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A. J. Kazinski is the pseudonym of Anders Rønnow Klarlund and Jacob Weinreich. An instant bestseller in Denmark and now published in more than fifteen countries, The Last Good Man is their first collaboration. Both men live in Copenhagen with their families. On 18-11-1983 Robert Kazinsky (nickname: Rob) was born in Haywards Heath, England, United Kingdom. He made his 14 million dollar fortune with Warcraft, Hot Pursuit, Siren1. The actor is currently single, his starsign is Scorpio and he is now 36 years of age. EastEnders actor Robert Kazinsky has dropped a surprise fact about his character Sean Slater and on-screen cousin Kat Moon, that we hadn’t even realised. The latest place this story has seemingly gone, however, is towards Robert Kazinsky, current boyfriend of Dykstra, who has tweeted out quite a bit of support for his partner and the #MeToo movement. Robert Kazinsky’s Bio: Family, Ethnicity, Education. Robert Kazinsky was born as Robert John Appleby on 18 November 1983, in Haywards Heath, Sussex. He holds English nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity. Robert stands tall at the height of 6 feet (1.83 m). Robert Kazinsky Married Life and Relationship. Stage name Robert Kazinsky, birth name Robert John Appleby, we are sure many have watched his work in Pacific Rim, Warcraft, and True Blood.He is a Hollywood hunk who has been providing entertainment to various fans from his acting role. The Bio: Loved Ones Members Education and Learning of robert Kazinsky. Robert Kazinsky was Created since Robert John Appleby on 18 at Haywards Heath. He proceeds to both ethnicity and holds nationality. Robert stands tall in the elevation of 6 ft (1.83 m). Ted Kaczynski, American criminal who conducted a 17-year bombing campaign that killed 3 and wounded 23 in an attempt to bring about ‘a revolution against the industrial system.’ He was dubbed the Unabomber after the UNABOM (university and airline bombing) task force formed by federal investigators. “You can’t eat your cake and have it too. To gain one thing you have to sacrifice another.” – Ted Kaczynski. This reversal of the famous saying was one of the phrases within the eco-anarchist manifesto anonymously submitted to newspapers across America by Ted Kaczynski, otherwise known as the Unabomber. Robert Kazinsky has been in 2 on-screen matchups, including Anna Paquin in True Blood (2008) and Lauren Gold in Dream Team (1997). Robert Kazinsky is a member of the following lists: Jewish actors, English television actors and British Jews. Contribute. Help us build our profile of Robert Kazinsky!

What would be the Craziest outcome?

2019.03.27 22:14 TessaIsCold What would be the Craziest outcome?

So crazy that you said "awww, that's actually perfect." Zodiac is 100% identified as:
  1. Ted Kazinski
  2. DB Cooper / Frank Morris (escaped from Alcatraz) (So Zodiac is all three)
  3. Monster of Florence
  4. Earl Best Jr
  5. Jack Tarrance
  6. Burt Reynolds, getting revenge on the area for Sandy Bett's breaking up him
  7. Honcho and his two partners (the men stalking Sandy for 50 years, who are also serial killers in several other states)
  8. It really was multiple murders by different people tied together by a letter writer. NOT a team. Just random murders tied together because a letter writer took credit for them all. IE: there really wasn't a zodiac killer. Thomas Horan was right.
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2019.03.08 14:16 Dark-Carioca [Respect] Chaise Long, the Couch (The Simpsons) (La-Z Rider Couch Gag)

The La-Z Couch Gag, also known as the Retro Couch Gag, is the couch gag from the Season 27 episode, "Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles". Homer sits on the couch. After a moment to make sure he is alone he puts sunglasses on and the couch drops to a lower level via a hidden elevator. Then, a montage showing Joe "Kaz" Kazinsky (Homer) and his partner, a high-tech couch, chasing down their enemy, Fernando Withmore (Ned) in Miami of the '80s.
This respect thread is for the couch during his gag.
Recommended Listening
Push It to the Limit, by Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte and Paul Engemann from Scarface
Tech & Weapons
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2014.01.21 04:08 imautoparts The boy who knew too much.

EDIT: Deleted opening 'Kazinski Rant' - the meat of this is right here: ~ “American mass murders were less prevalent before Richard Speck precipitated their rise in 1966. My best estimate for the -absolute- minimum amount of mass murders in the US since 1966 is 960. I would be surprised if there weren’t a minimum of somewhere around 1500 in reality, but we’ll just vaguely say that there have been over 1000.
If you were trying to measure alienation in a society, what could be a more blatant indication? And it’s glib to dismiss them as not being indicative of anything just because there have been over a thousand of them instead of over a hundred thousand, or however many you think are necessary, because mass murdering is so ridiculously over-the-top of a response that very few people are prone to do it under any circumstances. But just look at how many fans you can find for all different types of mass murderers ”not just the [Columbine killers]”, and beyond these fans are countless more people who can sympathize with them; and beyond these are millions more who never think of relating the circumstances of their lives to anyone else but instead just go through the motions of life incessantly dissatisfied with their environment. Thinking of this society as the default state of existence is the reason why you think that humans would be “not well” for “no reason whatsoever”.
Civilization has not been present for 99% of the existence of hominids, and the only way that it’s ever sustained is by indoctrinating each new child for years on end. The “wellness” that you speak of is solely defined by a child’s submission to this process and their subsequent capacity to propagate civilization themselves.
When civilization exists in a form where all forms of alienation (among many other things) are rampant, as can be seen in the most recent incarnation within the last fifty years which AS55 talked about, new children will end up “not well” in all sorts of ways. You don’t even have to touch a topic as cryptic as mass murder to see an indication of this: you can look at a single symptom as egregious as the proliferation of antidepressants. And look in your own life. You’ve said that you’re afflicted by unrelenting anxiety and that you’re afraid to leave your house. Do you really think that the way you feel is not symptomatic of anything other than your own inexplicable defectiveness?“
The problem with Adam Lanza is not that he was evil, autistic, or cruel. The kid was a vegan because he was worried about the suffering of animals. The problem is rather that Adam Lanza knew too much. He was not capable of rationalizing his circumstances. Adam Lanza had a personality type that is simply unfit for this day and age and he seems to have been aware of this. The following personality characteristics describe Adam Lanza:
-High IQ
-High need for personal autonomy
-Masculine brain that expresses itself in very masculine interests
-Poor social skills, introverted
-Very sensitive to sounds, touch and movement.
His personality traits are not so much defective traits, but rather, traits that were made for a different environment. The problem is that this environment no longer exists. We have 7 billion people all forced to live together on the same planet. Urbanization is continuing, and halfway through this century we will likely deal with 9 billion people, half of whom will live in densely overpopulated cities.
We can't isolate ourselves from others except by dwelling in our homes, which is what Adam Lanza chose to do. He covered the windows with black tape and never left his home. His mother instead of seeking to help him chose to deny reality. She essentially took care of him as a handicapped child and spent the days washing his clothes, as he changed his clothes multiple times a day. She was miserable as well, as she had gone through a divorce and was now kept alive through her former husband's exorbitant salary, allowing her to spend the day doing nothing other than taking care of her miserable son.
Like many people, she tried to cope with her situation by believing in impending doom. Whether we call it the Rapture, Economic collapse, Climate Change or World War III, it's the same thing, an idea that this world will soon be destroyed and we will be thrown as survivors into a world that is more meaningful. She likely had a genetic predisposition to depression that she passed on to her son.
The important thing to recognize here is that depression is not necessarily irrational. Rather, depressed people are often overly rational, having an awfully accurate image of their day to day existence that prevents them from functioning and improving their personal wellbeing. Adam Lanza was perfectly capable of rationally explaining what he considered miserable about the society he was born into. It's also interesting to note that the Lanza family story resembles utopia gone wrong. Adam's mom Nancy Lanza had no need to work, as she was divorced and Adam's father earned enough more than enough money to provide for his former wife and children. By his own account, Adam spent his days playing video games, reading about mass murderers and laying on the floor of his room wondering how life can be so horrible. Nancy spent her days taking care of Adam, shooting guns and preparing for the collapse of the economy.
They were free to do anything and it led them to do nothing. This is a harbinger of things to come in an economy that is increasingly capable of taking care of large swathes of people who are no longer needed to maintain the system any longer.
The fun thing about social problems is that the only available solutions are often arguably worse than the problem. This seems to be the case here. We don't just have one Adam Lanza, we have thousands of them. They're everywhere. They're on the forums you visit, the games you play and sometimes you might even see them in the back of your class. Roughly speaking, you can drug them, breed them out of existence or help them solve the problem themselves. As our genetic IQ is going down by a few points every generation and introverted people are failing at finding partners, we are slowly breeding potential Adam Lanza's out of existence. You might argue that those with a low IQ also commit murder, but they generally don't commit the kind of atrocities where a dozen upper-middle class white children lose their lives, the type of violence that has the greatest economic impact on society. Drugging them is the solution we currently attempt. The problem is that it doesn't seem to work, as when the drugged teens change from one medication to another or temporarily stop their medication they seem to go mad. It has to be taken continually, which is not very easy to achieve, especially with young people.
The only real solution left is the solution that nobody wants to consider. The secret service in 2002 analyzed 37 school shootings and concluded that in most cases the perpetrators were suicidal and had attempted before to kill themselves. It seems that one motive school shooters and other mass murderers have for their actions is to pump themselves so full of adrenalin that it becomes easier for them to commit suicide. School shooters leave us with plenty of warning signs in their behavior and thought patterns, but we fail in our willingness to use such warning signs effectively.
Is it so terrible to suggest that we might want to consider making it easier for such at risk teenage boys to kill themselves? Then they could pass through their maladjusted (for this time and place) lives without harming anyone else. However, that's not going to go over well with a lot of people.
It will be hard for social workers to convince parents that their child should be a candidate for assisted suicide because he's a high IQ shy vegan white boy who listens to metal or industrial music and likes to play violent video games on the internet.
It's possible to ban guns, but this is an act of moving the problem. In the Netherlands, where guns are difficult to access, there is a growing epidemic of adult people with their own homes choosing to die in gas explosions that damage an entire building, sometimes leaving half a dozen people homeless. In Japan where guns are banned there are epidemics of detergent suicides, where people inhale noxious fumes. Often these cases end up killing or injuring family members and emergency workers as well. These incidents are kept quiet in the media in an effort to discourage copycat behavior. In many cases gun bans lead us to dealing with people who are permanently injured as a result of failed suicide attempts, including for example those taking medicines and suffering liver failure.
The problem will have to be addressed, but it remains to be seen how governments plan to solve the issue of having a population that is genetically poorly adapted to our new way of life. It's interesting to note that one aspect that most school shooters seem to have had in common is there large online presence. Harris and Klebold were essentially early adapters when it comes to technology, having their own websites at age 15 where they showcased their own mods for first person shooter games. Considering that Internet usage is known to lead to brain changes, it remains to be seen how well the generation will mentally function that is now growing up in a completely digital environment.
xpost from /darkfuturology. Edits were made for clarity and you can compare to the original here.
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True Blood's Rob Kazinsky: 'People punch me in the face in the street' Hot Pursuit Movie CLIP - I Like Your Smile (2015) - Reese Witherspoon, Robert Kazinksy Comedy HD Pacific Rim - Apologize To Her - YouTube Anna Paquin on Sookie's family and Rob's dimples - True Blood Panel Comic Con 2013 Pacific Rim (2013) - A Worthy Opponent Scene (3/10 ... TF2 - Kazotsky Kick Montage - YouTube Yoishi! - YouTube Rob Kazinsky, Travis Fimmel, Ben Foster And Paula Patton On Warcraft  BUILD Series

Who is Robert Kazinsky? Bio-Wiki: Sister, Brother, Married ...

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B-roll - Charlie Day, Charlie Hunnam, Robert Kazinsky, Rinko Kikuchi, Idris Elba at B-roll - Guillermo Del Toro, Charlie Hunnam, Rober at BFI IMAX on July 04, 2013 in London, England Thanks for ... Robert Kazinsky: 'World Of Warcraft' Saved My Life - CONAN on TBS - Duration: 5:03. Team Coco Recommended for you. 5:03. ... Senior Partners Emergency Meeting - Duration: 9:49. Rob Kazinsky on Sunday Brunch Channel 4 - Duration: 7:59. DarkSigyn 4,235 views. ... 11:18. Margin Call 4 - Senior Partners Emergency Meeting - Duration: 9:49. Olivier BOSSARD Recommended for you ... Disclaimer: The following content is not intended for copyright infringement. The following is to only promote the film further and purposed for entertainmen... Bringing their romances from tabloid headlines to life, eight single celebrities live under one roof in LA, entering relationship rehab in E!'s FAMOUSLY SINGLE. Warcraft Comic Con Panel with ... Pacific Rim movie clips: http://j.mp/2iBMbcW BUY THE MOVIE: http://bit.ly/2jwlki1 Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/1u2y6pr CLIP DESCRIPTION... Výroba filmu, na němž se jako partner podílí americká filmová produkční společnost Legendary Pictures, byla poprvé zmíněna v roce 2006. Snímek se natáčel od 13. ledna do 23 ... My Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Bonkorn/ Server Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ItsTimeToBeExtreme/ Trade Offer Link (Good Tr... I used to play video games 18 hours a day. I beat people up to get this job. - Kazinsky/Warcraft - Duration: 8:23. Kjersti Flaa 46,992 views