LeRae at his side. Gargano makes it clear to Bryan that if he thinks he can win this tournament when he’s inevitably going to come across Johnny Wrestling in the next round, he is even more delusional than he was as “The New” Daniel Bryan. His little protégée is just Bryan’s desperate attempt at clinging to his glory days and that after Gargano is done with Gulak, he’s gonna send Bryan back to his wife who, by the way, isn’t nearly as good as Gargano’s. Gulak shoves Gargano down on the ramp and they brawl to the ring for the next match...
Match 4: Drew Gulak vs. Johnny Gargano w/ Candace LeRae
A shorter, technical match takes place with Gargano cutting off Gulak’s bursts of rage over his earlier comments at every turn until near the end of the match. Gulak unleashes his best moves, even hitting a Cyclone Crash for a near fall! He locks in the Gu-Lock and nearly makes Johnny tap but Johnny is barely able to escape out of the ring, so using shades of his new partner, Gulak hits a great pair of suicide dives and rolls Johnny back into the ring, and even begins to taunt for the running knee, until Candace starts distracting the referee, which allows Gargano to kick Drew below the belt and hit a DIY superkick for the 3 count.
Bryan rushes back to the ring to tend to Gulak as Gargano retreats up the ramp, they stare each other down before their impending dream match in round 2.
Match 5: Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler
The WWE Champion walks down confidently, knowing that he has to win this tournament to further cement his rise back to glory, but he first has to go through his former Tag Team partner, Dolph Ziggler. The two do have great chemistry as a team and as opponents, and they have a good match but it still ends in a decisive win for Drew with a Future Shock DDT followed by a Claymore Kick.
Match 6: Mansoor vs. Braun Strowman
The Universal Champion doesn’t think much of the Saudi Sensation, but is quickly proven wrong as Mansoor uses his speed and agility to trip up The Monster. Mansoor has the crowd believing but he falls short after getting caught out of a moonsault attempt and drilled with a Running Powerslam for the win for Strowman. Braun raises Mansoor’s hand afterwards to show respect, before heading back to begin preparations for the Champion vs Champion match in Round 2 with Drew McIntyre.
Match 7: Samoa Joe vs. Oney Lorcan
The Samoan Submission Machine is back with a vengeance, and he comes back in dominant fashion with a hard hitting victory over a game Lorcan. Joe cuts a promo afterwards warning whoever is next that he isn’t playing games anymore. This is his tournament, and no one is gonna take it from him.
Match 8: Montez Ford w/ Angelo Dawkins vs. Roderick Strong w/ Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish
Roddy is one of the two Undisputed Era members repped in the Network Classic And is determined to bring the trophy home on his own, and gets one step further when taking down an old rival of the era in a fun match that ends when Dawkins is taken out by a blindside attack by KOR and Fish, while Roddy locks Montez in the Stronghold And after a long struggle, Montez is forced to tap out despite a great effort. They celebrate but are stared down by Samoa Joe afterwards.
Match 9: The Miz w/ John Morrison vs. Tyler Bate w/ Trent Seven
One half of the former SD Tag Team Champions And one half of Moustache Mountain deliver a more classic style of match with Miz playing a nefarious heel and Bate playing a face fighting from beneath. Seven and Morrison cancel each other out on the outside of the ring, leaving Bate and Miz to finish the match with Bate countering a Skull Crushing Finale into a Tyler Driver 97’ for a bit of an upset to most!
Match 10: Seth Rollins w/ Buddy Murphy vs. Otis w/ Tucker & Mandy Rose
Rollins comes out and says that it is his job that the locker room and the WWE universe have a hero who they can strive to be, and that no one is more worthy of that than the Messiah himself. Rollins makes Otis look great by bumping for him and gets the crowd even more into him by playing a despicable heel to Otis’ amazing babyface. Near the end of the match, Murphy attacks Tucker on the outside and looks like he is going to attack Mandy when Otis comes to the rescue and picks up Murphy, but before he can bring him down, Rollins flies over the ropes with a Tope Con Hilo. He rolls Otis back in the ring and hits the stomp before pinning him for that heel heat. He has another hero for the crowd to stomp out in Tyler Bate, can he overcome him as well?
Match 11: Kofi Kingston vs. Joe Coffey
The leader of GALLUS takes on the heart of the New Day in a unique clash of styles. Both team members advise their respective comrades to stay out of their corners tonight as they want to prove themselves on their own merit. Kofi, despite being Tag Team Champions again, admits that he hasn’t felt like himself since losing the WWE Championship, and that he has to also get back on track in singles action. Coffey feels like despite his success in NXT UK, he is looked at as the Black Sheep main eventer of the brand And needs to let everyone know why he is the Iron Man of pro wrestling. Coffey almost upsets the beloved veteran a few times, but Kofi counters a Discus Clothesline into an SOS and is JUST able to hold Coffey down for a pinfall victory! Afterwards the rest of GALLUS comes out to back up Joe, while Big E comes out to back up Kofi and while there’s some initial tension, each group backs down after the fair conclusion.
Match 12: Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega vs. Gran Metalik
Just a solid Cruiserweight match, it begins with Zelina offering Metalik one chance to lay down for Garza, tempting him with the same success that the rest of Zelina’s clients have, but Metalik refuses and gets jumped before the bell by Angel because of it. Garza wins decisively after a super fun match with the Wing Clipper.
Match 13: King Corbin vs. Sheamus
Corbin comes out first and makes a royal decree that he has found a knew liege to lay down for him and allow him to proceed, and it’s the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus gets on the mic and says he knows what he is about to do is 100% the right choice. The Bell Rings.... And Sheamus IMMEDIATELY Brogue Kicks Corbin out of his boots!
Sheamus picks up the mic and cuts a tweener-ish promo about how all he’s done since he’s come back is the same generic match over and over again, not getting the fight he wanted. He is sick of waiting for a fight, and begs whoever is next to bring their best, cause no matter how hard they try, it’s gonna come down to a Brogue Kick and a 3 count, Fella.
Match 14: Aleister Black vs. Cameron Grimes
Grimes is super underrated and I think Black could bring another fantastic match out of him. There is also the idea that both men’s finishers are basically one shot wins so the match is built around whether or not Black can hit the Black Mass on Grimes before Grimes can capitalize with the Cave In stomp. Grimes puts up a valiant effort but Black just can not be stopped and he hits a Black Mass to move on to the waiting, determined Sheamus in round 2.
Match 15: Rey Mysterio vs. Dexter Lumis
Lumis has been impressing on NXT recently so he’s given a shot against the legendary Mysterio. Dexter comes closer than anyone expects to defeating Rey, but he still falls to a 619 and a frog splash.
Match 16: Akira Tozawa vs. Ricochet
The first half of the first round tops off with an excellent Cruiserweight like match between two wrestlers who feel criminally underused. Ricochet And Tozawa are also friends in real life so there’s no reason not to believe that they would have a dark horse for best match of the round! Ricochet is able to top off the Stamina Monster with a 630 senton. The two friends shake hands afterwards, and Ricochet heads to the back, ready for his lucha libre dream match against Rey Mysterio in the next round!
Match 17: Matt Riddle vs Bobby Lashley
A much shorter match this time, this is just a 5 minute sprint where Lashley and Riddle just slam each other with big impact moves until one of them drops. Lashley looks to have the match won, but when he charges for a spear he gets caught and rolled into a Bromission for a tap out victory for Riddle!
After the match, Riddle interviewed by Cathy Kelly but Riddle politely cuts her off and makes one thing clear... Brock Lesnar is in the same bracket path as he is... and he’s gonna make sure that he bounces Brock from the tournament, bro.
Match 18: Tomasso Ciampa vs. Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Cesaro
The Artist Collective enter the ring together as Sami Zayn cuts a promo laughing off his soon to be entered opponent, not knowing that it’s actually the Sicilian Psychopath. Ciampa is none too pleased having lost to Johnny Gargano and having been brutally assaulted by Karrion Kross, he’s still taped up, but he’s pissed off and screams at the referee to start the match. Zayn, seeing the furious Ciampa, quickly stops the referee and confers with his stable mates, before getting on the mic and making the abrupt announcement that him and Shinsuke have switched places, and that this match is now Nakamura vs Ciampa! Zayn scurries back up the ramp with Cesaro staying by Nakamura during the match. This is an NXT dream match that never was, and after a brutal match packed with crushing strikes, it seems Ciampa’s bad luck streak may continue as Nakamura gets a clean victory over Ciampa with a Kinshasa!
Nakamura And Cesaro laugh their way back up the ramp as the King of Strong Style rolls into round 2 for a match against The Original Bro, while Ciampa fumes in the ring. He picks up the mic again but before he can say anything KARRION KROSS JUMPS THE BARRICADE AND ATTACKS CIAMPA! He is joined by Scarlett Bordeaux as he drags Ciampa up the ramp and hits a CRUCIFIX BOMB off the stage to completely destroy Ciampa!
Match 19: Pete Dunne vs. Trent Seven w/ Tyler Bate
Trent is the dark horse of British Strong Style in NXT, so why not give him some shine with Dunne? These two always have excellent matches too, and it could serve to make Seven look even better as well as Dunne. After a shock pick for match of the entire round, Dunne puts away his former stable mate with a Bitter End. The three friends embrace afterwards, with Riddle joining just for fun.
Match 20: KUSHIDA vs. Jordan Devlin
A Cruiserweight Ace Match in round one to knock out one of the few Cruiserweight favourites in this tournament. Devlin has a backstage promo claiming that he doesn’t care that KUSHIDA won the mini Cruiserweight tournament, he is still the definitive Cruiserweight Champion, and he’s gonna prove that while proving that he is also superior to the famed Time Splitter. After an excellent match, Devlin can’t put KUSHIDA away, even after a Devil Inside, so he resorts to bringing KUSHIDA to the top rope for a potential Package Piledriver, but he gets countered into a Back to the Future from the top rope and is defeated! KUSHIDA has a date with the Bruiserweight in the next round, and Jordan is left fuming.
Match 21: Brock Lesnar vs. Cesaro w/ Shinsuke Nakamura
Similarly to the match from earlier, Zayn comes down with Cesaro and Nakamura ready to “destroy” his new opponent... Who is revealed to be the Beast Incarnate, BRRRRRRROCK, LLLLLLLLESSSNARRRRR!!! Zayn once again looks like he’s going to soil himself, but then Cesaro steps up and says that he’ll take Zayn’s place, Zayn once again escapes what might be certain doom for him. The bell rings and Cesaro IMMEDIATELY charges at Brock for an Uppercut and just unloads before Lesnar fights him off. This match is just 10 minutes of pure hard hitting goodness, where Cesaro finally gets to go off like the amazing wrestler that he is against someone who he should’ve fought years ago. He nearly wins twice after a Gorilla Press GTS/Running Uppercut combo and a Neutralizer, but Lesnar powers through and drills the Swiss Superman with an F-5 to advance to the next round. Lesnar wins, but Cesaro is remembered.
Match 22: Big E vs. Damian Priest
Priest and Big E have a match where they defy expectations of what big men can do in the ring ala Lee and Dijak. Big E is also fired up after his partners success, and wants to move along with him. Priest plays a great smug heel while Big E plays a fiery babyface, and the babyface wins after Big E hits a Big Ending! Kofi comes out to celebrate with his partner and Big E cuts a promo saying that Brock Lesnar is gonna get dropped for what he did to Kofi’s Championship reign, and then Big E and Kofi Kingston are going to make it to the finals and no matter who wins there, it’ll truly be a NEW DAY classic!
Match 23: Humberto Carrillo vs. Jeff Hardy
Humberto puts in a fine effort against the Charismatic Enigma, but his road to redemption will not be blocked as he definitively puts down Humberto with a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb.
Match 24: Dominik Dijakovic vs. Zack Gibson w/ James Drake
Another bit of a cool down match along with the previous match, Gibson is a terrific heel and really solid in the ring and him and Dijakovic have a decent back and forth match. Drake tries to interfere, but Dijakovic takes him out with an amazing corkscrew dive before hitting Zack with Feast Your Eyes for the 3 count. He heads into a very interesting clash of styles with Jeff Hardy next round.
Match 25: Roman Reigns vs. Ilja Dragonuv
An AMAZING sleeper hit of a match. Before it even starts, Reigns is interviewed in the back before his first match back since WrestleMania was cancelled, and he claims that while he’s been gone all he’s been thinking about is getting back to the ring... The camera pans to see Ilja staring a hole through him. Ilja makes it clear that staying home and thinking about it is VERY different than being here all the time and thinking about it. “If you swing Roman... Don’t. Miss.” Dragonuv once again shows how good he is, even countering a Spear into Torpedo Moscow for a deathly close nearfall. He then sets up Roman for a Coast to Coast dropkick but gets CAUGHT WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH!!! Dragonuv kicks out at ONE for fighting spirit, he goes for the 61-line but Reigns counters and bounces off with a spear for the three count. Ilja gets a massive rub from Roman afterward, Ilja soaks in the reaction. He’s come up short too many times. Next time it’s his night...
Or will it be? As Ilja prepares to walk to the back, the trademark symbol retracts as Ilja is attacked afterwards by... Chad Gable? Gable rushes from behind and clocks Ilja, he looks unsure of himself until WALTER follows soon after and pats him on the back. It seems Gable has taken the Ring General up on his offer, and has taken out the #1 contender for the UK Championship as his first task.
Match 26: Andrade w/ Zelina Vega vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott
Zelina, once again, asks Scott to lay down for Andrade and join them, to which Scott shockingly agrees... Only to counter Andrade’s attempted pin into an inside cradle for a VERY close near fall! From there the match continues and is extremely fast paced. Scott is unable to get the pin off a Swerve Kick, so he goes to the top rope but gets crotched by by Andrade and hit with a vicious snap back elevated La Sombra for the win. Just to set an example for Roman Reigns, Andrade hits Isaiah with the running knees and another La Sombra after the match.
Match 27: Buddy Murphy vs. Mark Andrews
Rollins’ Right Hand follower enters this tournament brash and arrogantly, and it nearly costs him against Mandrews but by the end he gains complete focus and hits three brutal V-Triggers and Murphy’s Law for an overall decisive win.
Match 28: Austin Theory w/ Zelina Vega vs. Edge
There is much shock amongst the WWE universe when the Rated R Superstar is announced for such a tournament, but in a video package released a few weeks beforehand, Edge narrates that he didn’t just come back to end his career on his own terms, he came back to “make up for lost time.” There are so many possibilities for new matches for Edge, and he wants to get as many out to the people as he can. Now that he’s done with Randy Orton, why not start at the Network Classic? He tells all the competition that it doesn’t matter who it is, they better be ready, cause he’s coming to collect, no matter the cost. Austin Theory actively seeks out Edge with the support of Zelina Vega, stating that the only way he’s going to prove that he’s worthy of being a part of the main roster so soon is if he knocks off the Ultimate Opportunist in the first round. Theory and Edge have a tournament stealing effort, one where Theory actually kicks out of a spear! Theory goes for the Unproven Cutter but Edge counters into an attempted Killswitch which is turned into Attaxia which is THEN turned into an Edgecution DDT followed by a second spear for the finish.
Match 29: Adam Cole w/Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish vs. John Morrison
Following the loss of the Tag Titles and a humiliating loss earlier on, Miz is none too pleased with the Dirt Sheet’s effort recently. It actually seems like Miz is going a bit mad as a matter of fact. Enough to the point that when Morrison mentions that Miz is the reason for their failures as of late, Miz rips apart his locker room and refuses to accompany his partner to the ring. In this match it seems the Shaman of Sexy is actually playing the babyface against the nefarious NXT Champion as the two clash in an amazing battle of generations. Morrison is able to neutralize the Era at ringside, but he is just unable to hang with the younger Cole, and is defeated after getting superkicked out of a Starship Pain hit with the Last Shot right after. The Dirt Sheet is nearly in shambles while The Undisputed Era prospers into round 2.
Match 30: Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens
Zayn comes out with his crew for this match, and laughs claiming that there’s no way that anyone else can come out to surpass him now that most of the biggest competitors have been eliminated or have advanced... And then Kevin Owens comes back. Greeted by a mega pop after returning after WrestleMania, he walks down and preps. Zayn remains on the mic and tries to reason with his friend, praising him for defeating Seth Rollins and stating that he can join “the good guys” if he just lets Zayn advance. Owens replies that he didn’t come back for any cheap passes, in fact he specifically requested a match against Sami because he is genuinely disgusted in the coward Zayn has become. He asks what happened to that Sami Zayn that everyone rooted AGAINST Owens for so long ago? He claims that Zayn is a joke now, and he’s just here to prove it. This incites a rage in Zayn, who tells his crew to go to the back, cause “he can beat Owens himself.” The two bitter rivals have an amazing 25 minute match that calls back to some of their old matches but also has a new dynamic with the hero and villain have been switched. Owens just triumphs over Zayn after a stunner, and points down the camera saying “COLE, REMEMBER ME?! YOU’RE NEXT, PRICK.”
Match 31: Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali
Before the match, Cedric And Ricochet rejoice over Ricochet’s advancement, and Ricochet wishes Cedric luck. Cedric goes in confident, having beaten Ali in the past when the chips were down, but after an amazing Cruiserweight match, Ali upsets the former Cruiserweight Champion after countering a Lumbar Check into a Tornado DDT, before following it up with an 054! Ali extends a hand to help Cedric up... But Cedric slaps it away and storms to the back, leaving Ali and the crowd confused and slightly angry.
Match 32: Keith Lee vs. Travis Banks
And finally, we arrive at the final match of the Round of 32 of the first ever WWE Network Classic. Lee is a favourite going in, seeming unstoppable as the NXT North American Champion, but the Kiwi Buzzsaw is not one to be denied, giving Lee a pretty excellent fight and even almost lifting him up for a Kiwi Crusher but Lee is just too good, And is able to claim victory after catching Banks out of the air for an attempted dive and hitting Ground Zero for the win!
Alright, that’s Round 1 taken care of. Part 2 will house rounds 2 and 3, and the 3rd part will complete the tournament. Hope you’re all enjoying it so far!
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2020.05.06 00:19 Jarfolomew Booking Every WWE PPV from WrestleMania 1 to WrestleMania 37 (Part 52)

Backlash 2009
Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat Match: Chris Jericho def. CM Punk (c) & Rey Mysterio
(All three men are drafted to SmackDown, the IC title is brought over there)
ECW Championship Extreme Rules Match: Christian (c) def. Jack Swagger
Divas Championship: Mickie James def. Maryse (c)
Unified WWE Tag Team Championship: Legacy (c) def. The Miz & John Morrison
(Miz attacks Morrison after the match)
I Quit Match: Jeff Hardy def. Matt Hardy
WWE Championship No Holds Barred Match: Randy Orton (c) def. Triple H
(Orton punts HHH in this match and puts him on the shelf for a couple months)
World Heavyweight Championship Last Man Standing Match: Edge def. John Cena (c)
(Big Show doesn't run out, instead, Edge throws him into the spotlight himself after escaping an AA attempt, because it would've been nice for Edge to get a clean win over Cena just once)
Judgment Day 2009
Intercontinental Championship: Rey Mysterio def. Chris Jericho (c)
The Miz def. John Morrison
(Miz goes to Raw and Jo-Mo goes to SmackDown, but they're given this match to blow off the short feud)
United States Championship: MVP (c) def. William Regal
Unified WWE Tag Team Championship: Legacy (c) def. Carlito & Primo
Divas Championship: Mickie James (c) def. Michelle McCool
ECW Championship Belfast Brawl: Christian (c) def. Finlay
Singles Match for the Money in the Bank Briefcase: CM Punk def. Shelton Benjamin
World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match: Matt Hardy def. Edge (c) & Jeff Hardy
WWE Championship: Batista def. Randy Orton (c)
Extreme Rules 2009
United States Championship Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match: Kofi Kingston def. MVP (c), William Regal & Chavo Guerrero
Intercontinental Championship No Holds Barred Match: Chris Jericho def. Rey Mysterio (c)
(Jericho rips Rey's mask off mid-619 and rolls him up)
Lumberjack Match: John Cena def. The Miz
(Before Judgment Day, Miz begins to come out each week and challenge Cena to a match and each week Cena doesn't show up, so Miz counts it as a forfeit and declares himself the victor each time. Finally an official match is made for Extreme Rules, and to make sure Miz can't run, it's made a Lumberjack Match)
Falls Count Anywhere Match for the Money in the Bank Briefcase: CM Punk def. Edge
ECW Championship Hardcore Match: Tommy Dreamer def. Christian
Tables Match: Evan Bourne def. Jack Swagger
WWE Championship Steel Cage Match: Batista (c) def. Randy Orton
(Orton attacks Batista on Raw the next night, putting him on the shelf and forcing him to vacate the WWE Title)
World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy def. Matt Hardy (c)
World Heavyweight Championship Cash-In Match: CM Punk def. Jeff Hardy (c)
(Jeff celebrates on top of the ladder but Punk runs in from the crowd and pushes him off, then cashes in. Not a full heel turn but planting the seeds for the son of a bitch Punk was so good at being)
The Bash 2009
Intercontinental Championship Mask vs. Title Match: Rey Mysterio def. Chris Jericho (c)
Divas Championship: Michelle McCool def. Mickie James (c)
John Morrison def. Matt Hardy
Unified WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match: Edge & Chris Jericho def. Legacy (c) & Carlito & Primo
Dolph Ziggler def. Kane
ECW Championship: Tommy Dreamer (c) def. Christian
World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy def. CM Punk (c) via DQ
(Punk fakes an eye injury and kicks Hardy square in the balls)
Fatal 4-Way Match for the vacant WWE Championship: Randy Orton def. Triple H, John Cena & Big Show
Night of Champions 2009
United States Championship Six Pack Challenge: Kofi Kingston (c) def. The Miz, Jack Swagger, MVP, Evan Bourne & Chavo Guerrero
Unified WWE Tag Team Championship: Chris Jericho & Big Show (c) def. Legacy
(Edge gets injured and is forced to give up his half of the tag titles. Chris Jericho gets Big Show to be his new partner)
ECW Championship: Tommy Dreamer (c) def. Vladimir Kozlov
Divas Championship: Michelle McCool (c) def. Melina
Intercontinental Championship: Rey Mysterio (c) def. John Morrison
John Cena def. Big Show
World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy def. CM Punk (c)
WWE Championship 3 Stages of Hell Match: Randy Orton (c) def. Triple H
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2020.05.05 22:37 NerdyOutdoors 5 Key Moves in Exeter's Rise to the Top of the Prem (Exeter City Part 30)

5 Key Moves in Exeter's Rise to the Top of the Prem (Exeter City Part 30)
As Exeter launch another season in the Premier League, we offer a history lesson of 5 key strategic decisions the Exeter board have made that helped them rise to the top.
Click here for our other Exeter Coverage
In ascending order of importance, here are the moves we rank as most important for growing Exeter.
#5: The 2019 transfer of Antonio Marin and the switch to a 4-3-3
The Croatian has been a stalwart on the left of Andrea Daudelin's attack
These seem like two decisions but they are intertwined. Seeking a wing partner for Randell Williams, Exeter struck gold with their transfer deal securing Marin from Dinamo Zagreb for 1.4 million. Marin's tireless work, physical presence, and abilities to cross or to cut inside from the wing on his devastating right foot helped Exeter rampage through the league 2 and league 1 seasons. He carried the weight for two seasons after his transfer, leading in assists and serving 2nd or 3rd on the team in goals in his first three seasons with the team. As others have grown around him, his statistical production has slowed somewhat, but he consistently earns man-of-the-match plaudits. The shift to the 4-3-3 opened up space in the middle of the park, pulling defenders back to space sooner and inaugurating a counterattack style that often flowed through Marin.
#4: the 2023-24 Transfer Windows
Exeter went in with a strategy and a war chest, fresh from earning promotion to the Prem and flush with cash from several high-profile youth sales. But it was no wild spending spree; instead, Exeter targeted a rebuild on the right side. With Marin and Left-back Jack Sparkes consistently good on the other side, Exeter found themselves suddenly in need of help on the right after Randell Williams took a transfer to Genk. A brilliant swoop for Alexis Saelemaekers saw the young Belgian come in for an eye-watering fee. Right behind him came Lutsharel Geertruida, who proved a stout addition to a defense that had struggled to stop shots. The addition of Geertruida and Saelemaekers were instrumental in Exeter's 7th-place finish and the Carabao Cup victory that earned them Europa league football.
#3: Chris Mepham arrives on a Free
Mepham added physicality and defensive acumen in the back
Exeter have always worked the frees to the best of their ability, seeking to add first-team talent on reasonable wages. Here, the lure of Europa league football proved a strong inducement for Mepham to sign after his Bournemouth contract wound down. He hardly to move down the coast for his commute. Mepham saw Exeter's goals-allowed go from 11th in the league to 3rd in the league, a move which would pave the way for their consecutive high finishes, including their race to the semifinals in the Europa league. Mepham proved a testament to the importance of a quality centre-back in a challenging league.
#2: The Scottish plan: James Scott and Allan Campbell
The Scottish striker Scott came over from Motherwell at the same time Marin arrived, and has done nothing but score; while Campbell, also from Motherwell, replaced an aging central midfield. His high defensive workrate has seen him lead the team in tackles and interceptions, and he has been the man most responsible for corralling some of the world's most potent strikers.

The two Scots have found the south of England to their liking
Scott as won golden boot honors twice, once in League 2 and once in the Prem, and earned player of the tournament honors in the Europa League and in the Carabao Cup. Campbell, as the team's deep-lying playmaker, has less gaudy stats, but he was 6th in goals in the Prem last season, and has never ranked lower than 5th in the league assists table throughout his time at Exeter.
#1: Trusting the System
Exeter have long promised their own youth a chance at first team football, either with Exeter, or capitalizing on their reputation and exposure to move to other clubs; and it has paid dividends both literally and figuratively. The meteoric rise of youth prospects like Anthony MacDonald (sold to West Brom), Christopher Okara (Sold to Bournmouth), Jack Morrison (to Celta) helped earn them moves away from St James Park, but many of Exeter's youth found starting positions where ever they went. Some stayed at Exeter: Henry Morgan (starting for Exeter); Cian Lafferty (starting right winger for Exeter), and longtime stars Archie Collins and Jack Sparkes all graduated from the academy to starting roles.
This coming season, watch for Craig McCarthy, Jose Cruz (currently on loan at Levante) and Ronan Connolly to all break through, along with longtime super-sub Gabriel Lawal.
The lessons for other teams are there to see, but Exeter have proven luckier than most-- it doesn't require anyone looking far to see strikers who flop, centre-mids who lack the physical tools, or young talents who fizzle out. But over and over, Exeter have trusted their manager, scouts, and coaches to build a winning side. With Archie Collins talking about "unfinished business" in the Champions League, Exeter look to test their acumen again.
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2020.04.23 12:28 Fwoggie2 Covid-19 update Thursday 23rd April

Good morning from the UK. It’s Thursday 23rd April.

Virus news in depth

North Korea was swift to close its borders at the end of January when coronavirus cases in neighboring China began to skyrocket but by the beginning of April North Korea was issuing a firm denial that it had no cases of Covid-19 with Pak Myong-su, a director at North Korea's Central Emergency Anti-epidemic headquarters, telling news agency AFP on Friday 3rd April: "Not one single person has been infected with the novel coronavirus in our country so far. We have carried out pre-emptive and scientific measures such as inspections and quarantine for all personnel entering our country and thoroughly disinfecting all goods, as well as closing borders and blocking sea and air lanes." The claims were flatly rejected by the four star US army general Robert Adams who commented "I can tell you that is an impossible claim based on all of the intel that we have seen," in a joint interview he held with news sites CNN and VOA. Fast forward three weeks and panic buying is reported to have broken out in North Korea according to a report picked up on the well regarded NK News (and consequently repeated on Bloomberg). One source in the report describes empty shelves and a sudden absence of staples like vegetables, flour, and sugar. Locals have been buying “whatever is there,” an expat said, saying that “you can hardly get in” to some stores. Both the expat and another person in Pyongyang said the surge was particularly notable on Wednesday whilst another source said large groups of locals were seen buying big amounts of mostly-imported products in some grocery stores, resulting in abrupt shortages. Demand sharply increased this week, yet another person confirmed, saying they had been told on Tuesday to purchase supplies of some key products. The range of items offered in shops aimed at diplomats has also diminished, they added, noting that in particular, “imported goods (are) running out.”
The situation in North Korea is complicated at the best of times but even more so now with persistent rumours swirling about Kim Jong Un’s health following a heart procedure (he is known to be obese, a heavy smoker and reports suggest ill health has been brought on by overwork). Should he die Kim's demise would risk unwelcome instability in North Korea and with no clear succession plan, his death or incapacitation could cause chaos in a heavily armed and secretive country. Their neighbours to the North are China who already have their hands full with Covid-19 as well as soothing diplomatic relationships with several Western countries over initially denying the outbreak and then failing to maintain quality control on the badly needed PPE exports pouring out of China. A destabilising North Korea is going to be the last thing Chinese President Xi Jinping needs. North Korea may be one to watch over the coming weeks and months.

Over in the USA Forbes is reporting that three states with Republic governors are set to loosen Covid-19 restrictions. South Carolina will allow some retail stores, as well as flea markets, to reopen Monday, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said the “vast majority” of his state’s businesses can reopen May 1, 2020, and Georgia will permit businesses such as gyms, barber shops and tattoo parlors to resume business on Friday. Forbes points out that common among the states, though, is a lack of strict protocols for businesses to follow, or a way to enforce a given mandate, even as health officials warn the virus could spread rapidly again if stringent restrictions on economic activity and a widespread testing system aren’t in place. On the same topic, Fox News is reporting that Oklahaoma will follow suit too and also partially reopen, in their case hair salons, spas, nail salons and pet groomers will be allowed to open their doors.
Exploring Georgia’s decision a bit further, Forbes says that Governor Brian Kemp has endorsed a free market philosophy that sees the businesses and residents—not the government—as having the ultimate power to decide how to proceed during the pandemic, though the state did order businesses to follow social distancing practices and screen employees for signs of illness; “It is not going to be government that is going to solve the problem; it is the community at large,” Kemp said earlier this month. Not everyone agrees with him; “We need to, as government leaders, step up and give people an incentive to stay home. But there’s nothing essential about going to a bowling alley in the middle of a pandemic,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said Tuesday on MSNBC (Atlanta is in Georgia). Kemp responded to the criticism on Fox News saying, “If people don’t want to open the gym, they don’t have to. But when you close somebody’s business down and take their livelihoods . . . I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.”
It remains to be seen how convinced local residents will be as to how safe it would be to recommence their normal lifestyles. I flagged a Wuhan restauranteer’s story earlier this week - now their lockdown is lifted and people can come and go, he’s finding that whilst his restaurants might be open very few people are venturing out. Forbes for their part highlights a Gallup survey released last Tuesday that showed that just 20 percent of U.S. adults would resume normal activity right away once shelter-in-place orders are lifted. Lifting lockdowns is one thing, recreating the pre-outbreak circular economy quite another it seems.
But what about America’s doctor-in-chief Anthony Fauci’s opinion? Forbes helpfully has that answer: “That could be setting us back,” Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told the New York Times NYT on Tuesday, referring to Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina. “It certainly isn’t going to be helpful”, he added. Patrice Harris, the president of the American Medical Association, said she too was worried about a possible second wave of infections in the fall on the lines of Redfield's warning to The Washington Post. "I'm worried about a second wave to come sooner. I'm really worried about those states who are relaxing some of the stay-at-home regulations earlier. We could get a second wave even earlier than the fall. That's very concerning," she told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.
As for President Trump’s stance on the matter, the president reiterated that his administration has established benchmarks that states should clear before they begin the reopening process. The rules recommend 14 days of declining new infections, as well as 14 days of decling covid-like syndromic cases and influenza-like illnesses, before moving to the reopening phase Kemp has called for. "I told the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, that I disagree strongly with his decision to open certain facilities which are in violation of the Phase I guidelines for the incredible people of Georgia," Trump said. "At the same time, he must do what he thinks is right," Trump continued. "But I disagree with him on what he's doing."
Were a significant spike to come about through the fall (autumn) it could have serious implications for the upcoming elections in November 2020. As well as the election for the office of the President of the United States, all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate are being contested. Notably, the governorships for the four states mentioned above are not being contested this time around but there may be a question whether it’s safe enough to even physically hold the elections if there were a severe outbreak at the time. If interested in the situation around that scenario, try this article here.
Back to the economy to finish this bit off; the best-case scenario following aggressive reopening in Southern states, in contrast with more hard-hit epicenters in the North like New York and Michigan, is that it could create test cases of how to reignite the economy while keeping the disease at bay. That would require most warnings by medical and public health experts to be wrong. Opening up now is a huge risk. Just because the curve of infections is flattened does not mean it cannot rise again since the disease has no proven therapies and there is so far no vaccine.
If you’re American and want to know more about your own state’s position on reopening, CNN has a breakdown here.

Virus news in brief

Today’s sources: The Guardian, CNN, BBC (unless stated otherwise).

Supply chain news in depth

Failure to extend Brexit talks ‘very risky’, say UK forwarders - Aircargonews reports that UK freight forwarder association BIFA has said that the government’s refusal to extend trade deal talks with the European Union is “very risky” given the coronavirus outbreak. BIFA said that even before the pandemic, there were concerns among BIFA members that the 11-month transition wouldn’t leave enough time to prepare for a potential no deal, with talks between the UK and the EU only getting back underway this week. Robert Keen, BIFA director general, said: “In light of the huge issues involved with a sharp change in trading conditions at the start of 2021, particularly if that were to coincide with another Covid-19 outbreak, we think an extension looks increasingly likely. “There has been little meaningful consultation with UK trade regarding the policies and procedures required in order to ensure that trade with the EU can continue relatively uninterrupted post December 31st 2020. “Trade deals are typically multi-year exercises, but in this case, the UK and EU realistically have until October to agree on terms, allowing time for ratification. And while formal talks are continuing, many of the civil service resources previously assigned to support negotiations have been reallocated to deal with the coronavirus emergency response.”
(Cont’d) Keen explained: “Having had their businesses knocked sideways by the virus, many of our members have furloughed staff whilst they work out how they can keep their businesses afloat. “It is unlikely that their companies and the clients they serve will have the capacity to increase readiness for a sharp change in trading conditions in 2021. “In light of those things and with very little information from government on when restrictions on key sectors of the economy are likely to be lifted, and the as yet unknown economic damage done to the sector and wider economy, BIFA members are in no position to respond to a second massive shock if there is significant change in the terms of trade with the EU at the end of the year, because the government has stuck to its guns over the transition period.” “We believe that refusing to even consider extending the transition period is very risky and together with a growing chorus of Brexit commentators, think an extension to the transition period remains likely, and it is really only a question of ‘when’.” The Loadstar has picked up the same story here.

Supply chain news in brief

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Several asked if they can send me $/£/€ via Patreon (in some cases because I've saved them time or money, others for no reason at all). I don't need the cash (that's lovely though) but as you may have read above, food bank charities are getting really hit hard with all this panic buying. Please consider giving whatever you'd have given me to a foodbank charity instead:
UK: https://www.trusselltrust.org/
France: https://www.banquealimentaire.org/
Germany: https://www.tafel.de/
Netherlands: https://www.voedselbankennederland.nl/steun-ons/steun-voedselbank-donatie/
Italy: https://www.bancoalimentare.it/it/node/1
Spain: https://www.fesbal.org/
Australia: https://www.foodbank.org.au/
Canada: https://www.foodbankscanada.ca/
USA: https://www.feedingamerica.org/
Thanks in advance for any donations you give. If there's foodbank charities in your country and it's not listed above, please suggest it and I will include it going forward.

Virus stats

I hope to publish them today, but being very honest it’s pretty unlikely and if I do get time it won’t be until late evening UK time (so around 10 hrs from now). I'd like to throw up the graphs for both infections and death rates for the four states that want to open because gut instinct tells me they haven't peaked yet so why they'd want to reopen is beyond my understanding.
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2020.04.23 01:28 Jarfolomew Booking Every WWE PPV from WrestleMania 1 to WrestleMania 37 (Part 47)

SummerSlam 2007
United States Championship: MVP (c) def. Matt Hardy
Intercontinental Championship: Santino Marella def. Jeff Hardy (c)
(Heel Santino gets a lucky rollup but Jeff wins it back a couple weeks later)
Cruiserweight Championship: Rey Mysterio def. Chavo Guerrero (c)
(Rey returns and retires the Cruiserweight Title)
Mark Henry def. Kane
Divas Battle Royal; winner faces Candice Michelle for the Women's Championship: Beth Phoenix wins by last eliminating Victoria
ECW Championship Extreme Rules Match: CM Punk def. John Morrison (c)
DX def. King Booker & Bobby Lashley
(Lashley and Booker join forces briefly and attack Shawn Michaels on Raw. HBK says that he has the perfect man in mind to help him even the odds. Like Rey's match earlier, HHH doesn't show up in the entire build, returning here at SummerSlam)
World Heavyweight Championship: Umaga (c) def. Batista
WWE Championship: John Cena (c) def. Randy Orton
Unforgiven 2007
ECW Championship TLC Match: CM Punk (c) def. John Morrison
World Tag Team Championship: World's Greatest Tag Team (c) def. Paul London & Brian Kendrick
WWE Championship Number One Contenders Match: Triple H def. Shawn Michaels
I Quit Match: Rey Mysterio def. Chavo Guerrero
Mark Henry def. Kane
Women's Championship: Beth Phoenix def. Candice Michelle (c)
WWE Championship: Randy Orton def. John Cena (c) via DQ
(Cena goes into a fit of rage, looking for payback after Orton punted his dad a couple weeks back. He knocks Orton silly with a steel chair, causing the ref to call for the bell)
World Heavyweight Championship: Batista def. Umaga (c)
No Mercy 2007
Cena vacates the WWE Championship due to injury
Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) def. Shawn Michaels
WWE Tag Team Championship: Finlay & William Regal (c) def. MVP & Matt Hardy
(MVP and Matt become partners after Teddy Long forces them to work together in a tag team match playa)
Casket Match: Undertaker def. Mark Henry
(Undertaker returns to pay back the man who cost him the World Heavyweight Title)
Women's Championship: Beth Phoenix (c) def. Candice Michelle
Carlito def. Rey Mysterio
Vacant WWE Championship: Randy Orton def. Triple H
ECW Championship: CM Punk (c) def. The Miz
World Heavyweight Championship Samoan Strap Match: Batista (c) def. Umaga
Cyber Sunday 2007
World's Greatest Tag Team def. Finlay & William Regal
(Some brand warfare between the Tag Champs of both shows)
United States Championship: Matt Hardy def. MVP (c)
(MVP shakes Matt's hand after the match but then kicks Matt's knee out and goes to town on it. Crushing under the steel steps)
Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) def. Paul London
Stretcher Match: Rey Mysterio def. Carlito
Shawn Michaels def. Mr. Kennedy
ECW Championship: CM Punk (c) def. The Miz
World Heavyweight Championship: Batista (c) def. Undertaker
WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match: Randy Orton (c) def. Triple H
Survivor Series 2007
World Tag Team Championship: World's Greatest Tag Team (c) def. Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly
Survivor Series Match: Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Kane & CM Punk def. Mr. Kennedy, John Morrison, The Miz, Umaga & MVP
Belfast Brawl: Finlay def. William Regal
(Finlay and Regal lose the Tag Team Titles to Miz and Morrison on SD and Regal turns on Finlay)
Ten-Divas Tag Team Match: Mickie James, Torrie Wilson, Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly & Maria def. Beth Phoenix, Melina, Victoria, Layla & Jillian Hall
WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) def. Shawn Michaels
World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell Match: Batista (c) def. Undertaker
(Edge returns in this match, posing as a cameraman and costing Taker the match)
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2020.04.20 20:05 FiftyOneMarks [Potential Spoilers] The DCTV Dream, Building and Remodeling It’s Structure (1/?)

Hello all, recently I’ve been inspired by conversations with another user (u/PrettyBirdInStar) to revisit a project I had at one point been working on a couple years back and it was, essentially, my remodeling of the DCTV universe and all the potential shows that we could have seen/had. Obviously this is all based on my personal preferences, fantasy casting, budgeting not be an issue, etc but I would like to share these with the subs.
A couple notes though: The format for each of these revisions follows with the roster or “main cast” (non-team members or “older” characters excluded from the roster as they would function in recurring or quest roles) followed by a breakdown of how team dynamics would generally work as well as what the characters would do in their personal/professional lives. Most characters may also have name or mantle changes to fit with a more consistent or expansive universe. I didn’t include seasonal arcs because I felt like that would have made the posts too long even though with certain shows, like Arrow, Flash, and Black Lightning, I have thoughts on how their seasons should have been structured. I will include how they could have structured the big bads though so they exist in a more “natural” progression based on skill level and team growth for the main characters. Also, for the shows that don’t actually exist, I will include a brief synopsis I’ve developed for them so there’s a general idea of what I could see being the shows focus.
Also, generally speaking, the rosters are formatted so each pair of characters are the ones we would see end up in romantic relationships with one another. I wouldn’t specifically say I’m a “shipper” but romantic relationships are a staple of these shows so I included them in this reformatting. Another thing to add as far is that as costuming is concerned is that I’d take take a page from Black Lightning and have the majority of the characters costume come from nanotechnology so we solve the issue of them “suiting up” for the characters who don’t have super speed and whatnot. Solves the issue of them suiting up and driving to a crime scene and the villains still being there when logistically that wouldn’t happen.
These posts are gonna span most of the Arrowverse subs (so I’m not posting them all at once or in huge blocks) with most of the “official” shows posted in their main subs along with their direct spin-offs while the more “pipe dream” shows will be posted in the Arrowverse general sub. So now, without further ado, I’ll start with my arrow reformatting.
ARROW Roster:
Oliver Queen as Green Arrow,
Felicity Smoak as Overwatch,
Rene Ramirez as Wild Dog,
Christopher Chance as Human Target,
Adrian Chase (Simon Morrison’s long-lost twin so he’s portrayed by Josh Segarra) as Vigilante,
Emiko Adachi as Red Arrow,
Mike Judd (name in comics unknown but based on his creators) as Dodger,
Mia Dearden as Trickshot,
Henry Hyff as Subdigital,
Susan Williams (as Susan Williams),
JT Neves as Galahad,
Bonnie King as Arrowette,
Even Gibson (as Evan Gibson),
McKenna Hall (as McKenna Hall)
With this roster, I’d have the show focus on what I kinda wanted it to focus on in season 5. I’d keep Oliver as mayor despite it feeling sorta unearned and Oliver not really... showing an interest at any point in politics in the shows history like his comic counterpart did. I would like to keep his position as mayor though (with it being built up in early season 3) so in addition to getting screen time both as the Green Arrow and Oliver Queen, we would get a more fleshed out personal and professional life.
Rene would be elevated to the position of the Deputy Mayor while Emiko would take over Thea’s role as Oliver’s Chief of Staff. Adrian Chase, the real one, would continue his role as the District Attorney (after explaining that Simon stole his identity and held him captive). This would allow us to get more politically driven scenes as well as build character interactions between Oliver, Rene, Emiko, and Adrian. In addition to the political aspect, we’d also get more of a look into how the world views Oliver Queen and his office through the press, the most prominent of which would be Susan (whose life wasn’t ruined). She would be introduced as another old friend of Oliver who is impressed by his strides to fix Star City and make it a better place, one again emphasizing his growth from who he used to be. Working alongside her would be Evan Gibson, an accomplished reporter and the one who initially brings the idea of unmasking the Green Arrow to Susan’s attention. While the two of them do manage to uncover Oliver’s identity, Oliver and the team actually decide to have a wholly honest conversation with them about what they’ve done for the city and how much they’ve sacrificed to keep it safe, prompting the duo to not only keep their secret but also work to garner public support towards Team Arrow and vigilantes as a whole.
Christopher Chance would work as a Private Investigator instead of being of acting as a political decoy or bodyguard. He would also be partnered with Mike who, with his criminal history and connections, would help solve certain cases or track down criminal activity in Star City (which directly helps the team out when it comes to certain big bads). They would also have interactions with Quentin (who exists in a recurring capacity and as Captain of the Police Force) as he puts them onto certain cases the police can’t handle or take care of. Also involved in the law enforcement side of things would be a returned McKenna Hall.
McKenna would be one of the people Susan and Brian speak to about the Green Arrows history when they begin investigating and, after her conversation with the duo, would finally piece together his identity. This would serve as a major source of conflict with her, especially when she learns of Quentin, Chris, and Mikes involvement with the team. The man known as “JT” would be a new vigilante who believes himself to be the Knight Galahad and while most of the team is unsure of what to make of him or his stated identity, they eventually allow him to join him as he tries to piece together who he is and if he is really the time-displaced knight or someone suffering from incredibly intense delusions.
With Felicity, I’d change things so she never becomes CEO of Palmer Tech and instead spends the majority of the fourth season focusing on her startup company. This would be a storyline that expands for her duration on the show. She would work on this startup alongside Henry (replacing her arc and work with Curtis). She would also have interactions with Moira (Moira is a recurring character but she is a businesswoman so she acts as Felicity’s guide), fixing their previous dynamic and serving as the basis for why felicity would name her child after a woman she deemed “diabolical”.
Bonnie would enter the show as a former friend of Rene and Ted Grant’s from the glades who has taken over Wildcat Gym and opened it up to include mixed martial arts. Mia would work there alongside Bonnie with Bonnie serving as her trainer. Mia would operate as a semi-famous and successful cage fighter affiliated with the gym. A lot of the characters would also use the gym to train or keep their skill levels consistent so they aren’t always at the base. I also paired most of the characters up at various locations/jobs so that there aren’t more than a handful of locations but also so we get time to see different dynamics and bonds amongst the team outside of their vigilante activities.
Given the size of the team, I would implement more of a “work shift” type of deal. To me, personally, it never made much sense how they all apparently went out every night patrolling/fighting and also had day jobs. With this specific roster, we have eight field characters and two tech support characters which means not everyone needs to be included on missions all at once and given some of their jobs they wouldn’t be able to anyways. It also makes it easier for them to elude the police early on (until they are later deputized) if there aren’t as many members out at once. I would suggest for smaller, villain of the week missions we’d see different combinations every time the team goes out with three or four field vigilantes while either Felicity or Henry would be back at the base QB-ing. Meanwhile, the characters who aren’t included in the action of the week would instead have personal or professional civilian life development during their off time.
I also think for this to work, a lot of the “god-tier” fighting skills certain team members have (Oliver specifically) would have to be dramatically reduced. The show made a mistake by having Oliver act as a one man army then dropping his skills to justify his need for a team later on. This also goes into the whole “seasonal arc/big bad” build-up that I feel they dropped the ball on as well. Also, with size in mind, we would see a lot of vigilante scenes take place following situations where there’s hostages or multiple targets the team has to handle at once. This way, when they are out on missions the entire team isn’t running down the same hallway together or crowding the battlefield.
I was thinking this would play out something similar to when the team went to save Ray where they split up allowing Sara, Laurel, and Thea to fight Hive henchmen while Felicity and Curtis saved Ray and Oliver had to encounter Darhk. Then, when we got to the end of the season arc (the whole doomsday in May thing) we’d see everyone on the team come together for that mission in a sort of “all hands on deck” type of situation. I would also like it so the “final” mission of the season spans 2-3 episodes so there’s a consistent ramping of tension and truly highlights the gravity of the threat they are facing.
Seasonal Big Bads:
So given that Oliver’s skills aren’t as god tier as they started off, I would restructure the big bads he faces. Oliver would start off mainly focused on the list but eventually, his activities would transition into a more general vigilante role. First first true enemy would be Brick who operates as a crime lord and is in control of the city’s drugs, guns, sex workers, etc. Also, Merlyn would be a BTS figure who is manipulating Brick and while the audience knows, Oliver doesn’t.
The second season would be where I’d introduce the Dark Archer and his plans to destroy the Glades (after Bricks corruption of the neighborhood, it is easier for him to demolish and then take over). His skills would be toned down a bit as well, more challenging for Oliver and Co but not too extreme. He’d also employ the Longbow Hunters to keep Oliver distracted from his plans.
The third season would focus on Prometheus who basically basically has the same arc of coming after Oliver and Co on every level of their lives. He’d employ different mercenaries and specific villains/mercenaries to counteract or directly oppose certain members of the team like Vertigo, Komodo, Sonus, Onomatopoeia, and Anarchy. When it comes to taking down Prometheus, I’d like to see a fight where the team’s combined strength overwhelms him and allows them to win, something the show should have done with Ras as having Oliver alone beat him was a level up he didn’t need and made most of his later adversaries jokes.
The fourth season would focus on Damien Darhk who isn’t a magic man but instead a regular megalomaniac who begins a cult in the city and draws mass support in power because he is capable of “saving” the people of Star City. He still plots to bring about his “utopia” except on a smaller scale and by bringing about the death of most of the citizens who he views as “damned” (what’s a cult leader without religious zealotry?) and uses HIVE to do so (his allies have already infected/take over other cities so the team attempts to expose their activities).
The fifth season would be based around a “cabal” consisting of Tobias Church, Cayden James, Ricardo Diaz, and Anatoly who are seeking to unite the criminal underworld not only in Star City but in all the surrounding cities as well. They would also be the heads of various gangs so at this point the team is really facing an “army” of villains which coincides with the team’s continued growth.
The sixth season would be where we’d reach a bit more of an “extreme” enemy in the form of Slade (whose been included in the flashbacks and has a more in-depth history with Oliver and Co). At this point, Oliver would also have a highly suitable and longstanding team which allows them all to realistically face Slade and his forces. I’d include Grant Wilson, Kane Wolfman (who isn’t Jericho and is named Jackal), Mei (Shados twin who wants revenge and is named Nightshade) and Isabel Rochev (renamed Mayhem) as his allies.
The seventh season would follow Dante and the Ninth Circle as well as reveal a recently returned to life Malcolm Merlyn (he died but was revived by the Lazarus Pit). As Emiko shows up long before this, she wouldn’t be a traitor so much as she would have had ties and allegiance to the Ninth circle and be the unwitting catalyst for why they target Star City.
The eighth season would be helmed by the Dark Archer (as Oliver’s mirror and ultimate enemy). As well as reappearances from all the bad guys the team has faced over the years who were either imprisoned or managed to escape and go into hiding. Given this was also crisis season, a lot of the actions would be sorta “callback” specific with each episode focusing on one of the big bag and either their successor or their return.
Final Notes:
alright so, that is part one of my restructuring project. Obviously I didn’t go super in depth with things (even though this was still kind of long) but I hope you all enjoyed reading it if you did and I’d love to hear any thoughts or commentary. Also... I potentially have in mind a similar idea for the DCUniverse and the DCMax Universes (as those seem to be separate as well) but that won’t be a thing for quite a while.
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2020.04.01 17:26 cooklanbrahh [SHARE] Textbook Megathread #9 Free PDF

Download any of these for free at https://oppfiles.com/585933

DM me if you have any requests for anything not on the list.
If you want solution manuals/testbanks, you can also request them
Almost all the books are in their latest editions and some of them are available in multiple editions too.
Please subscribe the sub to find all the latest textbook releases.
  1. Understanding Human Sexuality, 11th Edition:Janet Shibley Hyde & John D. DeLamater
  2. Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases,1st Edition: Jeffrey H. Dyer & Paul Godfrey & Robert Jensen & David Bryce
  3. New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2018: Introductory, 20th Edition:June Jamrich Parsons
  4. The Everyday Writer with 2016 MLA Update, 6th Edition:Andrea A. Lunsford
  5. Shelly Cashman Series Microsoft Office 365 & Word 2016: Intermediate, 1st Edition:Misty E. Vermaat
  6. Writing about Writing: A College Reader, 3rd Edition:Elizabeth Wardle
  7. March's Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms and Structure, 7th Edition:Michael B. Smith
  8. Contemporary Sport Management, 5th Edition: Paul M. Pedersen &. Lucie Thibault
  9. Database Concepts (7th Edition): David M. Kroenke & David J. Auer
  10. Global Shift: Mapping the Changing Contours of the World Economy, 7th Edition:Peter Dicken
  11. Gould's Pathophysiology for the Health Professions, 5th Edition: Karin VanMeter & Robert Hubert
  12. Global Business, 4th Edition:Mike W. Peng
  13. Introduction to Criminal Justice: Systems, Diversity, and Change, 2nd Edition: Callie Marie Rennison & Mary J. Dodge
  14. Essentials of Ecology, 4th Edition: Michael Begon & Robert W. Howarth & Colin R. Townsend
  15. Operations and Supply Chain Management, 9th Edition: Roberta S. Russell & Bernard W. Taylor
  16. Digital Design and Computer Architecture, 2nd Edition: David Harris & Sarah Harris
  17. Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, 7th Edition: Serope Kalpakjian & Stephen R. Schmid
  18. Managing Business Ethics: Straight Talk about How to Do It Right, 7th Edition: Linda K. Trevino & Katherine A. Nelson
  19. International Project Management, 1st Edition:Kathrin Koster
  20. Organizational Behavior, 1st Edition: Afsaneh Nahavandi & Robert B. Denhardt & Janet V. Denhardt & Maria P.
  21. A Teacher's Pocket Guide to School Law (3rd Edition):Nathan L. Essex
  22. Corrections in America: An Introduction (14th Edition): Harry E. Allen & ‎ Edward J. Latessa & ‎ Bruce S. Ponder
  23. Fundamentals of Construction Estimating, 4th Edition:David Pratt
  24. Psychology Around Us, Canadian Edition, 2nd Edition: Ronald Comer & Nancy Ogden & Michael Boyes & Elizabeth Gould
  25. Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life, 11th Edition:David M. Newman
  26. Deculturalization and the Struggle for Equality, 8th Edition:Joel Spring
  27. Research Methods in Psychology: Evaluating a World of Information, 3rd Edition:Beth Morling
  28. The Enduring Vision: A History of the American People, Volume I: To 1877, Concise,7th Edition:Paul S. Boyer
  29. Financial & Managerial Accounting,14th Edition: Carl S. Warren & James M. Reeve &‎ Jonathan Duchac
  30. Natural Resource Economics: An Introduction,3rd Edition:Barry C. Field
  31. Marketing Management: A Strategic Decision-Making Approach,8th Edition: John Mullins & Orville C Walker
  32. Microeconomics, 2nd edition: B. Douglas Bernheim & ‎ Michael Whinston
  33. Microeconomics: A Contemporary Introduction,11th Edition:William A. McEachern
  34. Excursions in Modern Mathematics (8th Edition):Peter Tannenbaum
  35. College Physics,10th Edition:Raymond A. Serway
  36. Psychology in Everyday Life,3rd Edition:David G. Myers
  37. Chemistry The Science in Context , 5th Edition: Thomas R. Gilbert & Rein V. Kirss
  38. Starting Out with C++ from Control Structures to Objects,9th Edition:Tony Gaddis
  39. Precalculus, 6th Edition :Robert F. Blitzer
  40. Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter, 7th Edition: Neil D. Jespersen & James E. Brady & Alison Hyslop
  41. Precalculus with Limits,4th Edition:Ron Larson
  42. Occupied America: A History of Chicanos (8th Edition):Rodolfo F. Acuna
  43. Development Economics,1st Edition:Gérard Roland
  44. Chemistry: A Molecular Approach,2nd Edition: Nivaldo J. Tro & Travis D. Fridgen & Lawton E. Shaw
  45. Construction Contracting: A Practical Guide to Company Management,8th Edition:Richard H. Clough, Glenn A. Sears, S. Keoki Sears, Robert O. Segner, Jerald L. Rounds
  46. Statistics for the Life Sciences (5th Edition): Myra L. Samuels & Jeffrey A. Witmer & Andrew Schaffner
  47. Financial Management: Core Concepts (3rd Edition):Raymond Brooks
  48. South-Western Federal Taxation 2018: Comprehensive,41th Edition: William H. Hoffman & David M. Maloney
  49. Human Resource Management,15th Edition: Robert L. Mathis & John H. Jackson
  50. Disorders of Childhood: Development and Psychopathology,3rd Edition: Robin Hornik Parritz & Michael F. Troy
  51. Public Speaking for College & Career,10th Edition:Hamilton Gregory
  52. Interpersonal Communication: Relating to Others (8th Edition): Steven A. Beebe & Susan J. Beebe
  53. Student Solutions Manual, Chapters 10-17 for Stewart's Multivariable Calculus,8th Edition:James Stewart
  54. Exploring Management,5th Edition: John R. Schermerhorn & Daniel G. Bachrach
  55. English Vocabulary Elements, 2nd Edition: Denning, Keith, Kessler, Brett, Leben, William R
  56. Linear Algebra and Its Applications,5th Edition: David C. Lay & Steven R. Lay
  57. Principles of Macroeconomics,12th Edition: Karl E. Case & Ray C. Fair; &Sharon E. Oster
  58. Cultural Psychology (Third Edition):Steven J. Heine
  59. Database System Concepts, 6th Edition: Abraham Silberschatz & ‎ Henry F. Korth & ‎ S. Sudarshan
  60. Principles of Engineering Economic Analysis,6th Edition: John A. White & Kenneth E. Case
  61. Essentials of Epidemiology in Public Health,3rd Edition: Ann Aschengrau & George R. Seage
  62. Essentials of Business Processes and Information Systems,1st Edition: Simha R. Magal & Jeffrey Word
  63. Introduction to Human Disease: Pathophysiology for Health Professionals,6th Edition: Agnes G. Loeffler & Michael N. Hart
  64. New Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 & Excel 2016: Intermediate,1st Edition:June Jamrich Parsons
  65. Introduction to Networks Companion Guide v5.1,1st Edition:Cisco Networking Academy
  66. Introduction to Physical Anthropology, 2013-2014 Edition,14th Edition: Robert Jurmain & Lynn Kilgore
  67. Loose-leaf Version for Scientific American: Presenting Psychology: A Concise Introduction,: Deborah Licht & Misty Hull
  68. Chemical Dependency: A Systems Approach (4th Edition): C. Aaron McNeece & Diana M. DiNitto
  69. Microeconomics: Principles for a Changing World,4th Edition:Eric Chiang
  70. Contemporary Project Management, 3rd Edition:Timothy Kloppenborg
  71. Marketing: Real People, Real Choices,9th Edition: Michael R. Solomon & Greg W. Marshall & Elnora W. Stuart
  72. The Architecture of Computer Hardware and System Software: An Information Technology Approach,5th Edition:Irv Englander
  73. Communication Skills for the Healthcare Professional,: Laurie K McCorry & Jeff Mason
  74. Construction Jobsite Management,4th Edition: William R. Mincks & Hal Johnston
  75. Culture and Psychology,6th Edition: David Matsumoto & Linda Juang
  76. Our Global Environment: A Health Perspective,7th Edition:Anne Nadakavukaren
  77. Streetwise: Race, Class, and Change in an Urban Community,1st Edition:Elijah Anderson
  78. content details,:Signature Kisses
  79. Code of the Street: Decency, Violence, and the Moral Life of the Inner City,:Elijah Anderson
  80. Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals,1st Edition:Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic
  81. Introduction to Human Disease: Pathophysiology for Health Professionals,6th Edition:Agnes G. Loeffler
  82. Lighting for Cinematography,1st Edition:David Landau
  83. Bureaucracy and Democracy: Accountability and Performance,4th Edition:Steven J. Balla; William T. Gormley, Jr.
  84. CPNE Study Guide: Pass Your First Time Study Guide Edition,:Sheri Taylor
  85. Care Plan Study Guide: How to Write Passing Care Plans for the CPNE Study Guide Edition:Sheri Taylor
  86. NYSTCE Secondary Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written Practice Questions:NYSTCE Exam Secrets Test Prep Team
  87. CNOR Exam Practice Questions,1st Edition:CNOR Exam Secrets Test Prep Staff
  88. The Nurse, the Math, the Meds: Drug Calculations Using Dimensional Analysis,3rd Edition:oyce Mulholland, Susan Turner
  89. Understanding Business Valuation: A Practical Guide to Valuing Small to Medium-Sized Businesses, 2nd Edition: Gary R. Trugman
  90. Beyond Candlesticks: New Japanese Charting Techniques Revealed,:Steve Nison
  91. How to Trade In Stocks,1st Edition:Jesse Livermore
  92. Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders,: Jack D. Schwager & Bruce Kovner
  93. Hire With Your Head: Using Performance-Based Hiring to Build Great Teams,3rd Edition:Lou Adler
  94. Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam Practice Questions,1st Edition:ADC Exam Secrets Test Prep Staff
  95. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition – Financial Management,3rd Edition:Mohamed Aamer Ala El Din
  96. A Brief History Of Modern India,:Rajiv Ahir
  97. Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam Secrets Study Guide: ADC Test Review for the International Examination for Alcohol & Drug Counselors,:ADC Exam Secrets Test Prep Team
  98. CNOR Q & A: Boost Your Confidence: 200 Questions, Complete Rationale, Test-Taking Strategies,:Jennifer Vieau
  99. Indian Art and Culture,2nd Edition:Nitin Singhania
  100. Practical Psychic Self-Defense for Home and Office,:Master Choa Kok Sui
  101. From Surviving to Thriving: A Woman's Guide to Success and Self-Leadership in the Workplace,:Sarah Cordner
  102. Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities, 12th Edition: Mark Bjelland &‎ Daniel R. Montello &‎ Jerome D Fellmann & Arthur Getis & Judith Getis
  103. Pharmacology,3rd Edition:Michael P. Adams
  104. CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 Practice Questions Exam Cram, 1st Edition:David L. Prowse
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2020.03.31 23:37 Maldevinine Completing the TRUE 2019 Bingo Card

On this day one year ago, Megan_Dawn released the TRUE 2019 Bingo Card. And because Australia is before everybody else in time, space and achievement, I completed it on hard mode.
FIRST ROW ACROSS * Australian Author, Not Garth Nix: The Resurrected Man by Sean Williams. Sean is the only author that Garth has partnered with to work on a book. * Australian Author, Contains Were-Kangaroos: Across The Creek by Rossanne Hawke. Contains Kangaroo Dragons. * Australian Author, Koala on the Cover: I thought about doing the Drop Bear Survival Guide, but Drop Bears are real and so it's not a fantasy book. The Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsey. * Australian Author, Takes Place in the Outback: Skyfallen by Anthony Edwards. * Australian Author, Takes Place in an Outback Steakhouse: The Art of Arrow Cutting by Stephan Dedman. That thing I hate where Australian authors write things set in American actually does something good here, because there's no Outback Steakhouses in the Outback.
SECOND ROW ACROSS * Australian Author, Not Sam Hawke: Valentine by Jodi McAllistar. She was sitting next to Sam Hawke at a panel I watched. * Australian Author, Girt By Sea: Walking The Tree by Kaaron Warren. The novel is set on an island about the size of Peru (some argument between myself and the author about that) with a massive tree on it that takes up the interior. I also read it on the beach. * Australian Author, From Tanzania: The Perfect Wife by Katherine Scholes. While it claims to be a romance it's clearly fantasy because there's no such thing as a perfect wife. * Australian Author, Book Must Try and Kill You: Gemina by Amie Kauffman and Jay Kristoff. I left this out one night and stubbed my toe on it when I got up. Hey, Megan never said it had to be a good try. * Australian Author, Australia Must Not Have A New Prime Minister: Hemlock Soame and the Water Horse by S. M. Kemmet. The only good thing about Scott Morrison is that he allowed me to complete this square.
THIRD ROW ACROSS * Australian Author, Not Neil Gaiman: Sasha by Joel Shepard. Look, I've never met Niel so I don't have a decent reason for this one. * Australian Author, But New Caladonian: Yeah, this one I'm changing. Instead, I'm going to swap it for Australian Author, Graphic Novel and I read Universe Gun by Dr Mike 2000. * New Zealand Author, Includes LOTR sites: Who's Afraid by Maria Lewis. * Australian Author, Feel The Serenity: You have no idea how much I tried to find some Firefly fanfiction that would fit here... Anyway, Year Of The Orphan by Daniel Findlay. Doesn't get much more serene (or Australian) then being on your own in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. * Australian Author, Includes Traditional Australian Foods: Possum Magic by Mem Fox
FOURTH ROW ACROSS * Australian Author, Not Devin Madson: Ballard of Alathimble Spade by Morton Benning. Because just like Devin isn't her real name, Morton isn't his. * Australian Author, Features a Knife: The Reckoning of Emerald Tarragon by Alex James. Main character is a witch and uses a ritual knife quite a lot. * Australian Author, from Cooladdi: Cooladdi Kids edited by Pamela Jackson. They're Australians, so I'm sure about half the "true" stories in this collection bear no relation to the events that actually spawned them. * Australian Author, Set in the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands: I felt a bit bad about this, seeing as we were at war with them, but alright. Roof of Voyaging by Gary Kilworth takes place across most of the Pacific Islands, and so it can be assumed that at least one of the islands featured in the book is also an island that was later claimed by the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands. * Australian Author, Appeared on Hey Hey It's Saturday: Legacy of Lord Regret by Sam Bowring. He's a stand up comedian as well as being an author.
FIFTH ROW ACROSS * Australian Author, Nalini Singh: I skipped the times her work appeared in collections, which cut down the reading list, and I kept it to works in English only assuming that the rest are translations and so not new material. That still left 124 books, most of them fortunately short stories that could be done at a rate of more then 1 per day. Now, to ensure that I complete this correctly I have to kill Nalini somewhen between now and her next completed story. Watch the news I suppose. * Australian Author, In A Native Language: Because no Australian Aboriginal Language has a written form, this isn't technically possible. So I went to see Yabarra - Dreaming in Light at the Adelaide Fringe * Australian Author, Adapted Into a Movie Starring Russell Crowe and Crowded House: Not actually knowing who Crowded House is (In my defense, they are Victorian and everybody knows those bloody southerners don't count) I read The Sum of Us by David Stevens * Australian Author, Must Be The Thorn Birds: Easiest square in the whole thing. The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough * Australian Author, Main Character must Say 'G'Day Mate' Between 3 and 7 Times: Our First Harvest, second story in On Our Selection by Steele Rudd. I couldn't use the first one because he said G'day too many times, but the second story only has 6 people in it.
In conclusion, say Australians are many things, but never say we're sensible.
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James Morrison - Manager - Behavioural Insights - PwC ...